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The Leopard Sword (Empire) download ebook

by Anthony Riches

The Leopard Sword (Empire) download ebook
Anthony Riches
Hodder & Stoughton; First Edition edition (May 9, 2012)
352 pages
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Genre Fiction

First published in Great Britain in 2012 by Hodder & Stoughton. An Hachette UK company. The writing of The Leopard Sword was at one point proving to be something of a challenge, with the book half-written but stubbornly refusing to progress beyond a knot in the plot from which I couldn’t tear myself free. At the low point of this increasingly panicked situation an old friend, on hearing of my plight on a rugby pitch touchline one Thursday night, uttered the words that were to reinvigorate my writing life: ‘Just come down to my office and write.

His sword – sharper, stronger and more deadly than any known to the Roman army – is the lethal symbol of his unstoppable power. And now he has moved beyond mere theft and threatens to destabilize the whole northern frontier of the empir. eedback.

The battle scenes are vivid and expertly told. Difficult to put down, this is a welcome addition to the genre.

I remember this place from when I was a boy, with every wall lined with traders, and all of their stalls loaded with fruit and vegetables. Julius stood with his hands on his hips and. looked about the forum’s thin population of traders and their limited variety of produce, shaking his head slowly. Marcus and Dubnus had volunteered to come with him on the task to which he’d been appointed by Frontinius, and the two men exchanged a glance. The state of the city’s housing had also become apparent to them in the daylight.

Anthony Riches The Leopard sword Prologue Germania Inferior, September, AD 182‘Fucking rain! Rain yesterday, rain today and rain tomorrow most likely. This bloody damp gets everywhere. My armour will be rusting again by morning. ‘You’ll just have to get your brush out again, or that crested bastard will be up your arse like a rat up a rain pipe.

Автор: Anthony Riches Название: The Leopard Sword: Empire Iv Издательство: Hodder Классификация . Описание: The fourth book in the Empire sequence (following Fortress of Spears) takes centurion Marcus to Germania Inferior - and to Tungrorum, home of his auxiliary legion.

Описание: The fourth book in the Empire sequence (following Fortress of Spears) takes centurion Marcus to Germania Inferior - and to Tungrorum, home of his auxiliary legion.

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Anthony Riches began his lifelong interest in war and soldiers when he first heard his father's stories about World War II. This led to a degree in Military Studies at Manchester University. He began writing the story that would become Wounds of Honour after a visit to Housesteads in 1996. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three children. Библиографические данные. The Leopard Sword: Empire IV Empire series (Том 4). Автор.

The Empire series begins a new era—Marcus has fled from Britannia, but the emperor's henchmen are still on his trail

Britannia has been subdued—and the murderous Roman agents who nearly captured Marcus Valerius Aquila, alias Corvus, have been defeated by his friends. But in order to protect those very friends from the wrath of the emperor, Marcus must leave the province which has been giving him shelter. He travels to the Tungrian auxiliary legion's headquarters in northern Gaul where a different kind of war and very different dangers await him.

  • Morlurne
Marcus has made it to Book 4 and we are promised by the end many more. Now however he is out of Britain, and this becomes puzzling in that the adversary here that the man we know is the hero of the story, is the Centurion, out of all his choice of officers to look into, that needs to be investigated to the point that he learns Marcus' secret.

Riches falls into this trap that he believes his tale of the comic book like Marcus needs to be full of this dark past that must haunt his character in every tale. Not so. It is old now and wearing thin. Only appearing here to be filler when it was completely not needed to the tale. The plot twists and devices that the book already has was more than enough to make a strong read. Here, on the edges of the Empire, there is more than enough intrigue to provide a fertile field of action and adventure with out the added nonsense that the protagonist has lugging around behind him.

The subplot of Julius, one of Marcus companions, could have been given even a stronger emphasis and we could have been allowed some indication that Marcus need not be the only person in near 2000 soldiers of Rome who can figure out a mystery. Riches though loses points for continuing to make his hero unbelievable at the expense of those where things could have been quite believable.

Once more, if you would like to read the exploits of the GOD like, comic book like superhero that is Marcus, this is for you.
  • Silverbrew
Anthony Riches has a great series going here with consistently VG books.

I'd say a solid 5-star rating.

I would like to provide further textual content on that Rating as part of this Review, however am unable to do so.

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That being so, an inability to respond to Review comments by others (positive, negative, indifferent) would be unfair to myself and others. I would therefore request no Comments (or, if so, recognize that I do not have an ability to respond to same).

But it is a solid 5-star book in this genre.
  • Dammy
This is the fourth book in the Empire Series and another good book from Anthony Riches. You should read the other three books, though, before you read this one, at least that is my recommendation. This is a continuation of the story of Marcus and his fellow Centurion colleagues, and soldiers from the Tungrian auxiliary cohorts.

In this book, the Tungrian auxiliary cohorts return to their hometown, Tungrorum, to deal with local bandits and other related issues. This town is in northeastern Belgium, near the Ardennes forest (which is called Arduenna in the book - and in fact, the town looks like it is very close to where Liege is currently located). Like the other books, the characters are salty and likeable, with interesting banter between characters developing human interest. In this book, one character who is a special focus is Centurion Julius, who after 15 years is returning to his hometown and runs into his ex-girl friend who has become a prostitute. Julius had to leave her when he joined the army and left his hometown. (Roman soldiers can not be married although Centurions can). This leads to an interesting side story about the internal gangs and corruption in a Roman city since she is "owned" by a lead criminal boss in town.

Unlike the other three previous books in this series, which are essentially based upon military campaigns, this book is mainly a detective/mystery book. The essence of the story is essentially finding out who the bandits' leader is and how he is connected to the city. There is some action, but not as much as previous books. And, to me at least, the results of the book, i.e. who the bad guys were, was not a surprise.

In spite of that, I do recommend this book, especially for anyone interested in Roman history, because the author does a good job of combining Roman history with a continual story line about Marcus and the auxiliaries that he is involved with. He makes Roman history come alive with his stories and characters. I look forward to his next book.
  • Goldcrusher
While this is the fourth book in the most excellent Empire series, it is the first one that I have reviewed…when I read the first three I had yet to begin my pseudo-career as a book reviewer. In this volume we find the Tungrians posted to their original home in Germania Inferior to seek out and destroy the bandit gangs that are disrupting the grain trade in the area. The worst of the bandits is lead by a mysterious cavalry masked villain who goes by the name of Obduro, an ardent worshiper of the forest goddess Arduenna and possessor of a brutally efficient sword. The author does a masterful job at giving clues as to who the masked man is while at the same time making it difficult to figure it out. It takes a bit of doing but eventually the main character in the series, Centurion Corvus(in reality Marcus Valerius Aquila) comes up with a plan to unmask the villain.

There are also some really good subplots and back stories to go along with the meticulous research that has become a hallmark of Mr. Riches writing. I especially enjoy the verbal jousting between members of the Centuriate and the plot twists that the author inserts to bolster the main story line. My only complaint is a selfish one in that he kills off one my favorite characters in the series…I won’t say who it is…just that he will be sorely missed.

5 stars and well done Mr. Riches.
  • MeGa_NunC
I have read the first three novels of the series and this is my favorite so far. The action is gritty and non stop, if a little bloody. This series is not for the squeamish but if you like action, you will love this series. I also love the history provided of the makeup of the Roman army and how the different parts interacted. Finally the politics of Rome are always interesting and the author explains those intricacies well. I recommend the series to those who love historical fiction, especially of the Roman era.
  • Manona
good read