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Kiss (87th Precinct Mysteries) download ebook

by Len Cariou,Ed McBain

Kiss  (87th Precinct Mysteries) download ebook
Len Cariou,Ed McBain
HarperAudio; Abridged edition (February 19, 2002)
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Book 4-5. The 87th Squad; Two Full-Length Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Book 44. Mystery Box Set Includes: Shadow Prey; Kiss; Longshot.

Book 4-5. Shelve Mystery Box Set Includes: Shadow Prey; Kiss; Longshot.

All of the 87th precinct books by Ed McBain were good. I think this whole book was disjointed.

87th Precinct, Ed McBain, Len Cariou. Can Carella prevent another murder-before someone else is betrayed with a kiss? External metadata update. 2019-03-27T00:52:22Z. Ed McBain's astonishing 87th-Precinct series continues with a hard look at what passes for love in a city grown used to crimes of passion. When a beautiful blonde tells Detective Steve Carella that her husband's former chauffeur has made two attempts on her life, Carella immediately begins tracking her assailant - only to find him far uptown, hanging from a basement pipe, a bullet in his head.

Ed McBain wrote dozens of 87th Precinct books and all of them are enjoyed by his fans. Many of them are just so-so. Some are very good, including "Kiss".

The 87th Precinct is a series of police procedural novels and stories written by Ed McBain (pseudonym of Evan Hunter). McBain's 87th Precinct works have been adapted, sometimes loosely, into movies and television on several occasions. The series is based on the work of the police detective squad of the 87th Precinct in the central district of Isola, a large fictional city based on New York City

87th Precinct Mysteries Ed Mcbain. 2 people like this topic.

87th Precinct Mysteries Ed Mcbain.

Written by Ed McBain, Audiobook narrated by Len Cariou. Her name is Virginia Dodge. And she’s here to kill Detective Steve Carella. An ordinary day at the 87th Precinct is about to take a turn for the worse when Dodge shows up to put a bullet in Carella’s head. And she doesn’t care if she has to take all the men in the 87th with her to do it. Armed with a homemade bomb, a handgun, and a bottle of nitroglycerine hidden in her purse, Virginia holds the entire squad room hostage as she waits for Carella.

2 8 5 Author: Ed McBain Narrator: Len Cariou.

An 87th Precinct novel -- Certain that someone is trying to kill her, Emma Bowles turns to another killer for protection, and only a dedicated cop trapped in a defective legal system can save her.

  • Runehammer
This is McBain at the peak of his prowess. The 87th Precinct novels started in 1956, and they grew and matured as McBain grew and matured. At this point (1992), the books were rich with color, setting, character development, social commentary, and of course, clever and engrossing plots.

In _Kiss_, it's comforting to see our friends: Carella, Meyer Meyer, Fat Ollie. McBain once said that he thought of the 87th Precinct as a family: It grows, it evolves, it changes. You can feel how deeply vested he is in these characters.

There are are two plots in _Kiss_. One involves a married women who has been a victim of two murder attempts for no apparent reason. Not trusting the cops to pursue the matter, her husband hires a private detective--and the plot thickens considerably. The second involves the murder trial for the man who shot Carella's father. This family tragedy continues through three books in the series and reaches its sad conclusion here.

I read crime novels a lot, I guess because I like the classic "good guys against the bad guys" scenario. I've read them all: Parker, Pronzini, Westlake, Block, Lutz, Grafton, et al. But McBain is simply the boss. As Robert Parker said, "It's hard to think of anyone better at what he does. In fact, it's impossible."
  • Gajurus
Two plots thread their way through this novel of the 87th Precinct. In the first, a beautiful woman named Emma Bowles appears at the station house to report that a man has attempted to kill her. Twice.

Emma recognizes the attacker as a man who used to drive for the limo service that her husband uses. Detectives Steve Carella and Meyer Meyer go looking for the man Emma has accused only to find him shot to death and hanged, apparently for good measure, in the basement of the apartment house where he lived.

Emma's husband, a wealthy stockbroker, professes to be horrified by the attempts on his wife's life and he insists on hiring a private detective from out of town to protect his wife, even though the man who attempted to kill her is now dead. All of this seems pretty strange to Steve Carella and as he and Meyer investigate the case, it becomes even more convoluted.

Meanwhile, in a plot line carried over from the previous McBain novel, Widows, the man accused of killing Carella's father goes on trial. Against Carella's advice, his mother insists on attending the trial and the chapters detailing the trial are interspersed with the chapters describing the investigation. Both take a toll on Carella, but both are interesting and this is a very good entry in the 87th Precinct series.
  • porosh
I'm an Ed McBain freak. I can recall only one book in this series I didn't care for and finally skimmed through. In this one, McBain weaves several threads. Carella attends the trial of his father's killer (the one he didn't kill when he had the chance), there are hints of trouble in his sister's marriage, and a woman has so far escaped several attempts on her life. You'd think these novels would be a natural for Hollywood, since they're structured cinematically, with jump cuts and fades, but so far the films have been few and, at best, okay. McBain often goes for larger themes, not always successfully, and here it's the provisional nature of justice. McBain pulls it off. Snappy prose, a great talent for dialogue and narrative pace, and a feel for the ways cops cope with job, friends, and family.
  • Hadadel
Ed McBain wrote dozens of 87th Precinct books and all of them are enjoyed by his fans. Many of them are just so-so. Some are very good, including "Kiss". Unlike most McBain books, the crime to be solved does not happen at the beginning of the book, it happens at the end. The detectives know a murder will happen. They know who the killer will be. Cops and killer play a chess game with a life in the balance.
  • Tto
Detective Steve Carella is sitting in a courtroom, not in the line of duty but in support for his mother and sister. They are at a murder trial, the murder of his father. As a detective at the 87th precinct, Detective Steve Carella thought he saw it all but nothing could have prepared him for the killing of his beloved father. He now sits in the courtroom seeing once again the man who is responsible and as the trial goes on it seems to be more and more against the Carella's
Detective Meyer Meyer is interviewing a woman who is claiming that someone is trying to kill her, not once but twice and she knows who it is.
Get ready for another ride, the McBain way, sharp and crisp dialogue, plus great storytelling.
  • Qudanilyr
Maybe I have read over 40 Ed McBain books. Love them all, some more than others. By now I almost feel like family to Carella and Meyer in their pursuit of doing justice and catching criminals. Once again I truly enjoy the telling of the story, the unfolding of the details, the suspense of the characters and McBain's ability to draw you in and to stay sharp. This was no exception. Had to just love the ending with Denker being out maneuvered in his own line of criminal work, and being left bewildered, and conned by a better con. This is a great read, which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good criminal mystery. There is never a disappointment in any of his stories.
  • Gavirus
There's just something about revisiting the life that unfolds on the pages of a Danielle Steel book. She brings so much life and emotion to her books. Has you laughing and crying along with cast themselves. Like a movie playing out in my head as I read the words on the page.. Going back reading again for the second even third time just brings it to life even more.
Wow!!!!!! It was riveting, start to finish,,,,, an emotional roller-coaster ride! The characters were all splendid! Even Gordon! An amazing story! I was so moved by the intensive drama played out so beautifully!