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by Lennart Nilsson,Sheila Kitzinger

Being Born download ebook
Lennart Nilsson,Sheila Kitzinger
Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (February 1990)
64 pages
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Опубликовано: 30 июл. 2017 г. BEING BORN by Sheila Kitzinger & Lennart Nilsson. The perfect book for kids who are really curious about what actually happens to a fetus as it develops.

Опубликовано: 30 июл. It covers from conception (egg and sperm) to a vaginal birth and breastfeeding.

Kitzinger, Sheila; Nilsson, Lennart, 1922 .

Kitzinger, Sheila; Nilsson, Lennart, 1922-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Being Born book "Being Born" is a children's non-fiction book written by Sheila Kitzinger. This book is intended for children ages 7-11 or primary (P) readers.

It is illustrated with beautiful photographs from Lennart Nilsson author of A Child Is Born. The book begins using second person "you" and then switches to third person Being Born was written to be read with children who want to know where babies come from and how they were born. Being Born" is a children's non-fiction book written by Sheila Kitzinger. This book is about the miracle of life.

Sheila Helena Elizabeth Kitzinger MBE (29 March 1929 – 11 April 2015) was a British natural childbirth activist and author on childbirth and pregnancy. She wrote more than 20 books and had a worldwide reputation as a passionate and committed advocate for change. Kitzinger was born in Taunton, Somerset. She was a social anthropologist specialising in pregnancy, childbirth and the parenting of babies and young children.

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Being Born Kitzinger, Sheila and Nilsson, Lennart. ISBN 10: 0863181694 ISBN 13: 9780863181696.

It is argued that Nilsson's book could be described as a thoroughfare for images and texts in constant motion, instead of a fixed and stable object. Entangled in a culture of circulation, it has taken on a dynamic of its own and has moved as much through accident as through design. In these changes, the book has become self-reflexive in its adjustments over a range of arenas and milieus.

Sheila Kitzinger (1990). The Experience of Childbirth, Viking Press. Sheila Kitzinger (1991). Born: March 29, 1929. Died: April 11, 2015. Profession: Activist. Pregnancy, Birth, Joyful.

The documentary story of the nine-month journey from conception to birth. The book aims to answer the "Where did I come from?" questions from conception onwards, and is illustrated with photography which captures important developments actually within the womb.
  • Weernis
A teacher recommended this book to me to show my daughter the graphic nature of birth to prepare for her presence at my labor and delivery. I was very happy when it arrived because it is full of pictures that my daughter loved to look at and would refer to as "baby brother". Truly, the pictures are beautiful and touching. The words are very informative and educational. My daughter learned quite a bit, but being 4 might be young to really understand it all. The author tells the story of the journey of "you". One page describes: "Millions of sperm, much smaller than the ovum, were in the testicles behind your fathers penis. When your mother and father felt very loving, they kissed and cuddled eachother. Your fathers penis became hard so that it could slide into your mothers vagina, the soft opening between her legs which leads to her uterus..." and so on. The book has a poem like quality. For example: "Soon you would be born. You had been inside your mother all the time from autumn, when the leaves were falling, till summer, when the sun shone hot. Or from summer till the next spring came and the birds built thier nests. or from spring till winter, when frost patterns formed on the windowpane and cold winds blew. You weren't kicking as much now because there was so little room..." I love this book. More importantly, it served its purpose to educate my daughter AND she loved it as well.
  • Dawncrusher
This book is fantastic. I grew up on it. The copy I bought was a little worse for wear, some torn pages, but I knew it would have wear when I bought it. It has "graphic" images (baby coming out of vagina, nursing and images of breasts) but is incredibly educational.

A bit wordy for anyone under the age of, say, 6, but it's easy enough to pare down. Really incredible photography, and the writing itself is nearly poetry. Highly recommended for any child that is interested in the pregnancy/birth process.
  • Vudozilkree
This is a wonderful book, the photos are just amazing. I was already familiar with this book, which is why I purchased it for my daughter, who is very interested in babies and how they develop. If she actually reads the whole book, it will also be a welcome way to let her in on how exactly the fertilization happens (I haven't had the guts to tell her yet). It is described very matter-of-fact somewhere in there.

I was not impressed with the condition of the book however. I bought it used, because it was described as "like new", but after it arrived I noticed that many, many pages are stuck together with some gluey stuff, and when I tried to pry them open, it left nasty marks on the beautiful photos.
  • Ffel
Beautiful photographs of LIFE - from the ovum and sperm joining together to the baby's head emerging at birth, this book takes you there. My son loved looking at the pictures. My husband and I had to take a deep breath to read the part that tells how the sperm gets in there to begin with. He's 7 and it was time. This was the best possible way. Amazing pictures!
  • Kazracage
Incredible photos. Well done.
  • Ffyan
This book is genius!
  • Lli
A great book to follow one's own pregnancy or to share with a child. Pictures are beautiful and the text endearing.
This book was purchased as a gift, and so this review is late because I just received info that it arrived in great shape and was greatly appreciated. Thank you for truthful advertising, and quick service. Would order from this seller again.