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Erotic Invitation (Midnight Fantasies) download ebook

by Carly Phillips

Erotic Invitation (Midnight Fantasies) download ebook
Carly Phillips
Harlequin (December 1, 2001)
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Erotic Invitation book. Because Mallory's about to send him Erotic Invitation, Seduce Me by Carly Phillips.

Erotic Invitation book. Lawyer Mallory Sinclair wants a partnership - almost as much as she wants fellow attorney Jack Latham. Unfortunately, she's worked so hard at making it in a man's world, that nobody's aware that she's even a woman - a very sensual woman. Published June 15th 2009 by Harlequin Blaze (first published December 1st 2001).

Erotic Invitation Carly Phillips. Her tone was smooth enough to appeal to a man’s senses, and husky enough to remind him of fantasies involving hot nights beneath cool sheets. He shook his head, clearing his mind. From all he’d seen and heard of Mallory Sinclair, she wasn’t one to inspire seductive visions. And as he turned to Waldorf, Haynes’s sole female associate, her appearance put him squarely back into office-mode. The woman standing before him was as hard as her voice was soft. From her severely pulled back hair, to her overly long skirt and conservative suit, she was every inch not his fantasy woman.

Written by. Carly Phillips. Manufacturer: Harlequin Release date: 1 December 2001 ISBN-10 : 037379021X ISBN-13: 9780373790210.

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Электронная книга: Carly Phillips Erotic Invitation . Lawyer Mallory Sinclair wants a partnership–almost as much as she wants fellow attorney Jack Latham. Unfortunately, she's worked so hard at making it in a man's world, that nobody's aware that she's even a woman–a very sensual woman. But Jack's about to find out, big time. Because Mallory's about to send him an invitation he can't refus. .

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Are you sure you want to remove Erotic Invitation (Midnight Fantasies) from your list? About the Book. Lawyer Mallory Sinclair wants a partnership-almost as much as she wants fellow attorney Jack Latham. Unfortunately, she's worked so hard at making it in a man's world, that nobody's aware that she's even a woman-a very sensual woman. Jack can't believe it!

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  • Coiriel
Mallory Sinclair, on the fast track to a partnership with a prestigious NYC law firm is paired with partner Lyle...
  • Jwalextell
The story and the relationships between the characters is held together in just the right sequence.
The sex and the after glows are riviting. It makes the reader wish he or she had that kind of connection always.
The author writes a good story and keeps you turning the pages.
  • Inertedub
This was an excellent beach read. Couldn't put it down. Finished in 2 days. Cannot wait for the next. This author is an easy read and the story line was romantic but not trash.
  • Daigrel
Real estate attorney Mallory Sinclair has worked extremely hard for the last eight years at the Waldorf, Haynes, Greene, Meyers & Latham law firm. She is one year away from becoming a partner, but the cost has been high, as Mallory has buried most of her emotions. Her ultimate objective is to gain her father's respect.

Jack "The Terminator" Latham is a partner at the prestigious law firm. He is known for his uncanny ability to sever marriages beneficially in favor of his clients. Between his work and his parents' relationship, Jack thinks marriage is worthless and women less than that.

The company's largest account is that of Paul Lederman, but he is beginning to look elsewhere for his legal services. Paul needs a good divorce attorney and has asked Jack to visit with him. The partners send Mallory along to help Jack keep Paul in the fold. When the two lawyers meet Paul's wife, Mallory acts frosty as if the lady does not matter. Jack accuses Mallory of being frigid so she counter challenges him to a battle of the boudoir even if it means costing her the legal partnership she once coveted.

The key to EROTIC INVITATION, the first Midnight Fantasies tale, is the vulnerable and scarred lead protagonists. Their life-altering week together is more than a catharsis as both realizes that you must take care of yourself, but a warm caring relationship makes it easier and more satisfying to do so. Carly Phillips shows her ability to melt two icebergs through the heat of love.

