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Nobody Likes Me download ebook

by Cynthia Dekel,Aki Fukuoka

Nobody Likes Me download ebook
Cynthia Dekel,Aki Fukuoka
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 13, 2010)
24 pages
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Family Relationships

The event is being held in conjunction with Children’s Book Week. I was the one reading your book to my daughter at your table to see if she would be interested.

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Cynthia Dekel, Aki Fukuoka (Illustrator).

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When a young girl, full of enthusiasm, who wants the attention of those she loves most feels rejected, her Mommy shows her how to see things in a different light.
  • Snowskin
Love this book, such a good and important message for children and parents! Although about a little girl, my three
year old grandson absolutely loves this book!! I have to read and reread it so many times! And, I love reading it
to him!!

The illustrations are adorable and the words are so clever and fun to read and fun for my grandchildren!! I would
recommend it to all families! Children hear the message that it's okay for parents and others to do things they need
to do and it doesn't mean they don't love the child. Parents need to hear this message too, that they don't have to spend
every waking moment with their children!!

I would recommend it to all families. And, although about a little girl, it is good for boys too!!

Love this book, it is one of our favorites and I continue buying more for gifts!! Really recommend it! You will love it!
  • Fordregelv
So I LOVE this book!!! The story is beautiful and so well written for a young child to understand. I think it will also make some adults think about the way they talk to their kids and how their kids may hear what is being said. The illustrations are amazing. It is the perfect story to teach families how important it is to take time to listen to one another.
  • Cel
I just love this book! It is a realistic, yet fun, story about life with a new baby in the house. The pictures are great and my daughter LOVES it!!
  • Tcaruieb
I was excited to meet Cynthia Dekel Author of Nobody Likes Me at the Miami Book Fair.

Nobody Likes Me is a story of a young child who thinks she is been overlooked by everybody including her parents. But her mother had to reassure her that "Sometimes people we love have things they must do. That doesn't mean they don't think the world of you!" It also goes on to say that "Everybody loves you!" This book was beautifully illustrated by Aki Fukuoka.

This book is a must have for every little girl. It will help them know that they are loved no matter what. I love this book and highly recommend this to parents.
  • Fast Lovebird
I could have used this book when I was a child. At one point I got a chill up my spine while I was reading it. The illustrations complement the text well, and I found myself able to relate to the main character's feelings and point-of-view. Children can be sensitive, and this books helps them to understand they are dearly loved, whether they feel like they are or not. The book also reminds adults that our behavior can leave an indelible impression on young minds, and we ought to be thoughtful in how we interact with them. I enjoyed this book and hope to see more like it.
  • DABY
I just bought this book for my daughter. My husband and I have read it over and over again. She loves it! After my husband reads it she brings the book right over to me and wants to hear it again. I think she can identify with people sometimes being "too busy" to hear her out. She also loves books that rhyme. I think any little girl would love this story. The illustrations are great as well.