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by William Caunitz

Cleopatra Gold download ebook
William Caunitz
Random House Value Publishing (November 14, 1995)
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Thrillers & Suspense

Cleopatra Gold William J. Caunitz MYSTERIOUSPRESS. COM For my grandsons, Joshua and Matthew 1 The Ghosts arrived early. Two of them got out of a taxi in front of the Savoy.

Cleopatra Gold William J.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. On a mission to stop the Cleopatra Gold heroin syndicate, Alejandro Monahan goes undercover in the drug world.

William J. Caunitz was a thirty-year veteran of the New York City Police Department. During his career, he achieved the rank of lieutenant and was assigned commander of a detective squad. At the age of fifty-one, Caunitz began publishing crime novels, which were noted for their realistic depictions of the daily workings of a police precinct, as well as for their sensational plots. He wrote seven novels, and the first, One Police Plaza, was made into a television movie. Caunitz died from pulmonary fibrosis in 1996

by. Caunitz, William J. Publication date.

by. New York : Crown Publishers.

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An undercover cop infiltrates an NYC drug cartel in this thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author.

On a mission to stop the Cleopatra Gold heroin syndicate, Alejandro Moynahan goes undercover in the drug world. By the author of One Police Plaza. An undercover New York cop is trying to put an end to the newest and deadliest drug: Cleopatra Gold. To the party goers of the late-night club scene, Alejandro Monahan is just a singer, but to others he's a good cop. He knows that Cleopatra is also the code name for the head of the Latin drug-ring: a ruthless female assassin who years earlier killed his father.

In attempting to break the Cleopatra Syndicate heroin network that has already resulted in the brutal deaths of three agents, nightclub singer and undercover cop Alejandro Monahan hopes to avenge his father's death. Reprint. NYT. PW.
  • Dagdatus
good read, book flows well. Enjoyed the book
  • Keath
I read the first three books from this author when they appeared in the mid to late 1980's. I liked 'One Police Plaza' but wasn't so impressed with 'Black Sand' and 'Suspects' so I moved away from this author. About 18 months ago, I picked up his sixth book 'Pigtown', read it and liked it. This is the preceding novel.
There is a group of people smuggling heroin (Cleopatra Gold) into the US in general and New York in particular. The NYPD try to infiltrate this ring, but after three of their undercover agents are killed, they have to try an alternative route. The investigating officer then asks if there is a deep undercover agent ("Who runs the Job's deep undercovers?" "I really don't know. I'm not even sure we have any.") that could be used to infiltrate the network. The book then focuses around a half Irish, half Indian nightclub singer who emerges to take on the network.
The author is a retired NYPD detective lieutenant and this shows in all of his books. The investigative work carried out by the LEAs is described in detail, often using expressions found in the NYPD. The technology used is also described in detail, making this book seem very realistic, to the point of this reader feeling that it could almost have been based on true events.
This however, is also to the disadvantage of the book. For me, a thriller is supposed to keep up a quick pace, but I found that some of the lengthy, detailed descriptions of equipment and procedure slowed the pace of this book down a bit too much for my liking. I do realise that these things are part of any investigation, and it isn't all fast-paced action.
Having said that though, I would say that a little more action would have improved this book for me, rather than a little less description of the bits and pieces involved, IMO. Hence the summary, an *interesting* thriller.
3.5 out of 5 for this one, I think.
David Lucas ([email protected]).
  • uspeh
Alejandro Monahan is the son of a NY cop and Mexican Indian mother. The old man "retired" to raise his family in the Baja and was killed by drug lords tied to the title drug. Alejandro is now a sexy club singer and also Chilebean, a deep cover agent with the NYPD looking to avenge his father's death.
Ther characters are great: Che-Che, Roberto Barrios and Pizzaro on the drug side; Too Tall Paulie, Sal Elia and Joey the G-man for the cops. You're never sure who's the real boss is or where the line between undercover agents and the drug business is drawn. Amidst a lot of action Alejandro convinces Che-Che he can guarantee safe importation of heroine using a military guided parachute technology.
With 100 pages to go, the shipment has landed and the multiple Cleopatra lines develop: the drug, the queen and a woman whose father called her that. I had it at five stars until the end, which was just too Hollywood and dropped it down to four. A lousy ending, but an otherwise great cop / druggie story.
  • Varshav
Author and former lieutenant of the NYPD Caunitz is the best of the police procedureal novelists, the most innovative, and one writer who gives you uncensored dialogue. You recognize it as fact; he's been there. His other books tell stories from the police side of things. This one tells about the narcotic trade from the inside as the reader follows the dangerous life of a detective who goes undercover. There is a crushing anaconda, a mysterious feminine killer, and much more. Novelists are able to deduct travel from their income tax which is why we see so many exotic locations in these books and this one is no exception. Some authors end up sounding like travel writers but Caunitz makes it work. Other thriller writers have achieved more fame but no one makes police/detective stories LIVE the way this author does. Try it, you'll like it.
  • Thundershaper
I'm used to reading page turners. There were too many characters in this book and I found it a bit hard to catch up to them, and who was the good guy or the bad guy. However, there were plenty of action going on enough to make this book into a movie--people getting shot and killed, cars blowing up, etc., drug abuse, sex, blood everywhere, and ridiculous spy devices put inside genital orifice unheard of in real life. I wasn't too happy about the ending and I thought the Alejandro character wasn't appropriate. A latin singer and a cop? Come one! I found that tacky!
  • Kupidon
I've read several of Caunitz's novels and have enjoyed them all, particularly PIFTOWN and CHAIN OF COMMAND. I loved CLEOPATRA GOLD and simply could not put it down! My only complaint is that I did not want it to end!