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Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story download ebook

by Ben Carson

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story download ebook
Ben Carson
HarperCollins (March 1, 1993)
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works medical miracles. Today, he's one of the most celebrated neurosurgeons in the world. view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook.

works medical miracles.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is a 2009 biographical television drama film directed and co-produced by Thomas Carter, written by John Pielmeier, and starring Cuba Gooding J. Kimberly Elise and Aunjanue Ellis. The film is based on the autobiography of neurosurgeon (and later politician) Ben Carson, which was co-written by Cecil Murphey and published under the same title in 1990. A Johnson & Johnson Spotlight Presentation, the movie premiered on TNT on Saturday, February 7, 2009.

Gifted Hands by and about Ben Carson, . is the inspiring story of an inner-city kid with poor grades and little motivation, who, at age thirty-three, became director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. In 1987, Dr. Carson gained worldwide recognition for his part in the first successful separation of Siamese twins joined at the back of the head - an extremely complex and delicate operation that was five months of planning and twenty-two hours of actual surgery, involving a surgical plan that Carson helped initiate.

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Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is a 2009 television drama film directed by Thomas Carter, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Kimberly Elise. It is a movie based on the life story of neurosurgeon Ben Carson from 1961 to 1987

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is a 2009 television drama film directed by Thomas Carter, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. It is a movie based on the life story of neurosurgeon Ben Carson from 1961 to 1987. Ben Carson (Cuba Gooding, J. travels to Germany to meet a couple, Peter and Augusta Rausch, who have twins conjoined at the back of their heads. Carson believes he might be able to successfully separate them, but realizes that he also risks losing one or both of them. After explaining the risk, and despite that fact, Ben agrees to operate.

The ben carson story.

with CECIL MURPHEY This book is dedicated to my mother, SONYA CARSON, who basically sacrificed. The ben carson story. is dedicated to my mother, SONYA CARSON, who basically sacrificed her life. to make certain that my brother and I.

The surgeon who has successfully separated thirty Siamese twins who had little hope of survival describes his own inspiring life story, recounting his rise from inner-city kid to renowned surgeon. Reprint.
  • Yramede
My first reading of Dr. Carson’s story happened when I was 18 years old. I had (and still have) an obsession with the brain, and it was that obsession which led me to the book in the first place. Admittedly, my initial interest was not in his personal story, but in his medical experience. And I’d hoped the book would go into great detail about his surgeries; namely, his successful separation of Siamese twins conjoined at the head.

The words strewn across the page grabbed me and lifted me away. Took me to a higher place. And this inspirational tale of how an inner-city boy grew into one of the leading neurosurgeons affected me in ways I never expected. Very deep ways.

Dr. Carson’s story was one I never forgot. Sure, over the years, bits and pieces of it had slipped from my memory, but the essence of it remained.

And whenever I am at a crossroads in my own life, I look back to classics and favorites to re-inspire and motivate me as I venture down a new part of my own journey. Fifteen years later, I decided it was time to revisit Gifted Hands.

It’s actually remarkable how much more I took away from his story this time around. At the age of 33, I could relate more intimately to the struggles and adversities of adulthood. And even though I knew his story, still, new chills crept over the surface of my skin and wiggled their way down to my soul.

The book was originally published in 1990, but like any great work of art, its message is still relevant today. Gifted Hands is effortless and intimate, leaving the reader feeling as though they've sat down with a cup of tea and heard Dr. Carson tell his story firsthand.

The first half of the novel, for me, was the most inspirational; telling the story of his childhood and journey to and through medical school. The second half of the story focuses on his medical career, sharing many of the surgeries which helped to shape his career and who he was a medical professional. And what’s particularly nice is the medical stories are just as easy to read as the rest of the book.

And Dr. Carson didn’t only share with us his triumphs, he also shares struggles he has had over the years. Things that, had he not gained controlled of, could have kept him from enjoying the success he has.

If you’re searching for stories to inspire you to never give up and reach for your dreams, Gifted Hands is one sure to be on your list.
  • Brazil
I was in awe of what some people can do. the part about separating the "Binder Twins" co-joined at back of the head was a scientific miracle, yet he down plays his role, and gives credit to his team. The only reason the book was brought to my attention was the fact that he was running for president, and I wanted to find out more about him. This book was written long before he got into politics, and shows that he is the type of person that may not know all the answers but is willing to find the people to help him make a decision, and he has a very long history of being a team player, and willing to share his success with his team instead of taking it all to himself.
  • Shadowredeemer
I was surprised to read the accounts of Dr. Ben Carson. His mother had a strong stamina in raising her two boys with such a positive attitude. She is my all time mentor. With hard work, and complete trust in God we all can accomplish what God has planned for us in our lives. She is a true example of an incredible faith. Dr. Carson is a one on a kind, as he was so honest is sharing his story, He is the unspoken hero that took many years of hard work to develop his talents, yet our God gave him and his wife a marriage union that held them though all circumstances., One thing I will take with me from this book is the power that God gives us with total faith in Him. My thanks Dr. Carson for a truly wonderful book that was well worth reading.
  • Uylo
"Gifted Hands" sets the standards straight, which is that through hard work, determination, and sheer persistence --the American dream, the good life is attainable. Inequality didn't stop him from unveiling his potential. Ben Carson makes it apparent that with the right mind, spirit, and purpose an odyssey from the inner-city of Detroit to renowned neurosurgeon cannot be explained by a mere fluke nor can be viewed as anecdotal. Gifted Hand is not just an autobiography, it is motivation and inspiration that can be viewed as an archetype to guild many who can relate. The inspiration comes to those searching for a way out, but are unaware of where to begin. It's motivation in continuing forward in spite of the roadblocks and challenges that lie in the way. Gifted Hands is a fine example to the many young people with backgrounds similar to Ben Carson's who can see his path as an embodiment of success.

Ben Carson faced setbacks and hurdles on the road to b​ecoming a neurosurgeon. However, his humility, good faith, and patience pulled him through. His reliance on spiritual faith in pulling him through tough setbacks as a neurosurgeon. Learning these things, of course, are few of the many reasons why I enjoyed this book. Carson also adds some wonderful words of wisdom; my favorite, which is derived from the bible, is that "no knowledge gained is ever wasted." In fact, it was his willingness to learn about classical music that was conducive to his acceptance at John Hopkins University.

The lesson that I took away from this book is to never give-up and progress forward. What Ben Carson had to go through required, by all means, strength, compassion, and an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and compassion. The real truth is to remain loyal to whatever is your purpose in life is and make every effort inprogressing towards it.

An inspirational book.