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by Catherine Aird

Henrietta Who? download ebook
Catherine Aird
Bantam (November 1, 1981)
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Catherine Aird is the pseudonym of English novelist Kinn Hamilton McIntosh MBE. She is the author of more than twenty crime fiction novels and several collections of short stories.

Catherine Aird is the pseudonym of English novelist Kinn Hamilton McIntosh MBE. Her witty, literate, and deftly plotted novels straddle the "cozy" and "police procedural" genres and are somewhat similar in flavour to those of Martha Grimes, Caroline Graham, M C Beaton, Margaret Yorke, and Pauline Bell. She is a recipient of the Cartier Diamond Dagger award.

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Henrietta Who? ( Inspector Sloan CID Mystery - 2 ) Catherine Aird Murder at Boundary Cottage. Murder at Boundary Cottage. The townspeople would have said Larking, with the stone rectory and thatched farmhouses, was typical of a thousand other English villages.

Read Henrietta Who, by Catherine Aird online on Bookmate – In this mystery by CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird, Detective Inspector C. Sloan must find a ruthless hit-and-run killer Earl.

How do you react when you suddenly discover that for the past 21 years your life isn'what it appeared to be, and you suddenly find your name has become Henrietta - Who?

How do you react when you suddenly discover that for the past 21 years your life isn'what it appeared to be, and you suddenly find your name has become Henrietta - Who? A play for radio by Alison Plowden: adapted from Catherine Aird's novel with Ciaran Madden as Henrietta and Alan Rowe as Insp Sloan. Producer: Christopher Vennlng. Harry Ford: Vernon Joyner. Bill Thorpe: Robert Swales. Constable Crosby: Nigel Anthony. Dr Dabbe: Nigelgraham. Supt Lees: Robert Trotter. James HibbS: Brian Haines. PC Hepple: Anthony Hall. Mr Arbican: David Lander. General Garwell: Nigel Graham.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Larking was a typical English village and like the thousand other villages it resembled Larking had its secrets. view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook.

Henrietta Who? Annotation. And Detective Inspector C. Sloan soon discovered they knew even less about her daughter Henriett. n fact, nobody could explain who Henrietta really was. Author: Catherine Aird.

EIGHTEEN The next two hours were the busiest young Constable Crosby had ever known. First of all he was put down in front of a pile of dusty old records and told to get on with it. rly difficult as Superintendent Leeyes and Detective-Inspector Sloan were talking round him. So Hibbs realized you’d got onto the name and decided to play the surprised innocent, said Leeyes triumphantly. I’m not sure, sir. If so, he did it very well. He would, snapped Leeyes. He’s had plenty of time to get ready for it. Twenty-one years.

The calm inertia of life in the English village of Larking is shattered with the murder of elderly Grace Jenkins and the arrival of a mysterious woman claiming to be Grace's daughter Henrietta
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This book is the second in Catherine Aird's 'Inspector C. D. Sloan' series, and was originally published in 1968. My husband and I both enjoyed these ingenious British mysteries starring Inspector C.D. Sloan and his clueless side-kick, Detective-Constable Crosby, and I was happy to see them come out on Kindle so I could read them all over again.

The procedurals are set in the fictional County of Calleshire, England which very much resembles the County of Kent where Catherine Aird (the pseudonym of novelist Kinn Hamilton McIntosh) lives. The acerbic Dr. Dabbe, Calleshire's pathologist sets the plot in motion in this second entry in the series, when he performs an autopsy on a hit-and-run victim and determines that the deceased, Mrs. Jenkins had never given birth to any children.

This news comes as a serious shock to Henrietta Jenkins, who believed herself to be the hit-and-run victim's daughter.

Furthermore, Dr. Dabbe's autopsy reveals that Mrs. Jenkins wasn't hit just once by her killer's automobile. He or she also backed over the luckless victim.

The author plays fair with her clues, and by the end of "Henrietta Who" you should be able to deduce the identity of both Henrietta's true parents, and the murderer.

These Calleshire Chronicles have been labelled 'cozies' by some reviewers, but I find them a bit too edgy to easily fit into the 'cozy' category. Catherine Aird's humor has many hidden barbs. I'd classify her Inspector Sloan books as police procedurals, with interesting dollops of village life in not-so-cozy postwar England.
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Henrietta's mother is run over by an auto, twice just to make sure, but the autopsy reveals she's never had children. The question, then, is not only who is Henrietta's mother, but who is Henrietta? Such is the start of Aird's novel. Her detective, DI Sloan, is not flashy or eccentric, but he is doggedly persistent, highly competent, much like his creator. Her books are always entertaining and well-written, and this one is no different.
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Catherine Aird is an erudite, thoughtful, witty writer, and her mysteries are always worth reading. HENRIETTA WHO? is an unexpected premise: a woman is killed, ostensibly for no reason. Then the identity of her supposed daughter is in question, and the hunt is on. C.D. Sloan is an intelligent policeman (forget the unimaginative rural policeman) who is also wise (he has to be with his superior!). Crosby is a perfect foil, and together they "get their man," despite numerous roadblocks. A satisfying book with a satisfying ending.
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I'm a recent fan of Catherine Aird and her Inspector Sloan mysteries. It crosses over between the categories of cozy mystery and police procedural, with dry humor and some quirky main characters. This wouldn't carry the story, of course, unless there was a mystery to solve that involves an imaginative story line. There is. The setting is England in the late 1960's, before the dawning of the computer age as we know it, which is another plus for me. Sloan has to use his observation skills, be quick witted, and do with what forensic science there was at the time. This was a great read; I did guess who the killer was, but there lurked a bit of doubt in my mind until the very end.
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I really enjoyed this “sort of cozy” police procedural set in the British countryside. Inspector Sloan and his clueless sidekick, Detective Crosby are a terrific team. Aird has really brought these characters to life in this witty mystery. There is no gratuitous violence, no bad language, no sex scenes, just a well written mystery, incorporating a bit of humor and a satisfying, and somewhat unexpected ending.
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We are so glad to have discovered this inventive and clever series. I suppose they are cozies, although they involve police procedurals as well. Gentle stories full of laugh out loud moments. Each one can stand alone, with a new cast of characters for Inspector Sloan. Highly recommended
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This one deserved the five stars. A very convoluted story-well in the end it wasn't but there was some confusion along the way. Such an easy pace all through. It's like a novel in some ways. All the characters are involved. It's not just the recounting of a murder and the subsequent investigation.
The great thing about Aird's whodunits is her ability to confuse you about what exactly was done. This shines forth in this book particularly. And as always the trio of Leeyes, Sloan and Crosby provide variegated comic relief. No stress, no bad taste, no overbearing intellect - just good fun.