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by Laurie J. Brenner

Changing Planes download ebook
Laurie J. Brenner
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (November 9, 2008)
178 pages
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Genre Fiction

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Changing Planes is a 2003 collection of short stories by Ursula K. Le Guin. Many of the chapters are brief vignettes or ethnographic profiles of the societies they describe. Changing Planes won the Locus Award for best collection in 2004.

86 Changing Planes by Laurie J. Brenner You may be able to lie to everyone in the world, including yourself, but you can't lie to the Universe. 87 Awakening of the Dream Riders by Lynda Louise Mangoro. The Universe responds to you based upon the energy you're putting back into the world with your vibrations.

I am very excited and deeply honored to introduce our guest today, Laurie J. Brenner, who's authored two books, The Book of Becoming, a law of attraction how-to book, and Changing Planes, a metaphysical fiction

I am very excited and deeply honored to introduce our guest today, Laurie J. Brenner, who's authored two books, The Book of Becoming, a law of attraction how-to book, and Changing Planes, a metaphysical fiction.

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Madison Reeves ran from a dark secret she's kept hidden for more than 10 years. She's buried it so deep--she's forgotten it herself. But when her plane lands in a world hung between Heaven and Hell--she can no longer run. Thus begins Madison's journey into a world beyond our own and into the secret depths of her heart.   A young, hip urban professional with a good job and quiet life, Madison Reeves lives alone and without a man in her life. After a busy working season, she decides to get away from it all. But when her plane passes through a series of mysterious lights in the sky, odd things happen on the plane. A little girl who calls her "mommy," magically materializes and starts talking to Madison.   When her plane lands, Madison is greeted by her long-dead grandfather at the airport terminal. After checking in for her stay on the 'Other Side' of life, her grandfather takes her on a journey through this world. She travels the edge between Heaven and Hell and takes lessons from her fellow passenger's experiences in this other worldy place.   She discovers that she must face what she has long kept hidden from herself and those she loves--can she do it and will she ever learn to forgive herself? Journey with Madison as she learns that you can run, but you can never hide from what is deep inside.   "The young, tenacious VP of a high-end department store, Madison Reeves seems set on a steady, rather predictable path...little does she know, though, her life will soon take quite the unexpected trajectory...as a series of strange occurrences begins to unfold, Madison is ultimately faced with two fateful choices: continue living a life of limited returns, or open her mind and spirit up to a transformative new reality..." Apex Reviews "What would you do differently? is a question so often asked of people. "Changing Planes: A Metaphysical Fiction" is an exploration of many metaphysical concepts through fiction. Author Laurie J. Brenner uses her story to offer many profound ideas and will give readers much entertainment with their enlightenment. "Changing Planes" is a top pick for the spiritual fiction reader."  Midwest Book Reviews
  • Iphonedivorced
This was a beautiful piece of fiction or really reality. It had just the right mix of words and feelings. We all get to choose our lives and this is a very nice illustration of that thought
It doesn't happen often that one stumbles into a new book and sees many pieces of the puzzle of life suddenly fall into place. That was my experience a few nights ago, as I got lost in the timeless words of Changing Planes by Laurie Brenner.

When I received my order from Amazon, I was relieved the book was not too long, and I figured I would read it in a just a few days. As it turned out, I couldn't put it down, and I finished reading it the next day.

I don't think words can properly convey what I gained from reading this book, and since I believe that each person benefits differently from the same experience, I won't bore you with details of why this book is just so amazing to me - I will let you decide for yourself how it will affect your life.

Changing Planes tells the story of Madison, a young and ambitious VP of an upper scale department store. The moment Madison reaches her gate and waits to board a plane headed to the Caribbean, odd things begin to happen, but she quickly quiets her screaming intuition down with a pacifier of rational explanations. Strange occurrences continue after the plane takes off, and they rapidly escalate until Madison has two choices - she can ignore the gifts given to her and continue her life with a limited perception, or she can embrace a new reality and change her world.

