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The Labor Relations Process download ebook

by Kenneth M. Jennings,Roger S. Wolters,William H. Holley

The Labor Relations Process download ebook
Kenneth M. Jennings,Roger S. Wolters,William H. Holley
Cengage Learning; 10 edition (November 21, 2011)
720 pages
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Politics & Government

William H. Holley taught labor relations, collective bargaining, and arbitration for 32 years at Auburn University, and he worked as an arbitrator in many industries, from airlines to professional sports to the Postal Service.

William H. Widely published, he coauthored Personnel/Human Resource Management with Ken Jennings and Labor Relations: An Experimental and Case Approach with Roger Wolters. Holley/Kenneth M. Jennings/Roger S. Wolters. All Documents from The Labor Relations Process. Get started today for free. test 1-5) 2011-07-05. organizational management study guide 2015-02-07. chapter 5- motivating employee performance through work 2011-07-05.

The Labor Relations Process book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. William H. Holley J. Kenneth M. Jennings.

William H Holley, Kenneth M Jennings, Roger S Wolters.

by William H. William H Ross, Roger S Wolters.

Автор: Holley, William H. Jennings, Kenneth M. Название: Labor . Описание: Deals with the labor movement and labor relations. In this book, a new generation of Chinese scholars provide analyses of six distinct aspects of these developments.

Описание: Deals with the labor movement and labor relations.

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As recognized arbitration experts around the world, the authors of THE LABOR RELATIONS PROCESS, 10th Edition bring nearly a century of combined experience with the labor movement, labor relations, and collective bargaining to this popular book. Packed with real-world examples and quotes from practitioners in the field, THE LABOR RELATIONS PROCESS, 10th Edition explores labor's history from inception to current and emerging trends, touching on government, white-collar, and international contexts to give you an unmatched perspective of the topics. Chapters include in-depth analyses of the relationship between management and labor, including key participants in the processes, and the rights and responsibilities of each. Labor agreements, collective bargaining, contract administration, arbitration, and other critical issues and processes highlight the complex nature of organized labor, and introduce you to the wide variety of professional opportunities available in labor relations today.
  • Shakanos
Boring, but required for class.

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Please enable a way to override or have the e-book ignore that I am selecting text rather than actually copying it. I never actually paste what I select anywhere. I have to select it in order to get my MAC Book Air with the OS X 10.9.4 version and the Dictation and Speech VoiceOver (text-to-speech) built-in App to read it aloud to me. It read about 200 pages, then said I hit my publishers copy limit. I understand it may not know the difference between a select and a copy, but I have not copied a single word of this book elsewhere on my computer. I highlighted it, put book marks in it and it's a rental and I won't be keeping it or extending it at the end of the rental period.
I have a large volume of reading to do for my classes and it is extremely helpful for me to be able to have it read aloud to me at a high rate of speed. I can highlight as it continues to read and it saves me a ton of time. I called Amazon support and they say text-to-speech is not enabled for this book. All I can say is it was reading beautifully to me for the last couple of weeks and now I cannot use that app anymore.
Text to speech and vice versa are time saving technological tools that are used more and more in the IT world and this is a severe limitation!
Please give me a way to get around this so I can continue to use this awesome text to speech app in the future.
  • nadness
This was purchased as a textbook for class that was required. It ended up being very informative and was organized well. I also liked the situations at the end of each chapter, which really make you think about the topics discussed.
  • Snowseeker
Would be higher rating if the book could be purchased. E-books are my preference instead of hard copy.
  • Adoranin
It was okay because the book came on time and was good in overall. But what i did not like was the fact that the book was a little bit patched with glue.
  • Cordanius
learned a lot about the labor process
  • Nikobar
I have to disagree with my fellow reviewers, this book is awful when compared to other's covering the same concept. It is extremely dense and wordy; sentences will ramble until a point is finally made at the end which could have been a paragraph long to begin with. An overabundant slew of statistics riddle this book between the already dry concepts (lets face it) which really do not add to your understanding of labor relations as a whole. The "outline" format of this book is also difficult to follow if a subtopic goes for pages, forcing you to turn back to review the overall topic before proceeding to the next subtopic. Very difficult read.
Text book. Words were ledgible