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Strengthening Family Resilience download ebook

by Froma Walsh

Strengthening Family Resilience download ebook
Froma Walsh
The Guilford Press; First edition (September 25, 1998)
338 pages
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Family resilience works in concert with individual psychological resilience to protect the individual from excess negative impact and to improve positive outcomes such as subjective wellbeing.

Family resilience works in concert with individual psychological resilience to protect the individual from excess negative impact and to improve positive outcomes such as subjective wellbeing. However, the impact of family resilience on the adaptive outcome is far more complex than individual resilience. The present study aims to identify the internal dynamics between the individual actor and her familial partner, using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model. A total of 38 family dyads, each pair consisted of a hospital nurse and one of her family members participated in the present study.

Resilience is a pivotal topic of our times, essential to our survival and to our overcoming adversity.

Case illustrations demonstrate Walsh's collaborative approach with diverse families facing a wide range of crisis situations and chronic multistress challenges. The book features practice principles, tools, and guidelines, as well as programmatic applications. See our new releases. Download our catalogs. Browse our bestsellers.

KEYWORDS Family resilience; family processes; family adaptation. Resilience – the capacity to withstand and rebound from disruptive life chal-. lenges – has become an important concept in developmental science and in. the eld of mental health over recent decades. It involves dynamic processes. fostering positive adaptation in the context of signicant adversity (Masten &. Beyond coping, these strengths and resources enable recovery.

Case illustrations demonstrate Walsh's collaborative approach with diverse families facing a wide range of crisis situations and chronic . Chapter on assessment tools and strategies. Chapter on disruptive transitions across the family life cycle. Expanded coverage of war-related and collective trauma. Categories: Psychology.

Strengthening Family Resilience book. Numerous case illustrations assist the reader in eliciting the unique strengths of diverse families to the benefit of all their members, from small children to frail elderly.

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Froma Walsh, MSW, PhD, is the Mose and Sylvia Firestone Professor Emerita in the School of Social Service Administration and the Department of Psychiatry at the Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago. She is also Co-Founder and Co-Director of the d Chicago Center for Family Health.

Strengthening Family Resilience is an antidote to the simplistic labeling of diagnostic manuals. Salvador Minuchin, MD.

This informative clinical resource and text presents Froma Walsh's family resilience framework for intervention and prevention with clients dealing with adversity.

Strengthening Family Ties & Relationships. Advocating for the family. October 12, 2016 ·. United Families International.

How do some families successfully weather crisis situations and adversity, while others weaken or even break apart? Focusing on what we can learn from resilient individuals and well-functioning families, this book provides clinicians with a framework for preventive and interventive work with families that are distressed or at risk. Froma Walsh draws on current research and extensive clinical experience to identify the key processes that buffer families in times of stress, including belief systems, family structure, and communication patterns. Readers learn strength- promoting, collaborative strategies for helping families deal with divorce, death, and other losses; multicrisis situations; and persistent challenges such as illness and poverty.
  • Doktilar
Fromma Walsh comes from a realistic perspective in writing about real life situations. As a family therapist, I am so grateful to see how she points out the importance of maintaing a systemic perspective in the criminal justice system with juveniles. I concur with this because children are made from "a family", and problems and concerns stem from somewhere. She has a way of putting words together like a puzzle, and make words flow like a river. Her writing is not all that deep, where I asked myself, "what did I just read?" Some authors know their subject area, but makes reading dull and boring. Therefore, while in school, I only read those kinds of book because I was forced to in order to pass the class.???? Walsh writings is NOT presented as this!
  • Ishnllador
This book was actually quite good. I have heard some people describe it as "dry" or "too clinical"; however I thoroughly enjoyed Walsh's approach. Walsh seems like a doctor who is concerned with strengthening families while aiding the mental health of the individual and helping clients find a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives and role within the family. Walsh analyzes and portrays how families can build resilience, overcome crisis, prepare and strengthen their family for future predicaments and rebuild the bridges that have torn families apart. She has a positive outlook on life and family. Walsh does not discredit nor attack a family/individual for any faults but manages to show opportunities to heal and rebuild. She reiterates continually through the book that families are a diverse and dynamic unit; we must have many different manners of clinician approaches to deal with these dynamics. For a clinical approach I recommend this book. This book is also great to reinforce an individual positively who is struggling and dealing with their own issues with a spouse/child/family.
  • Skunk Black
Traditional family systems theory which contributes to the development of various family therapy schools is largely derived from clinical observations of families with psychitric patients. Many family researchers were eagerly looking for what causes individual pathology within families. They ignored the bright sides. Even when facing major crisis, each family has its own strengths to help itself go back on track. Sometimes that resilient power may make the family become even healthier and stronger than before. Dr. Froma Walsh outlines the qualities that help families sustain the storming weather, and suggest a new approach of clinical practice. The book has three parts. Part I is an overview providing theoretical foundations for this approach. It also dicusses the family diversity issues in this changing society. Part II contains four chapters. First three chapters address the three key family processes in resilience, which are Belief Systems, Organizational Processes, and Communication Processes. The remaining chapter offers an integrative framework for family assessment. Part III explores family resilience through crisis and challenge. Death and loss and chronic illness are chosen for illustrating how family develops resilience through adversity or traumatic experiences. The author then dicusses how to treat vulnerable multi-crisis families through strength-based and family-centered services. The book closes with the chapter on reconnection and reconciliation. Combining with family-of-origin work and forgiveness promotion, the author offers ways to "mend the broken hearts." I found this book easy to read, and the organization is very clear. It is a excellent basic text for understanding fundamantal family system dynamics. Is is also very useful for counselors and therapists to alter the views to emphasize more on the strengths of individuals and families, rather than on the deficits and weakness.
  • Nightscar
Heartfelt and exceptionally well-referenced, this wonderful book by Dr. Froma Walsh holds many keys for success in the 21st century. Dr. Walsh discusses the elements that make individuals resilient and expands them to families and communities. Offering many recipes and solutions for balance in our modern and stress-filled world, this book is an important way to promote health and happiness for yourself and your loved ones. I recommend it for any caring professional that works with children or families.
This copy is misprinted. It's missing half of the last chapter and the appendices. Half of chapter 10 and all of chapter 11 are duplicated in place of the missing pages. I didn't notice this until those chapters were assigned for my class.
  • Nuadabandis
I needed a reference for working with individuals challenged by chronic illness and this was a great book to help with that. Covered family work in a number of common situations and spoke to helping families come to terms with the challenges they face using a positive framework.
  • happy light
As advertised.
A great book for therapists who are focused on deficit-based therapy. This book shows you how to look at how a family gets through problems and focuses on the strengths of the family. Pretty easy read, even though it is a long book.