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by Sally Wentworth

Broken Destiny download ebook
Sally Wentworth
Harlequin (August 1, 1992)
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Sally Wentworth - the complete book list. He seemed determined to ruin her holiday Storm desperately needed a break from her high-pressure singing career. Sally was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK. She married with Donald Alfred Hornsblow, with whom she was a son Keith, in 1968, the family lived in Braughing, England. Doreen sold her first novel to Mills & Boon's in 1977, she published her novels under the pseudonym Sally Wentworth. She sought refuge on the primitive Indonesian island where her engineer brother worked.

She was just 23 and she had cancer. Her successful modeling career would be over now. As would her engagement to Duncan. He was an honorable man and would no doubt refuse to call off their marriage. But you couldn't expect a man to love someone who was only half the woman he'd desired.
  • Bys
This book was written in September 1992. The story concerns a young woman who finds out she has breast cancer and how she deals with it in her personal life. Though it was written 26 years ago I enjoyed the story.
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Subversive Harlequin.

This plot actually deals with some serious stuff. While the heroine sacrifices herself on the altar of love, there is some validity and honesty to her actions especially as this book ranks as a little old school.

Duncan and Jancy are both beautiful people: attracted to each other and fall in love. No hateful MIL, no secret babies, no revenge plots or blackmail, no evil sisters - twin or otherwise. What the heck?

The subversiveness of it all: the heroine goes to bed with her beau BEFORE marriage. There is even the subtle hint that he may not be the first. This is big stuff for a vintage Harlequin. Jancy is a model and Duncan, an architect, and as a part time artist, relishes her beautiful body especially her breasts. Yeah, 'cause breast men only exist in fiction. He does several contemporary paintings of her partially nude.

While Duncan is gone on a long business trip, Jancy finds out she has breast cancer and has to have a mammectomy on her left breast. No reconstructive surgery for at least two years. At 23, she is traumatized and decides to cut herself out of all contact with everyone. She leaves Duncan a note saying she's fallen for someone else. She moves to Yorkshire.

Now on the surface this has all the attributes of a TSTL heroine. However given that the year was 1992, and where the public was in terms of knowledge about breast cancer treatment and survival her actions were not so unbelievable. I thought SW did a good job showing how destructive the mammectomy was to Jancy; it destroyed her whole self worth. She even makes one comment how she had no idea she was this shallow. I think for many women then and now, having one breast would be ego destroying. It is the one feminine physical characteristic that defines women, and it's no coincidence it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. I have a friend that is about 5' 2" and had D's put in. Huge for her tiny body, but after being flat all her life she said she finally felt feminine.

Back to the plot, Duncan finally tracks her down and does some arm twisting and yelling, but give the guy a break.

Not the best Harlequin or the best SW, but it is a well-done story about how a couple can survive something like this. Surprisingly angst free given the fact that most angst is inner drama queen driven, and this is actually true drama.
  • Negal
From back of the book:
Jancy's world lay in ruins

She was just twenty-three--and she had cancer. Her successful modeling career would be over now. As would her engagement to Duncan.

Duncan. He was an honorable man and would no doubt refuse to call off their marriage. But you couldn't expect a man to love someone who was only half the woman he'd desired. And if she couldn't have Duncan's love, she certainly didn't want his pity.

So Jancy ran away to Yorkshire and hoped that Duncan would forget her. She soon realized, however, that Duncan wasn't the type to let go quite so easily... .

SO When I started to read this book I was not too sure about it, it went slow,..... well starting in chapter 3 or so it started to pick up and I just could not stop reading. SW did such a great job bringing in true feelings of what it is like to deal with breast cancer. Yes the h was a little slow on the up take on not letting the H know she had cancer but it would not be Harlequin if there was not the angst. The how, when and WTH really brings the book to its wonderful ending. For a older Harlequin book is a must read! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  • Gold as Heart
I started this as a raging minus 40 stars due to the violence, the horrible lunatic name calling from H. Not to mention his bizarre obsession to hunt his former fiancée down.

I had to remind myself I rated 5 stars for Sally Wentworths `Taken on Trust' `Typical Male' and the iconic 'Judas Kiss' so decided to see this man-handling to the bitter end. Because nothing justifies domestic violence, right? Right.

So get ready for a blistering, gob-smacking, go-to-hell showdown. Absolutely unforgettable.
It's a gutsy, heart-wrenching, love never dies 5 stars.