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Pass the Bar! download ebook

by Michael Hunter Schwartz,Denise Riebe

Pass the Bar! download ebook
Michael Hunter Schwartz,Denise Riebe
Carolina Academic Press (December 31, 2005)
340 pages
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Michael Hunter Schwartz is Professor and the Director of the Ex-L program at Charleston School of Law. He was formerly a professor at Western State University College of Law where he directed the law schools . Библиографические данные.

Michael Hunter Schwartz is Professor and the Director of the Ex-L program at Charleston School of Law. Pass the bar. Авторы. Denise Riebe, Michael Hunter Schwartz.

Pass the Bar! is just such a book.

Only 15 left in stock (more on the way). Pass the Bar! is just such a book. He was formerly a professor at Western State University College of Law where he directed the law school's .

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Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Pass the Bar! by. Michael Hunter Schwartz, Denise Riebe.

Contracts: A Context and Practice Casebook by.

Riebe, Denise; Schwartz, Michael Hunter. Carolina Academic Press. and individual risk factors for not passing the bar - Your winning game plan - The knowledge and skills you bring to your bar study - Your study strategies should change over time - Expert study strategies for substantive law - Doing practice exam questions for your multistate bar exam - Doing practice exam questions for your.

Find nearly any book by Michael Hunter Schwartz. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Pass the Bar! by Denise Riebe, Michael Hunter Schwartz. ISBN 9781594601651 (978-1-59460-165-1) Softcover, Carolina Academic Press, 2005. Teaching Law by Design: Engaging Students from the Syllabus to the Final Exam. by Michael Hunter Schwartz, Sophie Sparrow, Gerald Hess.

Pass the Bar! provides a comprehensive overview of the pre-bar review, bar review, and bar exam process. The authors demystify the bar exam process and take readers through the steps they need to follow to succeed.Readers are given specific information about what to do during the year before their bar exams; checklists, exercises, and reflection questions; tips for studying and completing practice questions; and sample exam questions and answers to maximize their likelihood of bar exam success.The book has been designed with several uses in mind:As the text for a for-credit law school bar preparation course; As a supplemental text for an upper-level doctrinal course, allowing professors to build students bar study skills in the context of learning a bar-tested subject; As a text for non-credit bar preparation workshops; or For students independent study.The authors recommendations are grounded in educational and psychological research as well as their personal experiences in designing programs and preparing thousands of students to pass their bar exams. Readers will find the text user-friendly and its recommendations straightforward and practical.
  • Nawenadet
Very helpful for explaining the strategic part of the MBE.
  • Jaberini
Good overview, but not enough detail. I prefer the Strategies books by Emmanuel because they are very detailed and question specific.
  • Quemal
Has practical Bar prep information. I appreciate the portion about getting your family ready.
  • Washington
It is a good book for the exam approach in general (I read it last week), but there is nothing new or useful to me.
It might be better for first or second time examinees. My next attempt is 2.12.
  • Nuadabandis
I was recommended this book as well by someone who passed the bar. Thanks for the quick delivery. I have already read this once will read again I am sure.
  • Arith
Great writing for bar examiners. Highly recommended to last semester Law Students.
  • Dobpota
I bought this book as required reading for a class. IT was EXPENSIVE. And frankly a waste for me. If you really want help passing the bar focus, focus, focus. Just accept the fact if you want to pass the bar exam (this is my second)that you will need to spend a LOT of time studying, memorizing writing and doing MBE's. And I don't mean to just push yourself to your limit. I mean you push your self BEYOND YOUR current limit of S-T-u-d-y-i-n-g; not drinking. Get on eor two peeps that are committed like you SHOULD be and review together. And study A LOT more than you did in law school. If you want a good book buy 'Strategies & Tactics for the MBE' (Multistate Bar Exam) (Paperback) by Emmanuel instead. Start it 2 weeks before your bar prep class and study every. single. page. Oh yeah, get lots of sleep the month before the exam b/c you'll be getting less sleep the closer you get to D-day. But get 7 hours every chance you get.
It has a lot of checklist if you have a hard time being organized but if you are the typical type A law student this will not be very useful for you.