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Speaks The Nightbird download ebook

by Robert R. McCammon

Speaks The Nightbird download ebook
Robert R. McCammon
River City Pub; Limited ed. edition (September 15, 2002)
700 pages
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Genre Fiction

Speaks the Nightbird, . Part of Matthew Corbett series by Robert McCammon. CaME THE TIME when the two travellers knew night would catch them, and shelter must be found.

Speaks the Nightbird, . It had been a joyful day for frogs and mudhens. For the human breed, however, the low gray clouds and chill rain coiled chains around the soul.

"Our staff and customers call this one of the best books they've ever read

"Our staff and customers call this one of the best books they've ever read.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. Robert McCammon is the New York Times bestselling author of Boy's Life and Gone South, among many critically acclaimed works of fiction, with millions of copies of his novels in print. He is a recipient of the Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award, the Grand Master Award from the World Horror Convention, and is a World Fantasy Award winner.

Speaks the Nightbird book. SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD was my introduction to Robert McCammon and Matthew Corbett as well. I've devoured all the Corbett books since. IMO, there isn't a more engaging or thrilling series in print.

From the award-winning author of Boy’s Life and Gone South, Speaks the Nightbird is an absorbing historical mystery (Publishers Weekly).

Murder sparks witchcraft hysteria in this thoughtful and entertaining seventeenth-century historical mystery from a New York Times–bestselling author (Stephen King). It’s 1699 in the coastal settlement of Fount Royal in the Carolinas when Rachel Howarth is sentenced to be hanged as a witch. From the award-winning author of Boy’s Life and Gone South, Speaks the Nightbird is an absorbing historical mystery (Publishers Weekly). Не удалось найти ни одного отзыва.

It came out of the orchard, after the dwarf-thing had gone, he related. I took it to be a naked woman at first. Taller than most women, though, and terrible thin. She-it-had long dark hair. or black, I couldn’t say. The thing had tits, I seen ’em clear enough. Then I seen what else it had, and I near staggered and fell. Buckner leaned his head forward, the veins standing out in his neck. Right there where a woman’s basket oughta be. That yard was ready for work, too, and when the witch seen it she smiled so wicked it near froze my heart.

Speaks the Nightbird. Thriller & Crime Historical Detectives Horror.

The Listener by Robert R. McCammon

The Listener by Robert R. McCammon .Businesses went under by the hundreds, debt and foreclosures boomed, and breadlines grew in many American cities. Great book its like battle LA meets salems lot. U would love it thanks for uploading it! Нравится Показать список оценивших. Speaks the Nightbird (Matthew Corbett by Robert McCammon (part 2) .Judgment of the Witch.

Speaks the Nightbird. Author: Robert McCammon. After a decade, New York Times bestselling author Robert McCammon returns with an epic novel of suspense that reinstates him as one of the great storytellers of our tim. .The Carolinas, 1699: The citizens of Fount Royal believe their town is cursed by a witch. What else could explain the sudden fires, crop failures and gruesome murders?

  • Tat
StN is a long, atmospheric historical fiction, mystery, novel. So many of the details that initially seem just part of that atmosphere contribute to the conclusion. You are never going to know what all matters or what detail will become significant.

Not recommended for people who want a fast pace or constant action. This story takes its time, lingers on details, contains long conversations.

Matthew and the magistrate, who is a father figure to Matthew, travel to the settlement of Fount Royal, the brain child of a man named Bidwell. The town is faltering due to the belief that one of the residents is a witch. Hence, the need for a magistrate.

Although McCammon writes horror, there is no real belief created in the reader that Rachel is a witch, nor is there meant to be. This detail works more on the level of hysteria, human bias and stupidity, and circumstantial evidence. To some extent, this is funny. To paraphrase any number of exchanges.

"So, magistrate, when will we get to burn the witch?"

"The accused needs to be tried."

"Right, sure. We have to try her before we burn her -- we believe in the law -- but when do you think we can get to the burning part?"

And, unsurprisingly, anything that seems like evidence against her being a witch is written off as the devil being cunning.

But the book is about more than that. It's about Matthew coming of age and separating from his father figure as he definitively becomes a man in his own right. It's also about appearances being deceiving. Beyond an innocent woman being accused of doing the naughtiness with Satan, we have Matthew step into at least 3 homes that are not what they appear from the outside. We have multiple characters who are not what they seem. We have assumptions that prove to be false.

We also have this little ear worm:

Come out, come out, my dames and dandies. Come out, come out, and taste my candies.

I'm giving StN 5 stars because, after reading 800+ pages, I found myself not wanting to leave. A sense of melancholia set in at the last 10% because I knew the story was wrapping up, and I knew there would be some sadness both in the story and in me as a reader.
  • Jusari
I decided to lower my target number of books this year because I noticed I kept putting off some of the 750+ page doorstops and reading more books of average length. This one has been sitting in my "to read" pile for about 2 years so it was due. I try to carve an hour out for lunch, sort of a "mental health break" where I go grab a sandwich and get lost in a book. At about 800 pages this one would hold me awhile.

Well, this is a great one to get lost in! All the way back to 1699 in the Carolinas as the clerk and his magistrate arrive for the trial of a witch charged with causing all kinds of misery in a recently established coastal town. McCammon is sort of a cross between Stephen King and Dean Koontz - fluid and descriptive writing with interesting and twisty plotting. Keeps the reader guessing with interesting turns. Did not get the sense that it is fussily historically correct as the language tends to come across somewhat closer to the current vernacular but it is interesting to explore historical medical practices and the beliefs in place at the time. Touches on some rather bizarre practices here and there that that might take a strong stomach, but well worth the effort.

The clerk, Matthew Corbett has evidently been developed the protagonist in a series of books. This is where it all started.
  • Flarik
Five stars isn't nearly enough to give this first book in the Matthew Corbett series. Matthew becomes a companion and clerk to an aging magistrate who found him at 15 years of age in an almshouse, and over the next five years, he's become invaluable to the magistrate. They find themselves heading to a new settlement to preside over what appears to be a cut and dried case of witchcraft, but Matthew isn't convinced that things are the way they appear.

I'm so relieved there is more to the story of Matthew, I've a feeling this will become one of my favorite series. Off to start book two!!
  • Viashal
I read all of Robert McCammon's older books. Then he fell off the map for awhile and I was very sad. I am so glad he is writing again. He is a wonderful, interesting writer. His characters come to life and you really get invested in them. This book is different from any others he has written and is the first in a series of Matthew Corbett mysteries. They take place around the time of turn of the century to 1700. This was a very good story that held my interest. It is not the best book he has written - I would have to vote Swan Song for that. But this is still a wonderful read, and I can't wait to read the second in the series - The Queen of Bedlam - which I have already downloaded to my Kindle. There is a little violence and just a bit of mild sexual content. Nothing disgusting at all. It is about a witch hunt and Matthew tries to prove her innocent before she is burned at the stake. Great adventure! Keeps you guessing until the end. Give it a try - he really is an excellent writer.