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by Skalka Julia

Instant Horoscope Reader download ebook
Skalka Julia
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Now beginners can learn how to interpret a horoscope quickly and easily with this fresh, thorough overview. Discover revelations about yourself and others. Find the meaning of your Sun, Moon, and each planet in your horoscope, including aspects between planets, the meaning of the houses and house rulerships. A coupon for a free computerized natal chart is included in the book.
  • Mightsinger
If you know your birthday, you'll be able to look up your sun sign in this book. This is pretty basic stuff.
If you want to know more about astrology, you'll be able to read about it in this book but you won't learn how to do it, probably because it's too complicated. Example: the book discussed the value of knowing one's moon sign, but didn't tell me how I could find out what my moon sign is. However, there is an offer in the back of the book for a computerized horoscope which would probably tell me.
I refrained from giving this book a 3-star rating because I may have had unrealistic expectations, given that I'm a novice.
  • Anarius
Curious about your signs, get this book
The book is well written for those unfamiliar with this subject. Yet it also explains in depth about advanced and continued learning paths.
  • Vushura
The condition of the book was not very good. The front page was a bit weathered more that I expected and there were several pieces of paper inserted in between a number of pages in the book. There also is what looks like something that was spilled on one of the pages.
  • Lianeni
This book was created for the person who says "I want to know more about Astrology." It is well writen in easy to understand language unlike other Astrology books. Its a great beginner book and most likely a great addition to the "intermediate" Astrologer.
  • Mataxe
I skimmed this book and was surprised to see that there was little to no reference to the rising sign especially when explaining the aspects. How could this be? This should never have been left out. Why talk about, squares and sextuplets and have no reference to the MC as well