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by Helen Farrer

Maternity Care download ebook
Helen Farrer
Harcourt Brace/Churchill Livingstone; New edition edition (June 1987)
256 pages
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"Maternity Care" is designed to assist those studying the maternity or obstetric component of Family Health Care nursing. Although primarily concerned with the normal aspects of childbirth, this book gives a basic coverage of the more common complications and interventions as well. The nursing student will thus, it is hoped, have a greater appreciation of what she might encounter during her period of clinical placement and so understand more fully the need for preventive care. This second edition of "Maternity Care" has been written to take account of the many developments which have occured in the last few years - developments not only in the speciality itself but also in the education of nurses. As well, it reflects the growing involvement of childbearing families as participating receivers of maternity care, and the re-emergence of midwives as those families' advocates. There is less emphasis on the medical model. The scope and depth of most of the book has been expanded, while the text has been tightened where appropriate. New areas covered include the complications of early pregnancy (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidiform mole) and family planning. Social, emotional and cultural aspects are discussed in greater detail, and the section on postnatal community care and support has been enlarged. Newborn baby care in general and breast feeding in particular have been revised in line with current teaching and practice.