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by Cait London

Hidden Secrets download ebook
Cait London
Avon; English Language edition (January 25, 2005)
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Searing sexual tension adds to the already combustible stories.

Searing sexual tension adds to the already combustible stories. Cait London's romantic suspense books will leave you on the edge of your seat and wondering what mysteries are hidden in your community. Oct 07, 2011 Renne rated it it was ok.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Marlo Malone finds her own and the other inhabitants of tiny Godfrey, Washington, rocked by a series of terrifying events-a brutal murder.

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Following a strange series of terrible events that have rocked her tiny community, Marlo Malone can't shake the feeling that the incidents are connected, the men in her life are involved, and a killer is stalking her. Original.

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Marlo Malone finds her own and the other inhabitants of tiny Godfrey, Washington, rocked by a series of terrifying events--a brutal murder, a series of a fatal accidents, and the disappearance of a young boy from the scene of the car crash that killed his parents--and believes that one of the men she knows could somehow be involved. Original.
  • Fordredor
Cait London has potential, and it shows in this novel. However, she needs serious work on her execution. The plot is good, even if it isn't exactly unique. The romantic tension between the two main characters- Marlo and Spencer- is intense, and I was looking forward to seeing where it went. However, I couldn't make it past 200 pages of the book, and even that was a struggle, because London's writing style is seriously lacking. She uses awkward dialogue to explain every detail about the characters. This alone kills the novel. People in the real world do not speak even remotely the way the characters speak. I can accept a few uses of unrealistic dialogue to explain background information, but every other sentence in this novel is more awkward that the previous.

If London had instead used descriptive writing to explain background info, and had focused on using dialogue to actually say something important, this would have been a decent novel.
  • Araath
Thirty-two year old Marlo Malone owns the designer shop "Fresh Takes". Since the age of nineteen she's been plagued with chilling sensations, premonitions of disasters before they occurred, and could sense the residue of rage left in a room. She convinces herself that the feelings are not real.
Marlo's New Age girlfriend, Cherry Parker, knows differently. Cherry has studied the psychic phenomenon for years, wishing she had "the gift". So Cherry knows Marlo has it, no doubt, no matter how often Marlo swears otherwise.
Spence Gerhard lost his sister, Traci, and his tiny nephew, Cody, almost three years ago when they had been run off a mountain pass road and killed. Cody's remains had never been found. Spence still searches, feeling guilt that he had been unable to help Traci and Cody back then. More guilt piled upon him when his mother died in the kitchen from what seemed to be her falling off a step ladder while changing a bulb. Strange thing is that her old camera disappeared at the same time, along with some old photos.
Sweet, scheduled, professional Marlo wants only to keep her sane life running smoothly. But someone was prowling the city of Godfrey, stealing cameras and photographs. This someone was out to conceal a twelve year old secret. One that had caused murder a few times already and will again. Only by Marlo opening herself up to her special gift and placing her trust in the hands of Spence, who has hurt her before, can she ever hope to overcome the spreading darkness.
***** Author Cait London has another winner in this suspense filled drama. The sudden ringing of my telephone had me jumping whenever I found myself in a tense scene. Now THAT is talent! The author gave Marlo and Spence a past that made their present relationship quite bumpy. And to make matters even more heavy, Spence is not the only man Marlo is seeing, though it is obvious to the reader that Spence IS the main man. So pull up a comfortable chair, give yourself a lot of lighting, and make sure you have plenty of free time before you even begin reading page one of this novel. UNPUTDOWNABLE! *****
Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
  • Olwado
I started to read Flashback and put that down because is was ridiculous. So since I had another one of Cait London's books, Hidden Secrets, I thought I try that one instead, what a mistake. I cannot believe these books were published. I have never read such terrible writing. I am literally forcing myself to read this book because I bought it. I can't seem to get into this book because of her writing style, something is missing. There is no flow to her writing, its like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing, wacky characters who make no sense, namely, Cherry. Marlo fighting her feelings and seeing the color red, Spence, tough guy whose so full of guilt over everything, enough with guilt trips. I can't think about picking up Flashback again, I just trashing it. I will never try another one of her books, she is a terrible writer.
  • Kinashand
Two adults died in a horrific car crash, but the body of three-year-old Cody was never recovered. The family needs closure to move on, but without the body, they’ll never find it. This book offers lots of romance, a splash of mystery, and a surprise ending.
  • porosh
I have to agree with one of the other reviewers - great plot, poor execution. The author's writing style is very limitied - she keeps repeating the same information over and over and it's trying to keep reading to get to new information. Then she'll bring up an event that happened in the character's past, then drop it and not follow-through with more information. I'm about 2/3 thru the book and while I'm curious to find out how it ends, I don't think I can continue.
  • Nten
This book was hard to get through. I finally skipped 50 pages to get to the ending. Something I RARELY do. The characters were a mess. I found myself wanting to smack the two main characters. The story came to a near halt numerous times while Margo and Spence went through a series of "would of, could of, should of" discussions. Secondary characters were flighty and one dimensional. Overall a lack of communication, stilted dialogue, and a truly boring story that just dragged on and on....

  • invasion
Damsels in distress.Steamy love scenes. Murder & mayhem, with a twist of the paranormal. What more could you ask for! Not to mention, this book has more than a few unpredictable surprises. It definitely kept me guessing,and held my interest from begining to end.