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McKettrick's Choice (McKettrick Men Series #3) download ebook

by Linda Lael Miller

McKettrick's Choice (McKettrick Men Series #3) download ebook
Linda Lael Miller
Center Point Books (September 30, 2005)
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This item:McKettrick's Heart (McKettrick Men) by Linda Lael Miller Mass . I am a big fan of Linda Lael Miller and have yet to find a book that I haven't loved. Her McKettrick series is wonderful.

I am a big fan of Linda Lael Miller and have yet to find a book that I haven't loved. She starts out with the original homesteaders and brings the family to now. The McKettrick family is about family above all else.

Shelve McKettrick's Choice. Book 10 & 14. Kerstmis met de McKettricks. by Linda Lael Miller. 1) KERST BIJ DE MCKETTRICKS Triple M Ranch, Ker. ore.

The McKettricks series. The old man and the rest of the McKettrick outfit had spared no effort or expense to make the gathering memorable. Dear Reader, By the time in which this story is set, the proud Comanche tribe had, for all practical intents and purposes, been confined to various reservations. Holt reckoned he might have enjoyed it as much as the next fellow-if he hadn’t been the bridegroom. A hand struck his back in jovial greeting, and Holt nearly spilled his cup of fruit punch, generously laced with whiskey from his brother Rafe’s flask, down the front of his dandy suit.

This McKettrick brother was ready for trouble, but not for her.

No commitment, cancel anytime.

by. Miller, Linda Lael. 1st Pocket Books pbk. ed. External-identifier. urn:acs6:ll:pdf:837-4728aeea1580 urn:acs6:ll:epub:bb3-ffa25322ac78 urn:oclc:record:701919617.

Author: Linda Lael Miller Publisher: Harlequin Books. BACK OF BOOK SAYS: A BOLD new love interest for handsome ladies man keegan mckettrick. Binding: Mass Market Paperback Publish date: 2007. after divorcing his unfaithful wife, keegan,conscludes taht love is apowerful thing, a painful to lose and dangerous to pursue with casual abandon. his hard feelings seem only reaffirmed when he meets career woman molly shields, the head of a sucessful literary agency. molly has come to claim.

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Miller has established a foundation, the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women. The Man From Stone Creek (HQN Books, 2007). A Wanted Man (HQN Books, 2007).

Montana Creed Series. Parable, Montana Series. Miller has established a foundation, the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women. These scholarships are intended to allow women who are struggling to further their education, either through a trade school or a traditional college or university. One of these, McKettrick's Choice, reached number 15 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

- Linda Lael Miller is a multi-award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of over 75 books.- Her writing is comparable to that of New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood.- McKettrick's Choice is the continuation in the McKettrick Cowboys series currently published by Pocket.- Her recent title Shotgun Bride (Pocket Books, 11/03) appeared on both the New York Times extended bestseller list and on the USA Today bestseller list for five consecutive weeks.- High Country Bride (Pocket Books, 12/02) reached #8 on the New York Times bestseller list.- Escape From Cabriz (Silhouette, 4/04) currently has a 77% NSR.- Beyond The Threshold (Mira, 5/02) had a 64% NSR.
  • Fomand
I am a huge fan of the McKettrick brothers series and was thrilled when I saw this book about Holt, the first born half brother of Rafe, Kade and Jeb. Holt has always popped up in the other books as the sympathetic brother or the trouble causing brother.He was the only one of the boys to have a child, which created even more conflict between him and his brothers.
In this book, Holt leaves his family ranch and his daughter to head back to Texas and help the father who raised him from losing his ranch and his friend from being hung. Along the way, he's joined by his brother Rafe, who he had always had been in conflict with.
As with most of Linda Lael Miller's books, there are a lot of other characters and sometimes she is a bit stingy with the romance, concentrating too much on the many other story lines she's got going. There is his father John and sister Tillie, a baby named Pearl, a dog names Sorrowful, a mule named Seesaw, former fiancee's for both leads, Lorelei's estranged father, Captain Jack, Gabe, Melina.. etc. etc.. By the time you're half way through the book, you are so overwhelmed by all of the characters you forget who is who. My favorite of the books was "High Country Bride", the first in the McKettrick series. It tells Rafe's story. Rafe is the oldest of the three brothers who is the first to get married. I love this book because there is a lot of romance shared between Rafe and his long-suffering bride, Emmaline.
By the time you get to this book, you are ready to read Holt's love story.
However, I have to admit to being very disappointed with this book. The side characters in it have a better story than the leads. By the time Holt meets Lorelei, all they do is fight. Holt seems to find it necessary to find fault with everything Lorelei says and does. Even things that aren't his business, he feels he has a right to criticize her about. He's angry that she buys her own ranch, he's angry that she wants to learn to ride a mule, he's angry that she wants to go on a cattle drive. It never ends.
And Lorelei is no better. She feels it necessary to be prideful and difficult about EVERYTHING. Every word Holt says or everything he does raises her dander up and the two fight constantly.
At some point, Lorelei begins to have feelings for Holt, and he for her, but the two continue to deny, deny and deny again.
As I got near the last few chapters of the book, the two had only exchanged one kiss. I was getting so frustrated over the lack of romance in this book I was starting to seethe over wasting my time on this book. I was starting to worry that any romance or love exchanged by these two would only come in the last few chapters of the book, and it was true. Mostly, all the two did was long for each other, not much more.
Linda Lael Miller is sort of notorious for being cheap with the heavy romance, most of her love scenes are less than a page long and are usually described in such high-faluten terms you would think the lovers where taking flight, instead of hitting the sheets.
If you're looking for a hot and heavy romance, forget it, this is the worst of the series. By the end, you feel so let down by the over descriptive story line revolving around a cattle drive, rather than two people falling in love. Trust me, skip this book, I wish I had.
  • Elastic Skunk
Challenges: Read for Fun
Overall Rating: 4.50
Story Rating: 4.50
Character Rating: 4.50