The end of the book is jarring to the senses, as the reader awakens to the awareness of how choices made throughout life can deeply affect every step of our journey. Our lives are so intricately interconnected with those of others that a small change can alter the course of many destinies.

Changing Planes made me laugh and cry, but mostly it gave me the opportunity to take an honest glimpse deep down within my own soul. As I held the book in my hand, I felt almost as if Universe had gifted me with an extra chip to play a more exciting game.

Laurie Brenner's style of writing is delightful and easy to follow, sprinkled with just enough humor to make it appealing to the young and old alike, and her spiritual lessons are powerful enough to make the story unforgettable.

Changing Planes is not just a story; it can be YOUR story, if you dare to look within with an open mind and a heart ready for personal transformation.
  • Brightfury
Laurie Brenner combines heart-felt emotion, psychology, fantasy, quantum physics--and, oh yes, the ultimate wish-fulfillment: A Whole Life Do-Over in "Changing Planes." Her characters, so completely drawn in very few words, drive the story on a direct but absolutely unknown course.

Joy, Happiness, Love, Insight - terms expressed so often these days that we think we know what they mean, since to some extent, we all feel some of them at times, right? In "Changing Planes," Laurie's near-cinematic journey brings you face-to-face with all of these in a movie your Heart reads. Along with heroine Madison Reeves, you may also find your own Insight as you experience several of the most satisfying Aha! moments in print.
  • watchman
After seeing the stellar reviews for this book, our book club ordered this. Wow, we could not have been more shocked at how awful it was. It's as though it was written by a 12-year-old. The writing is extra big, there are typos on almost every page, and the author italicized a dumbfounding amount of words. I'm guessing that she paid to have it published and so it's not a professional job, but for her next book perhaps she could get a few friends to proof it before sending it to print. In addition to the utter lack of professionalism, the storyline was goofy and unbelievable. I have read metaphysical books before and have enjoyed them, but this book was just too ridiculous to take seriously.
  • Just_paw
Laurie is able to take complex metaphysical concepts about space and time and weave a story although fictional, could apply to any and all of us. A must read for anyone exploring their own individual spirituality.
  • Nothing personal
First of all, I LOVE the cover image for "Changing Planes." I admit: I'm often truly attracted to a book based on the cover. I'm also attracted to clever titles, and Ms. Brenner nailed it with "Changing Planes." Indeed, she is a clever writer, and has created a story which is simultaneously complex yet simple, appealing to readers from all walks of life.

I immediately identified with the engagingly real main character, Madison. Through Madison and her experience in "Changing Planes," I found myself at times laughing out loud and near tears at other times, though always deep in thought -- without always being aware of it -- as the story pulled me along.

Complex ideas are interwoven throughout the story, yet in a way that leaves you eager to ponder these ideas further rather than more confused than ever, as has often been my experience when reading books delving into spirituality.

I very much enjoyed the writing style of Ms. Brenner; she has a carefree manner of an authentic storyteller which is so rare nowadays. She shares a story but oh so much more in the process. By the time you've finished reading "Changing Planes," she has triggered a desire to write -- or rewrite -- your own life story...on many levels. Highly recommended!
  • Burisi
If you love goosebumps and tears then this is the novella for you!

Follow Madison Reeves as she departs on a much needed holiday but after passing through lights resembling the Aurora Borealis, she finds herself and the other First Class passengers arriving at an airport terminal that is not the Bahamas... it is not even of this world.

What is Madison running from? What lessons does she need to learn?

All is revealed on this not to be missed `Celestine Adventure' as Madison encounters loved ones from the past... and loved ones from an unfamiliar future. And as for her fellow passengers... will they welcome the mirrored aspects of themselves or deny they have any choices to make?

This is the perfect adventure to curl up with a hot chocolate this season, and make sure to cancel your plans as I guarantee this is a book you won't want to put down.