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Majesty's Rancho (Sagebrush Westerns) download ebook

by Zane Grey

Majesty's Rancho (Sagebrush Westerns) download ebook
Zane Grey
Sagebrush Large Print (March 1, 2008)
384 pages
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Genre Fiction

Western Union (Sagebrush Westerns) Hardcover – Large Print, March 1, 2010. Amazing true story of the Telegraph is captured and written by Zane Grey (1872-1939), a great author of dozens of exciting books.

Western Union (Sagebrush Westerns) Hardcover – Large Print, March 1, 2010. by. Zane Grey (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Lincoln was impressed, so he decided to ask the Congress for an appropriation.

Used availability for Zane Grey's Majesty's Rancho

Used availability for Zane Grey's Majesty's Rancho.

Majesty's Rancho book. While I felt that the latter left me unsatisfied, after reading Majesty's Rancho, I felt complete. The story picks up 20 years later and centers on Majesty and Gene's only daughter, Madge.

The Sagebrush Ranch is a legal, licensed brothel located about 7 miles (11 km) east of Carson City, Nevada in the unincorporated town of Mound House, in Lyon County, at 50 Kit Kat Drive. It sits along the west side of a loop at the south end of Kit Kat Drive, which also is the home to two competing brothels: The Love Ranch and the Kit Kat Guest Ranch. The Sagebrush was owned and operated by Dennis Hof until his death in 2018.

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Although Western writer Zane Grey is best remembered for The Riders of the Purple Sage, the novel The . This ambitious tale weaves a grand narrative of the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad line, which serves as the backdrop for a tender romance that blooms between the virtuous Allie and the mysterious and taciturn protagonist, Warren Neale. He didn't think twice before he kidnapped pretty Joan Randle on a lonesome Idaho trail.

After Lance Sidway comes to the defence of beautiful Madge Stewart and ends up on the wrong side of the law, he escapes to Arizona and finds work on her father's ranch. But trouble seems to follow Madge wherever she goes and when she's kidnapped by a gang of cattle rustlers, Lance must intervene once again to save her life... even at the cost of his own.
  • Juce
This book is interestingly structured. It flows in chronological fashion from the hero's, Lance Sidway's, point of view, until he gets to the ranch that is featured in Light of the Western Stars. From there the point of view switches to the father of the heroine Madge "Majesty" Stewart. This seems unconventional, but since he's the hero of the previous book it works. We get his point of view on how the ranch has deteriorated over the years due to the Great Depression and his college daughter's profligate spending. His point of view ends when the daughter in question returns to the ranch. Then we get her point of view leading up to her arrival at the ranch. Finally we move forward in time again in Lance's pov, alternating with Majesty's.

It was a mostly fun story, but I must confess that, like with most of Zane Grey's heroine's, I found this one a beautiful, spoiled rotten, vain brat. All of her tricks and flirtations and antics are droolingly covered up by the infatuated men because of her mindboggling beauty and great eyes that flash purple fire. We're told again and again that she's fine, square, decent, all that's wonderful in womanhood, even while we're being shown how vain, greedy, selfish, arrogant, jealous and self-absorbed she is. Sorry, fellows, I'm not buying it.

The hero is, as per usual, a prince among men, smart, loyal, steadfast, straight arrow but with a saving sense of humor. You always like a Zane Grey hero--until the fatal moment when he is befuddled by the beauteous brat. At least in this story he valiantly holds out against her. This made me root for him, but at the same time dread the inevitable subjugation to the blindingly beautiful beast. Of course every other man in sight is worshipful of the imperious heroine and they can't wait to betray the hero's true feelings for her to ensure that she has the upper hand and can bring him to his knees. I usually skip the ending, especially when the heroine is as bratty as Majesty is and the hero is a likeable as Lance. I have no doubt he is in utter and complete subjugation, and gives her his beloved horse like she'd schemed all along. Who needs that scene in their mind? I prefer to think of him riding off into the sunset with his horse and maybe returning years later after she's had a chance to grow up and deserve him.

I was a girl when I first started reading Zane Grey's novels and he made a womanhater out of me for many years. That old feeling swept over me again when I read Majesty's Rancho. Still and all, I love ZG and wish he'd written more--especially ones where the imperious female gets her comeuppance.
  • misery
A good western to read in a couple days.
  • Cobandis
This is the sequel to The Light of Western Stars. I had read both books about 20 years ago and wanted copies of my own. This story has to do with the daughter of the couple from the first book. She is out of college and wants to have fun with her friends at the ranch during the summer. Of course, a number of adventures happen as she falls in love with a cowboy and his horse!
  • Vetibert
A good read if you like Zane Grey novels.
  • Tenius
I have read many books, western and fantasy books. I feel that this book was a fantastic, and real western story Zane Grey is the best western writer.
  • Mananara
Great story and an ending for under the western stars. This is one of zane greys best books. The two book series ending with this book are my favorites.
  • Marr
I've read this classic a dozen times over the years - still a good read.
It is a great western romance. I have read it several times.