First thought when finished: Great end to a series I really did enjoy.

What I Loved: I loved Holt! Granted I have loved Holt the entire time but it was nice seeing him come full circle. I loved that Rafe was redeemed in this book (in my eyes). I felt he finally accepted Holt and he was one of the family. I loved the romance, the setting, and just about everything in this story.

What I Liked/Wished there was a little more of: Holt's daughter (Lizzie) was sadly missing in this story. Though I understand it because of the nature of what he had to do, I missed her! She is such a mini-Holt it isn't even funny! Though I heard that she is part of the Christmas Brides book so I will have to read that.

Final Thought: Sad to see the 4 brothers stories come to an end but it was a perfect ending.
  • Samardenob
An historical Western that shows that yet another woman can scandalize without necessarily joining a brothel. In this case, Lorelei burns her wedding dress and walks away from the marriage her judge father has arranged and then insists--without knowing what she's getting herself into--on taking ownership of a small ranch and going with a McKettrick brother to Mexico to buy cattle.

Much happens, going and coming, that shows her that verbal confrontations with the man can lead to much much more.
  • Mohn
I really liked this book best of the three McKettrick's Men series. Sometimes even though the author numbers them, the story line, after reading all in a series, fits better in a different position in order to explain to the reader how the entire story unfolds. The distributor did good in shipping, however, I think the rating of the book should not have been Good. It has a very loose and wobbly binding. I am very careful with the book to keep it as solid as possible since I buy books for my library, not as a one time read book.
  • Xanna
I've been a fan of this author for years and was excited to read one of her latest efforts on the Western front; a setting I think she excels at. I'm still wondering what happened here? The editing in the book was absolutely horrible. Bad to the point where it completed removed me from the story. There were inconsistencies that editing should have zoned right in on. The bad editing combined with the lack of chemistry between the characters, I feel, earned this book only 1 star. I wanted some zip, some zing. The story line went from the first 75% of the book with the characters loathing each other (and not in the I loathe you but I really like you, smart, funny, enduring way) to final 25% of the book where the characters go from loathing right to true love. The romance wasn't developed and it felt completely forced. I found the main female character to be flaky, silly and quite frankly...stupid.

I hope this author finds her mojo, changes direction and writes with the chemistry and passion that her earlier works had. Finding a new editor would probably be a good place to start.
  • Coiril
It's important, although not completely necessary, to read the McKettrick series in order. There's enough back story provided in each book to understand the premise individually, but the characters or so much more developed if you read the series in order. Other than than, In McKettrick's Choice, I could feel the heat and dust of old Texas, and the bite of the high country Arizona cold. Linda Lael Miller has a knack for imagery and that transported me right to the 1800s. I love a good historical romance and this was a good one!