Harriet Klausner
  • Fog
Only a year away from her goal, Mallory Sinclair is the last woman to remain line for partnership in her male dominated firm. A good old boys network runs the firm, and she has not yet entirely earned their trust; perhaps a woman never can. But she has earned a reputation for hard work and dedication. Further, Mallory's fierce control of her attraction to Jack Latham sets her apart from the other women in the office, although the no-office romance policy doesn't stop her from fantasizing. Now, as the only female associate in the firm, she is assigned to a very important divorce case to aid Jack. They will be spending an indefinite amount of time as the guests of their firm's biggest client while he decides if he's going of hire them to hand his divorce. Mallory vows to focus on the work at hand as she and Jack head to resort for an informal 'get-to-know-you' session with their eccentric client.
Jack, affectionately known as the Terminator and the firm's best-looking partner, is so named for the end he puts to marriages. According to office gossip, he does not believe in the institution of marriage or the idea of commitment. He certainly does not suspect that sexy lingerie that lurks beneath Mallory's power suits; consequently, he grossly misjudging her seductive qualities. So when he announces to Mallory that the firm's biggest client is sending them to a resort of the coast of Long Island, he underestimates the damage Mallory can do to his libido. One look in her eyes leaves him stunned. One foolish comment, and destiny is set into motion. Now they are courting the firm's biggest client in a divorce action that requires that they play hardball. Soon Jack finds that he would much rather be doing other things with Mallory, despite the rules of the office.
Jack longs to get beyond the frigid mask Mallory displays to see the woman beneath. He doesn't understand the conflicting emotions she inspires in him, and in his desperation to elicit a response, blurts his thoughts aloud. Mallory can't help wondering how she could be cold and frigid, as Jack accuses, if her taste runs to satin and silk. Perhaps he doesn't like the cold woman she created to survive in a man's world. But now they are away from the office, and ethics be damned. If he wants to see what lurks beneath the veneer of her exterior, then she has enough pride to show him. With all sorts of tantalizing, intriguing possibilities coursing through her imagination, Mallory begins her seduction. But perhaps the strongest lesson for both Mallory and Jack will not be in seduction, but realizing that an erotic invitation isn't enough without fulfillment.
Wow! Once again Carly Phillips creates an imaginative romp that really pumps the libido in EROTIC INVITATION. The tantalizing and intriguing plot delights the senses with its erotic overtones and subtle depths. In Phillips hands, mystery becomes a potent aphrodisiac, and seduction an art form. Her style is arousing, sultry. And the characters are sexy and believably distracted in their willingness to see the seduction through and deal with the consequences later. Not necessarily the most well thought out decision, but certainly the most human. Bold, sensual and daring, EROTIC INVITATION comes very highly recommended.
  • Adrietius
EROTIC INVITATION makes you go wow-eyed. Oh yeah, it's a don't-want-to-miss book with a lot of sizzle and blazing heat.
Mallory and Jack are both lawyers trying to get a case, so they go to the resort where their prospective client invites them to visit. Mallory is a prim and proper woman on the outside, but her silk and satin leaves a thrill on the inside. The ever working Jack is stunned when he gets an invitation to join someone in a seduction. He is about to get an erotic lesson from the sexy Mallory.
From the first seduction to the second invitation to the wonder and love to confessing up and the beauty of love. What more can anyone want? Carly Phillips delivers everything we love in a romance; love, seduction, sex, and a happy-ever-after ending. The exotic invitation is still simmering inside me. Whether in a series or single titles, you don't read or see really hot, even erotic romances anymore, so this was a surprise and a fresh change of pace. I loved the new outlook and the seductiveness of the plot. I say, keep up the good work Carly Phillips!...
  • Wishamac
The description pretty much describes the book with a little bit more texture for the characters that isn't mentioned. That he doesn't understand why she hides her light under a bushel seems a little dense on his part, and in addition, his commitment stumbling blocks are kind of swept under the rug because the books' almost over.