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by Deborah Camp

Too Tough to Tame download ebook
Deborah Camp
Avon Books; First Edition edition (February 1, 1996)
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3 primary works, 4 total works. Book 1. Too Tough to Tame.

3 primary works, 4 total works. Series also known as Tough Man.

Too Tough To Tame is the first in the "tough" series of three books. I'm Deborah Camp and I've written about 50 books. I still write historical romances set in the west, but I also write contemporary books

Too Tough To Tame is the first in the "tough" series of three books. All three stand alone - you don't have to have read any of the others to enjoy the one you pick up. However, all three have two continuing characters in them. I still write historical romances set in the west, but I also write contemporary books. Check out "Through His Eyes" if you like romantic suspense books or the paranormal.

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Too Tough SeriesDeborah Camp. Tough Talk and Tender Kisses (Tough Man Series). This is a heart warming book. Both Storm-In-The-Eyes and Tess Summar are wonderful characters and in love from the very beginning.

Western Romance Book - Too Tough to Tame (A Tough Man Book 1) written by. .Tess Summar dares to defy the white man’s rules and goes alone to give medical aid to a Blackfoot with a price on his head

Western Romance Book - Too Tough to Tame (A Tough Man Book 1) written by Deborah Camp Read online free sample chapters. Tess Summar dares to defy the white man’s rules and goes alone to give medical aid to a Blackfoot with a price on his head. Storm-In-His-Eyes was shot by the Marshall after being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Hidden in a mountain cave, Storm lies burning with fever, barely awake as Tess tends to him.

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Written by Deborah Camp, Audiobook narrated by Barbara Edelman. A Wild Hearts Romance, Book 1. By: Deborah Camp. Narrated by: Barbara Edelman. Series: Tough Man, Book 1. Length: 10 hrs and 48 mins. Categories: Romance, Historical.

ISBN 10: 0380782510 ISBN 13: 9780380782512. Publisher: Avon Books, 1996.

Authors: Tough Talk, Tender Kisses. Ned ducked his head, noticing too late that a lady was present. Good afternoon, gentlemen

You can read book Deborah Camp by Tough Talk, Tender Kisses in our library for absolutely free. Authors: Tough Talk, Tender Kisses. Good afternoon, gentlemen. Adele smiled stiffly at the two men as she edged past on her way along the boardwalk.

Framed and shot for a murder he did not commit, Blackfoot Storm-In-His-Eyes is rescued and nursed by beautiful Tess Summar, whom he resists because of her white heritage, until he hopelessly falls in love. Original.
  • Naa
It started off okay with Tess trying to prove she has what it takes to be a doctor and Storm a hard half-breed that wants nothing to do with white women, except that he does. Things derail for me somewhat early in the story when Storm, fighting a deadly fever, has a sexual dream and because Tess is right beside him, well... he begins to act out his dream. I'm not one who finds this scenario very believable and I also have to suspend belief that these two aren't filthy dirty and I can't quite manage that. There is very little to say what she is doing for hours (other than hiding) while he is laying there. When the fever breaks, Storm has to get up to pee otherwise wet himself. Tess has the smug thought that he'd be very surprised to know that she already had to clean up after him. I had to re-read that a couple of times. How did that work, I immediately wondered. He was wearing his breechclout, which meant he must have peed in it. Did she take it off and wash it? No, that couldn't have happened either because there wasn't water enough to do laundry if he was pooping and peeing in his clothes and bedding. (Where was she doing her business for that matter, she never once mentioned that she had to step outside of the tiny cave they were in.) And why would she not have ooh'd and aah'd over his private parts once unveiled to her cleaning efforts? As a reader, I want these things to make sense. I continued reading. Once Storm is well, off Tess goes to get almost raped and is injured so that she now has to be taken to the Blackfoot camp where she will be doctored by the medicine woman and learn from her too, of course she will also be there to tempt Storm. We also meet Slow-Riding-Woman and I quit reading. While I get the name means nothing sexual, all I could hear in my head was the Foghat song "slow riding woman you're so fine". This was my first by this author and I apologize for being the Debbie Downer.
  • Kaim
I haven't read this series in order. I don't know why I hadn't purchased this one first, because I love stories about the love between an Indian warrior and white woman. It actually doesn't matter because the only people who are in all three books are Buck and Cassie -- who is a twelve year old child in this book. Book 3 is adult Cassie's book. Although I loved the other two books, this is my favorite in the series. I will definitely read them all again.
  • Thetalas
Finally an intelligent Western romance!

A wonderful romance between Storm-in-His-Eyes and Tess Summar. He had a "white" grandmother and has made several attempts to live in the "white" world, which were in vain, especially because the settlers viewed him as an attraction and didn't give him the chance to assimilate. Tess, on the other hand, has been living a life without ambitions in her newly wed brother's household, where she is leading the existence of a maid. When Tess is abducted in order to treat Storm's gunshot wounds, they fall nearly immediately in love with each other and sadly enough they know that it won't be easy to act according to their feelings.

I liked very much how the author integrated into the plot the difficulties such a relationship would have to face and I was intrigued by how she managed through her main characters to show the repercussions for Storm and Tess as well as their social environment. I have read several Western romances dealing with "mixed relations" but I haven't yet come across a book that integrated this aspect so realistically into the story line. Of course the book had its "trivial" moments but I think the positive twists and turns outnumbered them by far.

This book had everything that made me happy: a wonderful romance, a gorgeous male main character and a stubborn female counterpart that kept a great balance, a good story line and some very interesting love scenes. What else could I wish for?

PS: What I really missed was the author's note that would explain a few lines about what fiction and what reality was.
  • Dakora
I very much enjoyed this story of a white woman saving and falling in love with a Blackfeet warrior. I only gave it 4 stars because of some discrepancies that irked me. First was the cover art...Monument Valley in Arizona? This would have been OK if the story was about the Navajo or Hopi people, not the Blackfeet. A picture of Glacier National Park would have been much better. Then there was the young woman who was going to leave the Blackfeet people because she was promised in marriage to a warrior in the Kootenai tribe. Weren't they historically the enemies to the Blackfeet? Then there was the Ghost Dance...I didn't think the Blackfeet took part in that either. So, if these things were changed, it would have been a wonderful book.
  • Akir
Deborah Camps stories just keep getting better and better! There is so much white- Indian hate, but also suspense adventure and knowledge. But the beautiful love that is between Ted's and Storm-In-his-Eyes is so heart filling it just makes you want to cry. It makes you wish to find a deep and passionate love just like theirs!! The passion literally jumps right off the page. What hot sizzle!! Too much to delete, just noticed I wrote Ted (oh wow) meaning TESS This is without doubt a man-woman affair!! And oh thank goodness it is! This is a must read, you-all!
  • Virn
I really enjoyed the story! Especially since I did not read it this time I listen to it from audible.com which is part of Amazon.com! I listen while cleaning, worked out perfect! I use to clean and take a lot of breaks to catch up on my reading cause that was practically the only time I had to read...

I liked this story it was sweet and shows you can find love in the oddest places plus you can't fight your heart! What your heart wants is what your heart gets!
  • Hulis
I stumbled onto the Wild Hearts Romance through some sort of Kindle Daily Deal...well needless to say that I have read all of them now and was addicted from about the 2nd page. It's easy going and romantic and real. There was enough depth to the characters that you felt like you were connected to them and actually living in the Old West. If you like romance and the Old West for goodness sake get all of these as soon as you can.