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Molecular Biology download ebook

by Robert Franklin Weaver

Molecular Biology download ebook
Robert Franklin Weaver
William C Brown Pub; Edition Unstated edition (November 12, 1998)
832 pages
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Biological Sciences

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Summary Molecular Biology - final notes.

As an undergraduate science student in college, I understand the importance of having the right textbook that will effectively complement what is being provided during course lectures. According to the two instructors of the course, Molecular Biology by Weaver would be extremely thorough in covering all of the major topics in a one-quarter molecular biology course.

Molecular Biology, 5/e by Robert Weaver, is designed for an introductory course in molecular biology. Molecular Biology 5/e focuses on the fundamental concepts of molecular biology emphasizing experimentation. In particular author, Rob Weaver, focuses on the study of genes and their activities at the molecular level. Through the combination of excellent illustrations and clear, succinct writing students are presented fundamental molecular biology concepts. Format Hardback 912 pages.

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Vind alle studiedocumenten for Molecular Biology van Robert Franklin Weaver. 5Pagina's: 60Jaar: 14/15. 5. Summary Molecular Biology - final notes. 2Pagina's: 26Jaar: 14/15.

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Molecular biology, Weaver, Robert . Avoiding an encyclopedic approach, the book grounds its coverage in the experiments that define our understanding of cell biology, engaging students with the exciting breakthroughs that define the field’s history and point to its future.

Molecular biology, Weaver, Robert F. Варианты приобретения.

Upper level undergraduate molecular biology text with an emphasis on using experimental results to support content.
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So the actual content is good, however the way to access the product on kindle is screwed-up. Even if you purchase the product you can only activate it on one device. I tried to remove it from the one device it is activated on and add it to another, however for some reason now I am unable to view it on any device. Not worth the $110.
  • Tam
I am currently taking an upper division molecular biochemistry course. The professor recommended the Weaver text as additional reading. I have found the book useful in working through the theory and the methodology presented in the course. As some of the reviews have stated, the book rushes through some concepts and does not make good use of conceptual models; however as a supplement to the primary text-Molecular Biology of the Gene, Watson et al-the text is quite useful in understanding and applying the material. I would not recommend any professor using the text as a primary resource in an introductory course. A solid background in biochemistry is useful in fully understanding the text.
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Molecular Biology, 4th Edition, by Robert F. Weaver

As an undergraduate science student in college, I understand the importance of having the right textbook that will effectively complement what is being provided during course lectures. To provide a little background information, this textbook was required for a third-year molecular biology course at a major public research university. According to the two instructors of the course, Molecular Biology by Weaver would be extremely thorough in covering all of the major topics in a one-quarter molecular biology course. If being used as a stand-alone textbook for students trying to gain an understanding of an introduction to molecular biology, Weaver's Molecular Biology might not be the ideal solution. Although I do not intend to discourage other students from purchasing this textbook, I should offer a warning that students should be prepared to spend a decent amount of time reading through sections of this textbook. I should note at this point that I have very mixed feelings about this textbook.

In writing this review, I am going to assume that the target audience for this textbook will be third- to fourth-year life science undergraduate majors or graduate students. As I previously stated, this textbook is by no means a CliffsNotes for understanding molecular biology. Many of the major experiments carried out in the field of molecular biology were discussed in detail in this book, notably the Meselson-Stahl experiment that demonstrated the semi-conservative replication mechanism for DNA. To be more precise, it is the experimental molecular biology portions of this textbook that are extremely detailed. A cursory examination of this book will indicate to any reader that there is an abundance of diagrams and illustrations. From a student's point of view, I find this to be particularly useful in that I am not only a more visual-oriented learner, but many of the diagrams provide decent summaries of what is trying to be conveyed by large blocks of text.

One of the major nuisances I found in this textbook are the seemingly redundant chapter summaries. After each section within a chapter a short summary consisting of a few sentences is offered to provide a type of overview for what was just discussed. At the end of each chapter, the "Chapter Summary" is simply a compilation of all of the summaries from each section in that chapter: essentially the chapter summaries are copy-paste collections of the section summaries. I cannot emphasize how infuriating it is when attempting to study for an exam and when reviewing only to encounter a gigantic block of text. Let this serve as a warning for those using this book to study for an upcoming exam: unless you create your own personalized summaries of each chapter, be prepared to pretty much read through entire chapters again in the supposed summaries.

To be fair, the often excess amount of details provided for some sections of the book are useful. The Meselson-Stahl experiment, when first presented to me in lecture, was particularly confusing, for one reason or another. The author went to great lengths to elucidate this experiment within the book. Many of the sections on DNA replication, transcription, and translation were very thorough and well-written, and provided the much-needed clarification from confusing lecture notes.

As an undergraduate science major in his third year, I am willing to accept that an undergraduate education is meant to provide an introduction of sorts to a particular field of study while simultaneously attempting to educate you in the humanities. However, this textbook is what I would deem to be much more advanced for any undergraduate course. By no means is the author at fault for providing an excellent introduction to molecular biology, but course instructors and other personnel at the departmental level should be more weary of selecting textbooks such as this one.
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Met my needs perfectly. I bought it knowing it was out of date but still contained adequate information.
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thank you.
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Just as expected, thanks!