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The Persimmion Sequence download ebook

by Don J. Fretland

The Persimmion Sequence download ebook
Don J. Fretland
Apollo; First Edition Presumed edition (1971)
252 pages
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The Persimmion Sequence book.

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It is interesting to note that some 35 years before the Brain Port was invented, a science fiction writer, Don J. Fretland, dreamed up the very same device and wrote about it in his novel, The Persimmon Sequence. It would be safe to assume that Isaiah was not less wise nor less prescient than Mr. Fretland. The question is only one of timing.

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Persimmion Sequence by Tyler Parker. Re-imagined cover for The Persimmion Sequence by Don J. Tyler Parker is an illustrator/ukulele enthusiast currently residing in and around Seattle, Washington. He completed his MA in Sequential Design and Illustration from the University of Brighton in October 2009.

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The book is in good vintage condition, showing some normal, general wear. There is a noticeable crease on the front cover. Vintage Science Fiction Paperback, "The Persimmion Sequence" by Don J. Fretland, 1971. Free shipping eligible. The pages show minimal tanning, and remain perfectly readable. Shipping & returns.

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