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by Lynne Rickards

Pink! download ebook
Lynne Rickards
Scholastic (2009)
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Lynne Rickards’s most popular book is Pink!. Showing 30 distinct works.

Lynne Rickards’s most popular book is Pink!. Pink! by. Lynne Rickards, Margaret Chamberlain (Illustrator).

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. What's a penguin to do when he turns a really rosy hue? Ends up friendship's not just black and white: Being hot pink is pretty cool!

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. What's a penguin to do when he turns a really rosy hue? Ends up friendship's not just black and white: Being hot pink is pretty cool! When Patrick wakes up one day to find he has inexplicably turned bright pink.

For secondhand goods. Not included for appendix. by Lynne Rickards (Author).

ae at best prices Learn more. Pink! Hardcover – 1 October 2013.

Pink! Hardcover – 1 October 2013.

Lynne Rickards, Margaret Chamberlain. What's a penguin to think when he wakes up pink?! Patrick wakes up one day to find out he's turned pink overnight! What will his friends think?

Lynne Rickards, Margaret Chamberlain. He crosses the ocean where he finds some flamingos - but will they want to play with him? Patrick soon learns that friendship is never black and white, but that real friends will accept you whatever

Pink! Rickards Lynne Неизвестно 9781780271767 : Lynne Rickards& book is a heart-warming story of learning to be a different, for children aged between four and si. Pink!, Rickards Lynne. Варианты приобретения. Кол-во: о цене Наличие: Отсутствует.

Pink! Rickards Lynne Неизвестно 9781780271767 : Lynne Rickards& book is a heart-warming story of learning to be a different, for children aged between four and si. Возможна поставка под заказ. Дата поступления на склад уточняется после оформления заказа.

Lynne Rickards was born in Canada and has lived in Scotland for twenty years. She is well known as a best-selling children's author and her other books include Clementine's Smile, Groovy Googles and Other Splendiferous Rhymes and I Do Not Eat the Colour Green.

Patrick the penguin awakens one morning to find he's inexplicably turned pink from head to foot. Boys can't be pink! he declares in all-capital letters. The doctor has no explanation (none is ever offered), but Patrick's dad points out that flamingos in Africa are pink and at least half are boys. Tired of being teased, Patrick swims to Africa and tries, unsuccessfully, to fit in with the friendly flamingos. Returning home, he is welcomed and respected for his adventure, and happily resigns himself to being forever pink: Being different wasn't so bad after all. Although Chamberlain's comical illustrations suit the exclamatory tone of the text, the book is loud and busy. Blurring a retro message about gender coding with a lesson about difference, the story fails to inspire sympathy for Patrick or offer solace to kids who might share Patrick's feelings. Design choices don't help; the erratic placement of text turns many pages into a jumble of words fighting for space with the images. Ages 4-8.
  • Debeme
Oh, how we love this book in our house. We are members of the New England Aquarium in Boston, where the penguins take center stage, so a lot of kids in downtown Beantown are pretty into penguins. My daughter, 2 years 10 months, is one of them.

As you may also know, a LOT of toddlers are into pink. For girls, the pink gene seems to kick in as they get close to 3, and suddenly EVERYTHING is pink. A decent number of toddler boys are suddenly into pink as well, especially if they have sisters (older sisters they want to model, or baby sisters who are lavished with pink presents).

So, when my daughter begged daddy for a pink penguin at the aquarium, he had to get one for her-- but we knew nothing of this book.

A month or two later, my daughter was still firmly obsessed with her pink penguin when I logged onto Amazon looking for toddler girl books focused on pink things (her favorite) that were not also PRINCESS related (a common obsession I'm hoping to stave off to some degree). I happened upon this book, and I couldn't believe it. To say that my daughter loves reading about pink penguin Patrick and his adventures would be an understatement! We read it every night.

My one hesitation is that I wish the main character had been a girl-- female heroines are so hard to find and by the "pinkness" of the book, I do think this will be popular among girls. I guess part of Patrick's identity crisis is that he is a BOY and turns pink, but I think it could have been just as strong a story to have Patrick be Patricia and still have an identity crisis over being a pink penguin. I guess having Patrick as a boy makes the book equally interesting for boys--but there are soooo many little boy heroes, that it's not as important to me.

All in all, a great buy, a cute book, and perfect for PINK OBSESSED GIRLS if you're looking for princess alternatives.
  • Bragis
My daughter LOVES penguins so we had to buy this, but its not our favorite.

The basic plot is that a boy penguin wakes up one day and finds he's pink. His friends make fun of him. So he runs away from home to join some flamingos, but realizes he doesn't fit in there either. So he goes home and gives a report at school talking about his trip (which apparently makes him the cool kid). Then everything is ok.

The basic message is that it is ok to be different. The story feels a little forced and could be more concise or maybe funnier (or both). The first time my husband and I read it to the kids we weren't impressed, but both kids seem to find it funny that the penguin is pink (they may be too young to really get the rest of the story).

this is an ok book if you're looking for something that talks about having it be ok to be different, but its not a great penguin book (the main character could easily be a duck or a chicken or a wombat instead). For penguin books, we like A Penguin Story a lot better.
  • Nicanagy
This book has such a wonderful message in it about being yourself and remembering to accept others. We can get so caught up in physical differences and maybe to the point where we start seeing it as a negative thing which often can lead to bullying. I bought this book to use with the K-2 grades in our school. I also bought a pink penguin puppet on amazon to go along with the book. It has a simple message and I HIGHLY recommend the puppet.
  • Olwado
I was so happy to get this book for my daughter it is her favorite book. Her cousin ripped some of the pages and I found it on here in good condition for 1 cent can't beat that I would give 10 stars if I could
  • Anarasida
Great book to teach kids that being different is okay and that just because someone is different is okay as well. the pink penguin goes great with this book when reading it.
  • Hallolan
Looks great!
  • Maridor
Cute book with good message. Both my 2 and 6 yr old like it a lot. It's a little long for my 2 yr old to sit through the whole thing, but perfect length for my 6 yr old.
Tells a great story about a penguin who turns pink and his struggle with self acceptance. When he goes on a journey, he discovers that it is OK to be unique! He comes home & lives happily ever after as a pink penguin.