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Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry download ebook

by Morris Hein,Frederick A. Bettelheim

Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry download ebook
Morris Hein,Frederick A. Bettelheim
John Wiley & Sons Inc; 7th edition (June 19, 2002)
1148 pages
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Professor Bettelheim received his P. from the University of California, Davis. William H. Brown is emeritus professor of chemistry at Beloit College, where he was twice named Teacher of the Year.

Start by marking Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry as Want to Read . I especially enjoyed the study guide that accompanies this book. The content of this subject matter is like trying to piece together and take apart a puzzle.

Start by marking Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

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Professor Bettelheim received his P.

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General, Organic and Biochemistry is praised for the way it gives students the tools they need to develop a working . Brown . Campbell . Farrell S. Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry.

General, Organic and Biochemistry is praised for the way it gives students the tools they need to develop a working understanding of chemical principles-rather than just asking them to memorize facts.

  • Siramath
I checked this book out at my local college and kept renewing it so I could finish more chapters. Finally I ran out of renewing times and decided I really needed to own my own copy.
The book is detailed and precise. It is relatively hard yet light on math and what there is is explained well. It has great graphics and clear explanations that make the most advanced topics easy to visualize and understand. The problems at the end of the chapter are great for review.
It's the best introductory chem book I've ever seen. Better than any chem course.
  • Jum
Okay, I guess
  • Ice_One_Guys
Understanding and informative
  • Vetitc
Item was delivered within the estimated delivery time in an excellent packing condition. I am very satisfied with the product as well as with the seller service and will consider him again for future purchases.
  • Frostdefender
If you are having difficulty finding an overall organic and biochem text for new nursing students or otherwise, this one is for you. Since there is a newer edition now available (2006 vs this one is 2004) let me advise you to try and obtain the instructor's copy (ISBN 0534401775) of this one. Don't worry, basic organic chem has not changed much in 10 years. Every answer is given to all problems plus the publisher sends a updated disc. The authors do an excellent job of writing independent chapters, meaning each can stand on it's own merit with adequate explanation. The secret to mastering O- Chem to own or at least review 5, or even 10 different texts. Used ones are fine for this purpose. Then you will find the authors most likely who are the best writers for your individual needs and reading-- remember their names. You will find this -- is definitely one of them. The 2004 edition (7th) is the last edition listing Jerry March (one of the authors) on the cover. There are many texts, with this same title... most of them not quite up to what you receive on the pages in this text. F. Bettelheim (first author) does more than just a " good job" explaining what can be very difficult concepts--from beginning alkane structures to protein synthesis. The cooperation of these 3 chemistry professors seems to flow easily in reading, as each author is allowed to express the concepts he describes best. Some of the insert infos are a little out of date, eg, Orinase(R) is no longer used in diabetes; but overall I would suggest this is the one you want. Many folks, new to chemistry, have a difficult time with the terms and the method in which individual authors write. The authors in this case make learning very appealing, to what can be a difficult course. Their essay style approach in texting makes the book easy to follow. Having a great foundation is mandatory in this particular science. After you master it, you will have no trouble passing the higher level organic or other chemistries. guyairey
  • tref
I had to buy this book for a college chemistry course. The book is well written with plenty of examples and (mostly) good explanations.

When I first read the reviews I have to admit I was wary of the reviewer who said there were many errors and typos. But now that I have the book and have been through 5 chapters, I can't believe how many mistakes there are. It can make things very confusing.

A definition for one thing transposed with the definition of another! answers to example questions transposed with each other!

wrong answers in the back of the book! The book is indeed rife with errors.

The book could be a great one if these errors were addressed. If the publishers don't care about the mistakes, I should think the authors would.
  • Xig
I used this book for a year-long course in chemistry as a nursing major. It is excellent for the clear and concise way topics are presented. It is also good because it provides numerous practical examples of how chemistry applies to allied health sciences. The section on biochemistry presents difficult topics in an easy fashion. At least one semester of Introductory Chemistry is assumed in order to use this book. An excellent book overall!
I am currently trying to use this book for a Biochemistry course that I am taking. Considering that I have close to "Zero" knowledge in Chemistry, this is probably the best book that I can use for a variety of reasons (see below)
1) Book is in color
2) Although best to study the book chronologically, its not impossible to skip chapters. There is a great Glossary index at the back of the page which has some definitions written into them. Furtheremore definitions seems to be clearly/concisely written throughout the book, very helpful.
3) Examples written throughout the book with soultions.
4) Parargraphs are kept to a minimum so that you wont get too bored reading through the text.
I am giving this book a 4, but from my limited experience of looking at chemistry books this is the best one thats out there.
It won't be a breeze studing this book, but there are many more books out there which makes the task of studying chemistry a lot harder then it is.