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Samadhi Kunda download ebook

by PodPublishing,Mark Griffin

Samadhi Kunda download ebook
PodPublishing,Mark Griffin
Hard Light Publishing; 1st edition (October 26, 2007)
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Mark Griffin, the founder of the Hard Light Center of Awakening, has selected 108 of the 352 sutras from the ancient Indian text known as the Guru Gita. These verses focus on the universal nature of the Guru.

Mark Griffin was an American spiritual teacher in the lineage of Bhagawan Nityananda. Griffin was an author on the philosophy and practice of Yoga Tantra. He was also an artist.

Born Mark Edson Griffin, son of engineer Jack Griffin and Barbara Griffin. Griffin studied art and musical composition in San Francisco. In 1976, at the age of 21 he met his Guru, Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa, the disciple of Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. In 1989 he founded the Hard Light School of Awakening of Los Angeles, California. Teachings and Philosophy.

Mark Griffin is the author of the following books .

Mark Griffin is the author of the following books: Shri Guru Gita, 108 Sutras for Awakening". National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information, .

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Mark Griffin, better known as Military Cross 900 Fort. Record label interest waned. Needing a new direction, he gained his commercial pilot"s license, hoping to become a flight instructor, but eventually took a job at a large bookstore.

Samadhi Kunda comes from a six hour teaching delivered to a small group of students from a master of meditation,Mark Griffin, who speaks from the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Finally we have a westerner who is able to explain what Samadhi is about in terms that are easy for the western mind to understand. Mark Griffin is well-versed in the study of religions, spiritual traditions, metaphysics and physiology, and weaves this knowledge into his teachings. But of utmost importance is that he speaks with the authority of someone who has the direct experience, and is not simply repeating book knowledge.This book outlines the four stages of samadhi: Laya, Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa and Sahaj, both from their historical perspective and from the perspective of how they differ in experience. The emphasis is placed not only in understanding what Samadhi is about intellectually, but in understanding the path of Realization and how you can tread this path and awaken. Samadhi is known as the true birth, the beginning of true life.The book includes 17 color plates, illustrating these advanced concepts, as well as showing their physiological corollaries in the brain.Kunda is a Sanskrit word meaning "wellspring, a source of continuous supply". In the Kunda Series, meditation master Mark Griffin explains and demonstrates the nature and experience of profound subjects dealing with advanced consciousness in the human form.
  • Ximinon
What a Great book and with illustrations of the subtle body from the hand of the teacher who actually is an artist by trade. As I go deeper into meditations I always go back to this book for confirmation of progress and more understandings.
  • Anyshoun
The truth arises as you, in you. Mark Griffin focuses on how the body and mind work together to re-awaken your divine inner being. It cuts deep below all of the religious/philosophical overlays down to the one common denominator of all systems of thought...the awakening of the infinite ocean of consciousness occurs in the body, independent of culture, religion or language.