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Precious (Platinum Readers Circle (Center Point)) download ebook

by Sandra Novack

Precious (Platinum Readers Circle (Center Point)) download ebook
Sandra Novack
Center Point Pub; Lrg edition (November 1, 2009)
341 pages
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Genre Fiction

Readers Point, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Readers Point, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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The summer of 1978, ten-year-old Vicki Anderson rides her bike to the local park and goes missing. Her tight-knit blue-collar Pennsylvania neighborhood, where children roam the streets at night playing lightning tag, aboveground pools sparkle in backyards, and flowers scent the air, will never be the same.Down the street from Vicki s house, another family is in crisis. Troubled by her past, headstrong Natalia Kisch has abandoned her husband and two daughters for another man. Frank Kisch, grappling with his anger, is left to raise their girls alone, oblivious to his daughters struggles with both disappearances: Eva, seventeen, plunges into an affair with her married high school teacher, and nine-year-old Sissy escapes to a world of imagination and storytelling that becomes so magical it pierces the reality of the everyday. When Natalia unexpectedly returns, the struggles and tensions that have built over the summer erupt into a series of events that change the Kisches irrevocably forcing them to piece together their complicated pasts and commitments to each other. In this haunting, atmospheric debut, Sandra Novack examines loss, loyalty, and a family in crisis. Lyrical and elegiac, Precious illuminates our attempts to make sense of the volatility that surrounds and consumes us, and explores our ability, even during the most trying times, to remember and hold on to those we love most.
  • Ochach
This Novel, Precious, is not, by any means, a light, easy story to read. The life of Natalia, a mother of two complex girls and a survivor of a concentration camp, is by no means unflawed. Gossiped about, resented by her own children and a women of grave mistakes, Natalia is someone we root for but for whom we know full redemption is unlikely. Frank, her husband, a good man yet not without his own demons has crushed his eldest daughter and cannot begin to mend. Through his ineptness to address his failings, he further drives her (Eva) into a teenage tailspin of promiscuity, drug use and unbridled rage. As Eva crashes into her own life, creating havoc in the lives of others, her little sister, our main character Sissy, spins aimlessly lost amid the destruction her family imposes through their own continuing crisis. Layered into Sissy's familial nightmare is the tragic disappearance of a young friend of Sissy's, which adds to Sissy's imbalance and causes more instability, fear and infuses the community with donut, anger and suspicion at a time when Sissy's family problems are already under scrutiny. The author does not hesitate to take us far into the crevices of her characters minds exploring motive and truly demonstrating her ability to understand what drives people to think and act as they do. The authenticity of the darker side of the adult characters actions, their choices and decisions were genuine and portrayed richly developed characters I hated to say goodbye to. An emotional read, a tough book to swallow as you root for all of the characters to overcome, to recover, to come back...knowing full well the odds just don't work that way.
  • Akelevar
Sandra Novack tells a gripping story. Precious may be her debut novel, but she is a skilled writer who handles plot like an old pro with characters so real and familiar I couldn't let them go. Days after finishing the book, I read the last five pages again.
The story of the Kisch family does more than tug at the heart; it touches the soul. Precious is about every family, about love and hate, anger and betrayal, heartache and healing - about those who forgive and some who never can. Novack exposes the fragile core of human relationships and the enduring bonds that hold lives together, and she delivers it all with the polish and grace of a master writer. Don't miss this one.
Frank Allan Rogers Upon A Crazy Horse
  • Minnai
Not only does this novel grab hold of you and not let you go, it is one of the most flawlessly written books I've read in a very long time. The characters are all very clearly delineated, and the sensory details are just MARVELOUS! I would HIGHLY recommend this book to ANYONE, no matter what their favorite genre might happen to be. Beautifully written! I would be interested in reading ANYTHING Sandra Novack has to offer. And I hope there will be PLENTY, PLENTY MORE! Brava!
  • Welahza
Gypsy blood pumps through the veins of this novel, in which women and girls disappear and leave chaos in their wake. Novack's omniscient narrator is authoritative without ever talking down to the reader, clearly and deftly shifting into nearly every character's point of view. Each character earns my sympathy, and each earns my anger too, as he or she takes questionable actions to cope with powerlessness and loss, creating only more powerlessness and loss. Even Sissy, the innocent girl at the book's heart, is capable of harm, punishing her best friend for the loss of her favorite doll. All are innocent, and all are guilty in this world of see-what-you-made-me-do. Very real, very familiar. And yet, the lyrical prose takes the reading experience into a plane of beauty, even as we witness the death of a Gypsy family in a Nazi camp. I enjoyed the ride, and I enjoyed studying the technique too. I look forward to reading more of Novack's work.
  • Winn
I found this to be rich with layers and exquisite details. It was so moving, so thoroughly engaging that I feel as though these characters are a part of me now. I felt haunted by the ending; the sadness and the loss, the potential never realized: these have stayed with me.

The prose is superbly crafted: fresh, charming, inspired, honest. It was a wonderful read.
  • Lilegha
This is a wonderful and amazing book. I read it in one sitting. Because I so enjoyed the book that putting it down for even a few seconds was not possible. The pages flew by, and when I reached the end I was wishing for even more.

I was so touched by the book that I wrote a note to the author. Who was kind enough to write back to me!
  • Kelerana
Quick, easy read, but goes back and forth between characters a little too much. We read this for my book club or I might not have picked it.
Precious is a deft and haunting story. Every character in the book reveals how incredibly precious life is. Everyone should read it.