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The Accidental Tourist (Oxford Bookworms Library: Human Interest) download ebook

by Anne Tyler

The Accidental Tourist (Oxford Bookworms Library: Human Interest) download ebook
Anne Tyler
Oxford University Press; 1 edition (November 23, 2009)
112 pages
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Anne Tyler Retold by Jennifer Bassett. Classics, modern fiction, non-fiction and more. Written for secondary and adult students the Oxford Bookworms Library has seven reading levels from A1-C1 of the CEFR. After the death of his son and the departure of his wife, Macon's attempts to run his own life become increasingly desperate - and more and more odd. Meanwhile, he has to get on with his work, writing tourist guides for business people.

Book Description Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, 2009.

The Accidental Tourist. A Conversation with Anne Tyler. Anne Tyler is a wise and perceptive writer with a warm understanding of human foibles. All of Tyler’s novels are wonderful; this is her best yet. -Library Journal. Luminous, tone-perfect, and probably her best to date. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A delicate sounding of the odd and accidental incursions of the heart.

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The Accidental Tourist is a 1985 novel by Anne Tyler that was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and won the National Book Critics Circle Award for . The Accidental Tourist (Oxford Bookworms Library: Human Interest).

The Accidental Tourist is a 1985 novel by Anne Tyler that was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction. Set in Baltimore, Maryland, the plot revolves around Macon Leary, a writer of travel guides whose son has been killed in a shooting at a fast-food restaurant.

Anne Tyler is a wise and perceptive writer with a warm understanding of human foibles. Читать онлайн The Accidental Tourist.

The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler INDISPUTABLY HER BEST BOOK. It leaves one aching with pleasure and pain. The Washington Post Hilarious. Louis Post-Dispatch Comic. A novel animated by witty invention and lively personalities. Time Anne Tyler covering common grou. The Accidental Tourist. indisputably her best book.

First published in Oxford Bookworms 2004. Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 5. Publisher. Oxford University Press, USA. Book Format. This award-winning collection of adapted classic literature and original stories develops reading skills for low-beginning through advanced students.

This award-winning collection of adapted classic literature and original stories develops reading skills for low-beginning through advanced students.Accessible language and carefully controlled vocabulary build students' reading confidence.Introductions at the beginning of each story, illustrations throughout, and glossaries help build comprehension.Before, during, and after reading activities included in the back of each book strengthen student comprehension.Audio versions of selected titles provide great models of intonation and pronunciation of difficult words.
  • Cildorais
Wonderful book. All the characters are well-drawn, and all of them have depths that aren’t obvious in the beginning. When we meet him, Macon is someone who spends his life fending off the unpredictable. From the way he sews sheets together to make a sort of bag to seal himself in at night--to the way he discourages any seat mate who wants to talk with him on an airplane--to the way he advises people how to travel without encountering anything unexpected–Macon is hermetically sealed off from life. It takes a freak homicide to crack his facade and initiate the events that end up changing his attitude about everything.

The thing that struck me about this book–and I don’t know that anyone has mentioned this–is how every single character is underestimated, misinterpreted, and defined by the others. Other people are always telling Macon what kind of person he is. But Macon gets the people in his life wrong too–his sister Rose, his boss Julian, even his son has another side to him. I guess in the end, this is about how other people's expectations can limit us--or help set us free.
  • Fenius
I had heard the name from the movie starring William Hurt and Geena Davis and that is about all. So when it turned up for $1.99, I decided to give it a chance. Boy, did I get my money's worth.

When Macon Leary's son is killed in a burger joint robbery, his life comes to an end. Frozen within himself he mechanically goes through the motions of living, but he is dead inside. Unable to give or take comfort from his wife, his marriage falls apart. He is left to live alone with his rituals and a vicious and uncontrolled dog, Edward. He pulls further and further into himself. When the dog hospital refuses to board Edward so Macon can travel to England to write another of his dreary guidebooks for business travelers who want to feel they never left home, he is forced to find an alternative. On impulse, he chooses the Meow-Bow Animal Hospital, and his life is never the same.

He meets Muriel, the dog trainer, and she turns his life upside-down. She is everything he isn't: spontaneous, free, happy-go-lucky.

How their relationship develops and how he finds himself breaking out of his dreary routine against himself, supplies with bulk of the novel. Rich in observation and free of the usual romance tropes, this delightful novel delights and entertains at every turn. Highly recommended.
  • Yainai
This is an interesting study in the contrast between taking charge of your life versus having your life happen to you by momentum and happenstance. It was made into a movie with a stellar cast, but the movie is necessarily a tremendous oversimplification of the book (due to time constraints). Carefully chose which medium appeals to you in advance: once you have read or seen this story either way, you will likely be let down by the other version. Reading it first makes the movie seem to lack nuance, but seeing it first gives away the ending — thus deflating the tension of the story,
  • Ance
This is one of Anne Tyler's best novels, and (for me, anyway) that's high praise indeed. It's impossible to read any of her works without feeling that you've known a couple (or more) of these people in your own life. Her dialogue is absolutely spot on for each character and -- well, if I go on and on it'll sound gushy and therefore not to be trusted. I'm a huge fan of this author.
  • Xellerlu
What a great book! it has it all: compassion, humor, love and the ability we all have to make a change, mainly in the way we live our lives. Turns out that training a dog is pretty much like training a man! A must read for all who gave up on an angry dog or an unromantic partner. Anne Tyler is a wonderful story teller: she really loves and cares for all her characters, even the lesser ones and the beauty: there are no villains! Or maybe one but we don't get to meet him, just the damage he has done. Read, read, read!!!
  • Todal
If you have read other Anne Tyler books and not particularly cared for them, please do not let that deter you from reading this one. I was lucky in that this was the first Anne Tyler book I ever read. After reading it, I sought out others but didn't like a single one of them. I read this many times in the past but somehow my book got away from me. That is why I've ordered another copy from Amazon. I'm sure I'll read it many more times. It's a very interesting story about how a man so "buttoned down" that he is almost catatonic first experiences a terrible tragedy then meets and is changed totally by a by a woman who is his complete opposite but refuses to let that bother her. The other characters are very interesting and the relationship that forms between his publisher and his sister is heart warming. There is quite a bit of comedy but it's well handled. The movie made from this book is enchanting.
  • Painbrand
I purchased this book after reading that it was one of the best of the author's books. I am an avid reader, and I read a variety of types of books, but I really did not enjoy this one. to me, To me, it was slow moving and somewhat pointless, and I did not like the ending at all. Just not on my list of favorite reads, but to each his own.
Such interesting characters and relationships. I normally don't happen to read books about relationships per se, but this one was captivating and far more interesting in its every-day events and twists as the main character works his way through grief over the loss of his only child. As different a journey for the reader as it is for the main characters.