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Reason & Rigor: How Conceptual Frameworks Guide Research download ebook

by J. Matthew Riggan,Sharon M. Ravitch

Reason & Rigor: How Conceptual Frameworks Guide Research download ebook
J. Matthew Riggan,Sharon M. Ravitch
SAGE Publications, Inc; 35382nd edition (September 15, 2011)
200 pages
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Social Sciences

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Read instantly in your browser. by Sharon M. Ravitch (Author), J. (John) Matthew (Matt) Riggan (Contributor). ISBN-13: 978-1483340401. is a very good examination of the ways conceptual frameworks play themselves out in different contexts examining the different aspects of the conceptual frameworks as they appear in literature that has been published (including the dissertation).

Adopting the approach of Ravitch and Riggan (2017), which encourages. the scholar to engage multiple perspectives with one another, is a useful frame from which. The purpose of this text is to present the idea of a conceptual framework as both a pro

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Ravitch, Sharon M. Subjects.

Designed for novice as well as more experienced researchers embarking on a thesis or dissertation, as well as those advising them, this book presents conceptual frameworks as a mechanism for aligning literature review, research design, and methodology. Defined as an argument about why the topic of a study matters, and why the methods proposed to study it are appropriate and rigorous, the book explores the conceptual framework as both a process and a framework that helps to direct and ground researchers as they work through common research challenges.

  • Gardataur
Changed my whole dissertation proposal. Though I was happy with my study, I wasn't happy with the way the proposal flowed. I didn't seem to be saying what I thought I was saying. After reading Reason & Rigor, the whole thing came together. Thank you Ravitch & Riggan. You made it possible for me to clearly explain my qualitative study to my quantitatively-thinking dissertation chair. Not only that, you helped me sell it in a way that made my own study more clear to me. Couldn't have done it without you.
  • Glei
I have been shifting my research focus from clinical research to educational research and have struggled with the conceptual frameworks commonly used in social science research. I have a plethora of educational research texts which offer a few pages or portions of a chapter to this concept, but differing uses of the term "conceptual framework" across the texts has left me confused. Reason and Rigor has finally turned on the light bulb for me! They explain how they use the terms "conceptual framework" and 'theoretical framework" and how others may use those terms as well. I read the book cover to cover in less than 24 hours after I received it and have already went back to areas where I lighted particularly helpful content. I am finally able to move forward with a study that has been dragging. I highly recommend this text to anyone making the shift into social science research.
  • Xirmiu
I first read this book as a first-year doctoral student, and the book completely changed how I approached my doctoral studies! I frequently refer back to the book for guidance in both my coursework and when designing and conducting research studies. Reason and Rigor is an incredibly helpful and insightful text.

Ravitch and Riggan provide not only a clear definition of a conceptual framework (and a rationale for that definition), but also they describe how a conceptual framework impacts the entire research process through concrete examples that employ different methodological approaches.

Reason and Rigor served as a guide for my first pilot research study as well as for subsequent studies. The authors clearly articulate how all of the different decisions involved in a research study must be purposeful and justified. Additionally, the examples that Ravitch and Riggan discuss are helpful for underscoring how the conceptual framework guides and informs these decisions throughout the research process.

I highly recommend this book!
  • Stick
This is a great book for a doctoral student to understand the difference between conceptual framework and theoretical framework.
  • Rainshaper
Writing a dissertation is daunting, but I've found this book to be a trusted companion. If you're struggling with your conceptual framework, get this book.
  • Xcorn
Great reading.
  • Coidor
very helpful
thank you for the ease of understanding!!