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by Mary Jo Putney

Uncommon Vows download ebook
Mary Jo Putney
Signet (December 2, 2003)
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Genre Fiction

A romance that definitely qualifies as uncommon.

Home Mary Jo Putney Uncommon Vows. Sir Walter inhaled and took an involuntary step back, shocked to his core by a resemblance he had never noted before. In the deadly purity of rage, Adrian might almost have been his maternal grandfather, the Sire of Courcy, a warrior of legendary strength and viciousness. Courcy's daughter, Lady Eleanor, had been a sweet and gentle mistress of Warfield, and Sir Walter had never thought to see her father's face in her sons. It was a startling, and not wholly welcome, recognition. Adrian lifted his head, his eyes no less lethal than the steel of his sword.

Lady Meriel de Vere had deceived Adrian, Earl of Shropshire.

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Mary Jo Putney (born in New York) is a best-selling American author of over twenty-five historical and contemporary romance novels. She has also published romantic fantasy novels as . Her books are known for their unusual subject matter, including alcoholism, death, and domestic abuse. Putney was born and raised in New York.

Laura Kinsale Uncommon Vow. s some of (Putney's) strongest and most inspired writin. romance that definite qualifies as uncommon. All About Romance nt Spirits Dark Spirits Spirits Onstage and sensual journey to a wholly interesting time period and culture. All About Romance Elegant complexit. .beautifully rendered.

Wrenched from a monastery before taking final vows, Adrian de Lancey's fighting skill wins him an earldom.

Bewitched, bothered & bevampyred - 3 in 1 - Mary Jo Putney, MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant et a. Download (HTM). Читать.

Putney Mary Jo. Download (PDF). Bewitched, bothered & bevampyred - 3 in 1 - Mary Jo Putney, MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant et a.

Disguised as a mere commoner, Lady Meriel de Vere, a noble Norman, finds herself the captive of the Earl of Shropshire, and, held hostage in his castle, tries to deny the passion that rages between them against a dangerous backdrop of political intrigue. Reissue.
  • Arakus
I was not really sure how to rate this book parts of it was a four for me. Adrian deLancey the Earl of Shropshire had at one time wanted to become a monk. He was taken out of the monastery at fifteen. He was given land due to his fighting skills. He was known to be ruthless by one and all.
Muriel de Vere got lost in the royal forest with her pet falcon by Adrian. She knew his reputation so she claimed to be a Welsh commoner. She had no idea she would become his prisoner locked in a room. She later was asked to be his mistress .She refused that and he later asked her to be his wife. She tried to kill herself she could not be a prisoner forever.
She survived that but lost her memory. They marry and are happy but what will happen the day she remembers everything. He loved her so much would he be able to stand losing her one more time. I like medieval romances and this was a good one,
  • Yramede
Not many readers of historical romance may know that Mary Jo Putney wrote a medieval, but she did, and this is it! Set in 1143, when England was torn apart by the war between King Stephen and Matilda, King Henry I’s only legitimate heir, it tells the story of Lady Meriel de Vere, a high spirited young woman who loves riding fast and training her falcon. Convent raised, she is considering taking the veil until a vision of a mounted knight blocking that path warns her from it.

Adrian de Lancey, Baron Warfield thought to become a priest, but the death of his father and older brothers at the hands of their enemy, Guy of Burgoigne, gave Adrian the title and a reason for vengeance. Adding to that, Matilda names Adrian Earl of Shropshire and King Stephen bestows the same title on Guy.

One day when Meriel is hunting with her falcon, she strays into the royal forest where Adrian and his men find her and accuse her of poaching. Meriel fears to tell him she is a Norman from her brother’s holding, Avonleigh, because they support King Stephen and she knows Adrian supports Matilda, so she lies and tells him she is a Welsh commoner. Adrian takes her back to his castle at Warfield and forcibly holds her prisoner in a small stone chamber, telling her she will remain there until she agrees to become his mistress. Meriel vows never to give in, preferring death to dishonor.

Adrian is her knowing his perfidy by her amnesia…which renders her a docile female, hardly recognizable from the strong-willed beauty she had been. Of course, Adrian takes full advantage.

This one will definitely keep you turning pages. Though it did bother me a bit that Meriel could have been free any time if she but told Adrian who she was. Alas, she does not and remains Adrian’s prisoner. For Meriel, who loved her freedom, it was a horrible fate. Adrian apparently buys her tale that she is common born, though her speech must have been that of a lady. And, though he realizes she is an innocent, he prays for wisdom to seduce her. (The word “cad” came to mind.) I so wanted him to grovel in the end.

The falconry aspects of the story are fascinating and Putney has done her research to present the noble sport well. The historical background is rich and surrounds the romance. I quite liked that. This story has it all: history, a great romance, vengeance, treachery, deceit, amnesia and, at one point, near rape. Oh yes, the ending is an exciting one!

A worthy medieval romance, I recommend it!
  • Quemal
This a perfect mix of history and poetry. I am not a fan of Mary Jo Putney, but I am a fan of this book. It is rich enough in detail that one is quickly submerged in the world of knights and their ladies without being bogged down in details. The romance is beautiful and although I wanted a little more description of the intimate scenes because that's just me, it wasn't a full face to black novel. Five stars from me and I admit, that is a rare thing!
  • Thundershaper
Wow. I've loved many of this author's books but this is the first time I've read something of hers that is this horrific.

It's the story of a girl who is abducted by a man, who repeatedly asks to leave, and who is abused through isolation, solitary confinement, deprived of occupation, and finally when he attempts to rape her (this is explicit) she commits suicide.

When she fails to commit suicide she loses her memory and becomes his "willing" sex slave. He makes a big show of resisting but eventually both has sex with her knowing that she would consider this rape and marries her, again knowing that with her memory she would never have agreed to this.

Finally there is a scene where she "wakes up" with her memory back and finds that she has been raped. Again, this is made explicit.

Is there more? Can there be more rape in this book? Oh yes.

I honestly can't believe this book was published, much less that it was in the romance novel section.
  • Fountain_tenderness
Love everything by Mary Jo Putney, and that is a very long list of books! Discovered that I had never read this one so was delighted to find it! It's wonder! Set in Medieval England with lots of historical background and a love story that is very complicated, to say the least! Two very strong characters at war with one another, but also desperately drawn together! Have not finished it , so I can not spoil the ending! Very hard to put down!
  • Hirah
Good storyline with characters that are believable. Historical research good and character development understandable plot lines. your really hate earl Guy and although you can see the dark side of Adrian you also understand his struggle to be a good men and to serve his.God and his people under his charge.
  • Ericaz
This is my second book from Mary Jo Putney and it didn't dissopoint me. This is a beautiful medieval story. I like that both are very religious because that is how it was in medieval time. Church was very important. Despite of that this was also very sexy read and love scenes were very beautifully written. Hero has an obsession about the heroine and the heroine is very stubborn to not to surrender to him. A lot of things happends but finally they find they happy ever after. This was very emotional read and sometimes it made me teary. I would really recommend this book. Mary Jo Putney is very talented author. Unfortunately she hasn't written any other medievals.

English is not my first language so sorry if my grammatic isn't perfect.