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Graphs & Digraphs, Fourth Edition (Textbooks in Mathematics) download ebook

by Ping Zhang,Gary Chartrand

Graphs & Digraphs, Fourth Edition (Textbooks in Mathematics) download ebook
Ping Zhang,Gary Chartrand
Chapman and Hall/CRC; 4 edition (July 26, 2004)
386 pages
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Graphs & Digraphs (Textbooks in Mathematics). Ping Zhang is a professor of mathematics at Western Michigan University.

Graphs & Digraphs (Textbooks in Mathematics). Graphs and Digraphs (Textbooks in Mathematics). Gary Chartrand is a professor emeritus of mathematics at Western Michigan University. Linda Lesniak is a professor emeritus of mathematics at Drew University.

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Ping Zhang is a mathematician specializing in graph theory. She is a professor of mathematics at Western Michigan University and the author of multiple textbooks on graph theory and mathematical proof. Zhang earned a master's degree in 1989 from the University of Jordan, working there on ring theory with Hasan Al-Ezeh. She completed her P. in 1995 at Michigan State University. Her dissertation, in algebraic combinatorics, was Subposets of Boolean Algebras, and was supervised by Bruce Sagan.

Chartrand and Zhangs Discrete Mathematics presents a clearly written, student-friendly introduction to. .

Chartrand and Zhangs Discrete Mathematics presents a clearly written, student-friendly introduction to discrete mathematics.

Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang. Beginning with the origin of the four color problem in 1852, the field of graph colorings has developed into one of the most popular areas of graph theory. Introducing graph theory with a coloring theme, Chromatic Graph Theory explores connections between major topics in graph theory and graph colorings as well as emerging topics.

PING ZHANG Western Michigan University. DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC. Mineola, New York. Becoming aware of this fundamental terminology is our current goal.

Gary Chartrand, Gary Chartrand, Linda Lesniak, Linda Lesniak, Ping Zhang.

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Chartrand lesniak zhang. Gary Chartrand, Linda Lesniak and Ping Zhang. Gary chartrand linda lesniak ping zhang. i. i K26446˙FM - 2015/11/17 - 20:07 - page 2 - i. TEXTBOOKS in MATHEMATICS.

With a growing range of applications in fields from computer science to chemistry and communications networks, graph theory has enjoyed a rapid increase of interest and widespread recognition as an important area of mathematics. Through more than 20 years of publication, Graphs & Digraphs has remained a popular point of entry to the field, and through its various editions, has evolved with the field from a purely mathematical treatment to one that also addresses the mathematical needs of computer scientists.Carefully updated, streamlined, and enhanced with new features, Graphs & Digraphs, Fourth Edition reflects many of the developments in graph theory that have emerged in recent years. The authors have added discussions on topics of increasing interest, deleted outdated material, and judiciously augmented the Exercises sections to cover a range of problems that reach beyond the construction of proofs.New in the Fourth Edition:Expanded treatment of Ramsey theoryMajor revisions to the material on domination and distanceNew material on list colorings that includes interesting recent resultsA solutions manual covering many of the exercises available to instructors with qualifying course adoptions A comprehensive bibliography including an updated list of graph theory booksEvery edition of Graphs & Digraphs has been unique in its reflection the subject as one that is important, intriguing, and most of all beautiful. The fourth edition continues that tradition, offering a comprehensive, tightly integrated, and up-to-date introduction that imparts an appreciation as well as a solid understanding of the material.
  • Jerdodov
This was the one book assigned for a class where I did NOT have to go out and buy a few other books in order to round out the assigned text. Chartrand has written books on graph theory directed at students of many different levels, and this one is advanced -- but the keynote attribute of this book its thoroughness and accuracy. The proofs depend upon appropriate use of accurate definitions, and here the definitions are VERY clear and specific -- therefore in constructing the proofs in the exercises the student really comes to understand the meaning of the definitions and the concepts they describe. At first I thought this book was going to be unapproachable because it does not kill you with friendly banter, but I have come to appreciate its solid approach and trustworthiness not to lead anyone astray mathematically. By the way, graph theory is really fun. Don't pass us the chance to study it!
  • Manazar
While I won't argue that the book is thorough and professional, I find it lacking enough examples to let me comprehensively understand the material. In many books, the author will introduce a concept and then give examples to cement the application of these concepts within the chapter text and/or figures. Chartrand and Lesniak use such examples very sparingly, and often for the more mundane concepts that need no additional illustration. In the first few chapters, where a great amount of terminology is introduced, these examples would have been extremely useful to ensure that the reader has a firm grasp on the basics. Instead, I found myself confused in later chapters because I had misunderstood one of the more fundamental concepts. I rarely, if ever, have this problem with a book includes sufficient examples.

While those more versed in graph theory might prefer a book with less example "fluff", someone just getting into the topic really should look elsewhere to ensure themselves a more stable and confident foundation.