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Tabitha in Moonlight (Thorndike Large Print Popular Series) download ebook

by Betty Neels

Tabitha in Moonlight (Thorndike Large Print Popular Series) download ebook
Betty Neels
Chivers North Amer; Large Print edition (April 1, 1986)
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Tabitha in Moonlight. He was squeezed under the bed, a large black cat with a worried expression on his moonlike face.

Tabitha in Moonlight. The fact that they didn’t look for a second time didn’t bother Tabitha in the least-indeed, it gave her considerable amusement, for she was blessed with a sense of humour and was able to laugh at herself, which, she reminded herself upon occasion, was a very good thing. She had plenty of friends anyway, and although she was considered something of a martinet on the ward, the nurses liked her, for she was considerate and kind and didn’t shirk a hard day’s work.

Tabitha in Moonlight book. I read it every five years or so. Planning to read it again when I want to stroll into a dismal hospital, spy on Tabitha's abusive stepmother, and dream about the joys of sterilizing the sharps, baking and cleaning, and rising at dawn for a brisk country walk.

Sister Tabitha was an efficient nurse, but when it came to matters of the heart she was less sure of herself. So when she fell in love, she had no idea how to deal with her feelings. Was that why the Dutch surgeon Marius van Beek called her Cinderella? If only Marius would ride up on a white horse and ask for her hand in marriage. But people lived happily ever after only in fairy tales, didn't they? Impression.

Authors: Betty Neels.

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  • นℕĨĈტℝ₦
The usual Betty Neels fare. I enjoy her books; they're a restful change from the type of book i usually read. To folks who complain about the heroines and heros, that 'n that, I can only say: this is how Betty Neels wrote. If it bugs you, better find another author. The only thing that bugs me, occasionally, is a blatant medical misstatement, since her bio says she was a nurse. An example is the passage in this book that reads "he would be stooping over a supine body, working with meticulous car on that same body's spinal column." Considering all the muscle, organs and other tissue the surgeon would have to tunnel through to get to the spine, when the patient is lying on his/her back, I would hope that the body in question would be prone, not supine. Then there was another book that had the doctors debating whether to remove a patient's leg below the knee, because his femur bone was crushed beyond repair. Huh? But I do stand by the four stars, these medical errors are just my pet peeves.
  • Glei
I recently acquired this from a UBS on amazon and don't recall ever having read it before. Any new BN is a rare delight and this one in particular - this will definitely be in my top 5 of all BNs!

The heroine is a Cinderella and the RDD has the bloody nerve to call her on it! Wicked stepsister is the OW; stepmother is a real bitch indeed; she has disparaged Tabitha so long that the poor girl has no self esteem at all. In spite of that, she still has some sass in her: In chapter 4, our heroine actually uses a swear word! :0

How much do I love Marius! Without doubt, he is one of my very favorite RDDs. He does his best to bring Tabby out of her shell; he teases and prods her into quitting her Cinderella attitude - Tabitha's self-makeover is one of the most charming things ever!

I can't neglect to mention the very rare showing of skin by our H/h; Tabitha rocks a bikini and Marius appears in the kitchen "in nothing but oil-stained shorts." Racy stuff, indeed.

Another of the charms of BN is her portraits of secondary characters and there are none more charming than Messrs. Raynard and Bow, along with Meg and Hans.

Completely satisfying declaration, proposal and wrap-up! Everything explained to the heroine's satisfaction (and mine as well). I loved this book!
  • Kearanny
I have been buying Betty Neels books for my mother (in her 70's) at her request, as an introduction to using a Kindle. I can say without hesitation that she loves all of these books. As she has said, "The plots may all be somewhat similar and the stories quaint, but I enjoy them immensely and find them endearing." What better recommendation could there be? She now has almost every Betty Neels book available for the Kindle. (And the Kindle Paperwhite? She loves the backlight and the ability to make the font larger.)
  • Dellevar
I love Betty Neels, it is my go to 'happy' romance. No surprises, plots as old as time, some tearful moments and sweet HEA. This story, however, started so befuddled that I lost interest in Tabitha before the end of the first chapter.
  • IWantYou
I really like the Betty Neels books I've read. Good clean stories. But I HATED this one. It makes me so frustrated in the actions of the stupid characters that I can't even coherently address all the idiotic actions that are accepted and pushed aside as okay or acceptable behavior. In real life a girl with back bone would have told him to shove off long before she got left on an island as they all sail away. I don't care if she was in love with her family home. Wish I hadn't spent good money on a horrible book.
  • Funny duck
I love all the old fashioned sweet romances by Betty Neels. I read them all many years ago and am now reading them for the 2nd and even 3rd times on my Kindle. She wrote them all on a formula. Usually a romance between a Dutch doctor or professor and an English young lady. There is always some type of conflict that has to be settled before the happily ever after.
  • Tebei
I so enjoy reading Betty Neels books. Her books are so filled with compaction and love. I never want to end them. There is action enough to hold your interest.
I already have all of Betty Neels' books in paperback, but I read them so often i decided to get my favorites that are falling apart on kindle.