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Voices In A Haunted Room download ebook

by Philippa Carr

Voices In A Haunted Room download ebook
Philippa Carr
Fontana; New Ed edition (1985)
384 pages
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Genre Fiction

A Wedding at Eversleigh. Voices in a Haunted Room. Then my mother had brought us to England-myself, Charlot and Louis Charles-to visit her relatives, and there everything was different

A Wedding at Eversleigh. Amaryllis and Jessica. Meeting in a Coffee House. The Fifth of November. Then my mother had brought us to England-myself, Charlot and Louis Charles-to visit her relatives, and there everything was different. I was fourteen at the time and adapted myself quickly.

Voices in a Haunted Room Mass Market Paperback – May 12, 1985. I read my first Philippa Carr book when I was 14. My friend and I came across her books by accident one day at the library. by. Philippa Carr (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Book 11 of 20 in the Daughters of England Series. I first read "Saraband for Two Sisters", while my friend picked "Return of the Gypsy".

Voices in a Haunted Room book.

I had not been alone with Jonathan since that visit to Enderby. I avoided him and I felt my determination growing stronger. I retire early and I was only too glad to do so. I wanted to be alone to think of what I had done and whether I should ever escape from it. Then the most appalling suspicion came to me that I might be going to have a child and this presented such a disastrous possibility that I refused at first to consider the idea. That was foolish, of course

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Voices in a haunted room. Carr, Philippa, 1906-1993. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Man-woman relationships. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by AngelaC-loader on August 27, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Open Road MediaReleased: Feb 26, 2013ISBN: 9781480403772Format: book. carousel previous carousel next. A country in the throes of bloody revolution. In the haunting mists of St. Branok's Pool, a terrible crime will bind together a woman and a man foreverYoung Angelet is fascinated by the haunting rumors surrounding the Pool of St. tales of its cursed, bottomless waters.

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  • Yainai
Sometimes Victoria Holt surprises me. The Demon Lover was one of those books (a bodice ripper!). And this is another because it deals with the heroine’s adultery. It follows Knave of Hearts, which I loved, and is a part of the Daughters of England series.

Raised in the grand chateau of Tourville in France, young Claudine, with her widowed mother, flees the France as revolution arrives. In England, at her mother's ancestral home, Claudine finds friendship with her stepbrothers, twins David and Jonathan, with whom she is raised. When she turns 17, her parents encourage her to marry one of the brothers. Both want her so she has her choice. But Claudine would have them both.

David is kind, steady and scholarly. They share many interests, but only Jonathan stirs her passion. When Jonathan suddenly goes off to France with Claudine’s brother to rescue a relative, Claudine marries David, thinking she is safe. But that doesn’t stop Jonathan from pursuing her. Nor does it stop her passion from responding.

I was in suspense for most of the book wondering how it would end (the cover tells you much since Jonathan has fair hair). It’s a sad one but very well done.
Daughters of England Series
1. The Miracle at St. Bruno's (1972)
2. The Lion Triumphant (1974)
3. The Witch from the Sea (1975)
4. Saraband for Two Sisters (1976)
5. Lament for a Lost Lover (1977)
6. The Love Child (1978)
7. The Song of the Siren (1980)
8. The Drop of the Dice (1981) later renamed "Will You Love Me in September"
9. The Adulteress (1982)
10. Knave of Hearts (1983) originally titled Zipporah's Daughter
11. Voices in A Haunted Room (1984)
12. The Return of the Gypsy (1985)
13. Midsummer's Eve (1986)
14. The Pool of St. Branok (1987)
15. The Changeling (1989)
16. The Black Swan (1990)
17. A Time for Silence (1991)
18. The Gossamer Cord (1992)
19. We'll Meet Again (1993)
20. Daughters of England (1995)
  • Malodred
I am once again saying, secrecy, suspense, murder and love. I have started with book 1 of the Daughters of England and is now almost finished with book 12. There are 20 in this series. You can ready anyone first but I enjoyed reading from book one because it follows through to the next book with the previous daughters and sons. There is also quite a lot of history in the books of England and that's what I like. Its easy reading because you sometimes have to get away from the facts and read a bit of fiction. Life is so serious. I personally don't like fiction but I am enjoying everyone of Philippa Carr;s books. Her stories revolves around certain castles of which Eversleigh is the ancestrerol home. Stunning. Only have 8 to go. I did however start with 19 and 20 but remeber all that happened. I love it!
  • mym Ђудęm ęгσ НuK
Twin brothers are opposites in temperament, one fiery and adventurous, the other steady and studious. Both love Claudine, and she loves them both. When Jonathan is gone on a mysterious journey for months, Claudine marries David, but when Jonathan returns, can she resist his sexual allure? Set during the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte in France, this story shows the turmoil in England, when there was a very real chance that the war on the Continent would cross the Channel into England. Some of the scenes between Claudine and Jonathan were a little contrived and redundant, but it ended with a good mystery solved.
  • Erienan
One of my FAVOURITE AUTHORS, love and have ALL of her books.
Loved this entire series, she writes under several names Philippa Carr, Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy.
Truly one of the most talented writers out there. Love her!!!
  • Cordantrius
I read my first Philippa Carr book when I was 14. My friend and I came across her books by accident one day at the library. I first read "Saraband for Two Sisters", while my friend picked "Return of the Gypsy". Once we realized they were a series we kept reading them all summer long. These books got me interested in history. The characters are likable, interesting and they are caught up in some of the most turbulent periods in English history. The novels written under the nom de plume Philippa Carr are almost a mixture of her books written under the pen names Victoria Holt, and Jean Plaidy. They have the mystery and romance of Holt, while capturing the Plaidy novels' historical nature.
  • Pemand
Author keeps you guessing what might happen. Intrigue and curiosity. Details of the story flow evenly and don't get hung up on "soppy" details which can distract from the story line. I could not predict the ending, as I could not decide how I, as the reader, wanted Claudine's life to turn out.
  • Early Waffle
I've been reading the entire series from book one. Can't put them down. Fast, easy, thrilling reading.
Great story as always! I'm working my way through the whole set!