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Pie Town (Center Point Premier Fiction (Large Print)) download ebook

by Lynne Hinton

Pie Town (Center Point Premier Fiction (Large Print)) download ebook
Lynne Hinton
Center Point Pub; Large Print edition (September 1, 2011)
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Series: Center Point Premier Fiction (Large Print). Library Binding: 381 pages.

Series: Center Point Premier Fiction (Large Print). Published on May 23, 2011.

Jacqueline teaches workshops on writing and the combination of yoga and writing. Series: Center Point Premier Fiction (Large Print). Hardcover: 351 pages. But college is more perilous than Cloud expects and it will take more than one departure from town to finally leave Fred behind, although it seems he never really completely escapes. Library Binding: 334 pages. Publisher: Center Point Pub (January 4, 2006). Love, danger, living on the edge, and another struggle with is faith are all part of Mark's flight from Fred. Finding what parts of himself to accept and what to discard are the final mystery to be solved. Library Binding: 479 pages. April dies in the crash, while Isabelle survives, and is left not only to pick up the pieces of her life in the town she had wanted to escape, but becomes entangled with April's devastated husband, Charlie, and their young son, Sam, who is riddled with guilt about the accident.

There was a field, rows of corn, withered and brown like crops late in the season. The stalks were spindly, mostly devoured by grasshoppers, brittle from the summer sun. She walked through the rows,. blindfolded, but she was not afraid. She walked, her arms stretched out on both sides, touching the stalks, feeling her way down the row. It seemed like some lesson she was learning, some means of testing her progress. There was someone near her, a woman, familiar, sweet-voiced, and kind, telling her to keep going, telling her that she was almost there. But Trina stopped when she.

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Lynne Hinton deftly pens an uplifting tale of hope, faith, and community Bestselling author Lynne Hinton-who has delighted readers with her heartwarming tales of faith, food.

Lynne Hinton deftly pens an uplifting tale of hope, faith, and community. Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author of The Welcome Home Garden Club Hinton’s writing style is similar to Eudora Welty’s: easy, conversational, down-home

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Pie Town, New Mexico, was once legendary for its extraordinary pies. But it's been a while since these delectable desserts graced the counter at the local diner. The townspeople--a hearty mix of Anglos, Hispanics, and Native Americans--like to think of themselves as family, especially when it comes to caring for Alex, a disabled little boy being raised by his grandparents. But, unforeseen by all, Pie Town's fortunes are about to take a major turn--due to the arrival of a new priest, Father George Morris,who seems woefully unprepared for his first assignment, and the young hitchhiker Trina, who some townsfolk just know is trouble
  • Samut
I have traveled through Pie Town, N.M. several time and bought the best blueberry pie there! Because I was familiar with the town, I wanted to read the book and find out more about the town. It's not that kind of book! It's better than that! You get to meet the families, debate their foibles, cheer the good things and believe in angels! So much better than expected! Little Alex will be the main thread that brigs this tapestry of life together!
It's an easy read that makes you want to linger over the words. Makes me want to visit Pie Town again and have my pie in the cafe this time and talk to the locals! Good book!
  • Cordanius
I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed this book and the sequel to it, Welcome Back to Pie Town. The characters are so real and the emotions so close to the surface, I cried as much as I laughed. This is an absolute must read and can't put it down book especially for fans of Jan Karon. It is my fervent wish that Lynne Hinton will see fit to continue the series as I think there are many more Pie Town stories to be told.
  • Molotok
So glad I added this story to my Kindle library. The characters were so richly developed, and the story grabbed me right off the bat. It was a story that was so true to life. Each character had flaws and/or secrets, or struggles they were dealing with which affected their interactions with the other characters. Great Read! I highly recommend this book. Gonna buy & start reading the sequel! Can't wait to see how the author develops the next installment!
  • Agarus
Lynne Hinton is the rare author that blends a touch of spiritual awareness along with solid characterizations and storytelling. Pie Town captures the small town atmosphere with an engaging cast and story. I enjoyed it.
  • Rexfire
Another heart warming novel by Lynne Hinton. This story kept me captivated, was true to life, compassionate, and inspirational. Thank you, Pastor Hinton, for sharing God's love and forgiveness in this heartwarming story of Pie Town. ' Looking forward to reading the sequel. Blessings!
  • Agamaginn
I enjoyed this book. It was quite different than what I have recently come across.
Original, thought provoking and unique.
I do recommend!
  • Jake
This was not what I was expecting at all, I thought it was a true story about Pie Town, New Mexico..but it wasn't...but it was a good story and I enjoyed it and got into the characters.
Very good and satisfying read. The characters are very real and believable because none of them are perfect.
The book is sad but joyous because Alex one of the main characters dies but lives on.