» » Dying to Please: Anorexia, Treatment and Recovery, 2d ed.

Dying to Please: Anorexia, Treatment and Recovery, 2d ed. download ebook

by Avis Rumney

Dying to Please: Anorexia, Treatment and Recovery, 2d ed. download ebook
Avis Rumney
McFarland; 2 edition (May 13, 2009)
200 pages
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Medicine & Health Sciences

Dying to Please: Anorexia. has been added to your Cart. Interweaving the insights of her own personal story of recovery with decades of clinical experience, Rumney provides a powerful treatment manual for anorexia nervosa.

Dying to Please: Anorexia. a gem" -Booklist/RBB.

Dying to Please book.

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She illuminates the anorexic's ation in service of d the central task of recovery: development of a Self.

She illuminates the anorexic’s ation in service of d the central task of recovery: development of a Self.

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This second edition updates the 1983 work ("a gem"--Booklist) with a wealth of new information. The author, a therapist and recovered anorexic, draws upon her own experience and extensive research to produce a comprehensive account of the symptoms, causes and treatments of anorexia nervosa.

She illuminates the anorexic's paradox--self-annihilation in service of self-preservation--and the central task of recovery: development of a Self. The author addresses the origins and attributes of anorexia and accompanying disorders, the use and misuse of the Internet, and the concept of recovery. She addresses different therapies in detail, as well as therapies for families and interventions. A directory of organizations, a list of resources for information and referral, a bibliography and index are included.

  • Gavirgas
Very good description of and suggestions for dealing with a nightmarish illness.
  • Mariwyn
Just what I need to read
  • Zeus Wooden
I didn't know how much I didn't know about Anorexia before I read this book. Rich, multi-layered information! And I appreciate how refreshingly readable it is - beautifully written with precision, economy, eloquence, humanity and disarming candor. This is an invaluable resource both for professionals who are working with anorexics and those who are suffering from the disease - either as victims or loved ones.

Rumney wrote the 1st edition 25 years ago. In this 2nd edition she details how the past 25 years have informed her work as a treatment specialist as well as her personal growth and recovery from Anorexia. She weaves a candid and forthright telling of her illness and recovery throughout the book, which beautifully supplements her keen clinical perspective. The new information also includes vital clinical research, current trends (including shocking info about impact of the internet!), some astounding statistics and treatment centers listed by state.

The combination of her professional view and personal story provides a compelling understanding of this most perplexing condition. Her comprehensive discussion of what comprises effective treatment and why specific treatment modalities work is essential information for individuals researching treatment options or professionals who provide or refer treatment.

An excellent resource on Anorexia!

Junelle Barrett Porter, MFT
  • Envias
This is a comprehensive, highly informative and well-written book by a seasoned therapist specializing in eating disorders, Avis Rumney, LMFT. I sincerely appreciated the author's heartfelt personal story of her eating disorder and recovery, combined with extensive information about the causes and treatment of anorexia. I would recommend this book to any family struggling with an eating disorder, as well as to therapists who need a greater understanding of the complexities of this disease.
  • Iell
It is regrettable that the orthodox medical establishment fails to acknowledge that many modern ailments are caused by deficiency of one or more essential nutrients. This is the case with anorexia which very commonly is due to deficiency of the essential mineral zinc. People who are seriously deficient in zinc tend to lose almost complete interest in food and often find eating to be repulsive. When such people are given adequate daily supplementation with zinc their interest in eating usually returns and their anorexia -- if present -- disappears.

It is true that many cases of anorexia start out as a result of deliberate food deprivation -- generally as an attempt to lose weight. But when such food deprivation results in a severe deficiency of zinc, it becomes involuntary and requires zinc supplementation to be overcome. I realize that many -- perhaps most -- people reading this will not believe that anorexia can be successfully treated by supplementation with zinc, but such success has been achieved many times by people willing to try it. Incidentally, zinc is an essential cofactor for more enzymes than any mineral other than magnesium. Deficiency of zinc and/or magnesium is a major cause of many modern ailments which are regarded as difficult to treat when, in fact, they are quite readily treated by appropriate supplementation.
  • Mr_Mix
Avis Rumney has created a beautiful book that integrates personal and clinical experience, discussing the widespread cultural issue of women's body image and its effects on eating and self-esteem. I would recommend this to any parent of a girl of any age, as well as individuals or families dealing with any type of eating disorders or compulsive overeating. Also useful for clinicians working with these issues in their practice.

Joe Bavonese, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Lonesome Orange Kid
I read the original version of Avis' book - same title.
It was full of blame of parents - including her own.
I am curious as to (a) if author has changed her mind of causation (b) if author has made amends to her parents, especially her mother, for her words and actions?