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Stagestruck (Inspector Peter Diamond Investigations) download ebook

by Simon Prebble,Peter Lovesey

Stagestruck (Inspector Peter Diamond Investigations) download ebook
Simon Prebble,Peter Lovesey
Blackstone Audiobooks; Unabridged edition (June 1, 2011)
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Peter Lovesey (Author), Simon Prebble (Narrator).

Peter Lovesey (Author), Simon Prebble (Narrator). Book 10 of 14 in the Peter Diamond Series. Unlike some other crime writers, Lovesey, doesn't dwell on the gruesome aspects of murder and intersperses the realistic workings of police investigations with touches of humour. This book is part of a series centred on the career of the detective, Peter Diamond, by now Head of Bath CID. You don't need to have read any of the previous books to enjoy this one, but knowing something about Diamond's earlier life does flesh out his character a bit more.

Lovesey's no-nonsense detective, Superintendent Peter Diamond, who heads the local Manvers Street nick (the station at which PC Tasker was based) takes over the investigation, only to ind himself fighting a turf war over jurisdiction with Superintendent Jack Gull from the Regional Serial Crimes Unit.

Written by Peter Lovesey, Audiobook narrated by Simon Prebble. An Inspector Peter Diamond Investigation, Book 12. By: Peter Lovesey. Narrated by: Simon Prebble. Length: 11 hrs and 25 mins.

Inspector Peter Diamond and his team has to try to resolve the mystery with the added challenge of his having had to accept a new team member from beat. But where everyone seems willing to accept the immediate and obvious evidence, Inspector Diamond nurses concerns that it's just too simple. He continues to seek to understand and that's the lesson that's woven through this book, that while it's easier to take the obvious route, it may not be the right route, and that if one were to persevere, you will find yourself on the right route and the right answers.

But Scotland Yard was unaware of the existence of another file.

It is 3 years since Peter Diamond's wife was killed and he is being stalked by a woman who wants to become better acquainted. ACC Georgina Dalley's friend's daughter has gone missing. A woman's body is discovered hanging from a public playground swing, at first sight a suicide, but then it seems she may already have been dead when hung there.

Peter Diamond series. The false inspector dew. Keystone. Stagestruck : a Peter Diamond investigation, Peter Lovesey. p. cm. ISBN 978-1-56947-947-6. eISBN 978-1-56947-948-3. 1. Diamond, Peter (Fictitious character)-Fiction. 3. Bath (England)-Fiction.

Peter lovesey series: Inspector Hen Mallin Investigation

Peter lovesey series: Inspector Hen Mallin Investigation. Inspector Hen Mallin Investigation.

Pop diva Clarion Calhoun has packed the house with a celebrity appearance in Bath's Theatre Royal production of I Am a Camera. But within moments of her much-anticipated onstage appearance, she is pulled out of character as she screams and claws at her face. When tainted stage makeup is found to have caused the disfiguring burn, fingers point to her makeup artist. Detective Peter Diamond investigates when the makeup artist is found dead, pushed from a catwalk far above the stage. As Diamond digs deeper, he uncovers rivalries among the cast and crew and is forced to confront his own mysterious and deep-seated phobia to find the killer.
  • Rindyt
Read Peter Lovesey 35 years ago, Sgt Cribb set in Victoria's time,, and now discovered this whole new detective series in modern time. Quickly got all of them and this was first I read. Complex little tale of murder, disfigurement, and lots of lies and mystery in this little Bath UK theater. Why would a famous actress come on stage and within minutes start to scream that her makeup is burning her face? Why? Who had it in for her? Then the plot thickens as Peter Diamond, head of the Bath murder squad investigates and more murder follows.

Plenty of twists and side plots, plenty of suspicious characters, plenty of strange red herrings too. Peter Diamond is not a daring James Bond kind of guy, just a 50ish, slightly plump guy that is always a bit grumpy. He is anti tech, and hates driving fast too. Makes for some interesting situations.

I read a lot of mysteries, and usually can guess who dun it. This one I was suspicious of the person, and actually guessed who are causing the trouble. But it was hard, everyone was suspicious!

If you love English mysteries that are a bit more complex than most others, you will enjoy this series. Definitely not one of those quick reads where you get no clues, the murder is solved, and it does not quite make sense but the author says it is solved. This is laid out well, and all clues are given so you do get to solve the mystery along with Diamond.
  • Yannara
Lovesey makes you believe you are living in Bath, or makes you wish you were.
He is almost too good to be true. An excellent story, as usual.
  • Frosha
Good read ,,however a little sluggish ,not a fast paced page turner , I read it ast a leisurely pace Now what ? I read all 16 Peter Diamond books!
  • caster
Excellent writer now up to number 11 in series
  • Hudora
I'm a fan of the Detective Diamond books. Good characters, setting, and an intriguing story. Though, I was disappointed in the ending/resolution - seemed a bit far fetched. Not one of my favorites, but still a fan of the series.
  • Olelifan
Ever since the Sergeant Cribb books I have been a fan of Peter Lovesey. The only book of his that I didn't like was "Invitation to a Dynamite Party". However, I enjoyed this book. It is a police procedural whodunit. Mysterious crimes are committed on a company performing a new play. The cast, director's and people who funded it are questioned until the murderer is eventually caught. Lovesey has a droll humour which makes this very enjoyable. I liked the misdirection and the surprise ending. I only hope his next book will also be available on Kindle like this one. That is only Lovesey book that I have not yet read, so you can deduct that I am quite a fan of his. With the high postage to South-Africa Kindle books are always welcome.
  • Justie
I really enjoy this author-Lovesey. I have read quite a few. Like Peter Diamond mysteries better than his other series.
Before I get to the actual book, if you are thinking of buying this on Kindle, you might want
to buy the printed version instead. The formatting is way off. The paragraphs run into each other,
especially within dialogue so you have to read very slowly and carefully to figure out who is speaking.
The spaces between words are also missing in many spots. Disappointing with a book from a "major" publishing
house. They obviously didn't take the time to check how the book looks after they got it "Kindleized."

As for the reading experience: There are several interesting, eccentric characters, but I found a few more irritating than fun.
The plot is complex enough to keep your interest but somehow every thread seemed flimsy, as if more could
have been done to flesh things out. Perhaps I just
like more emotional depth to my stories.