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by Noah Gordon

The Last Jew download ebook
Noah Gordon
Time Warner Books Uk; New Ed edition (July 2001)
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Genre Fiction

In the year 1492, the Inquisition has all of Spain in its grip. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Last Jew. by. Noah Gordon

Noah Gordon’s international bestsellers have sold millions of copies and . Today THE LAST JEW by Noah Gordon is a BookBub flash sale special.

Noah Gordon’s international bestsellers have sold millions of copies and have won a number of awards, among them, in America, th. . ew-by-noah-gordo. rom a New York Times bestselling author: As the Spanish Inquisition rages on, Jewish Yonah is determined to hold on to his faith amid persecution.

A great thrilling, historical novel based on facts about how the Jews fled out of Spain.

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Noah Gordon introducing his book The Winemaker in Barcelona. Sam and Other Animal Stories (2002) (children's stories). The Winemaker (2007).

Noah Gordon introducing his book The Winemaker in Barcelona. Though Gordon's reception internationally has been quite strong, as of 2015, the Boston Globe described Gordon as relatively unknown in the United States  .

In the silent and empty jail he collected his sack and the broken hoe and brought them to where Moise cropped peacefully in the shade.

In the silent and empty jail he collected his sack and the broken hoe and brought them to where Moise cropped peacefully in the shade d they departed from Ciudad Real at a brisk canter. He didn't see the trail or the countryside. The auto de fé was a foretaste of the cruel way he would die when he was caught. Something in him screamed that he must seek out a sympathetic priest.

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In the year 1492, the Inquisition has all of Spain in its grip. This book has a little bit of everything: a moving story, an interesting setting, many little misteries, a lot of historically correct information about the times of the Spanish inquisition.

After his father and brother die during the terrible days of the Spanish Inquisition, fifteen-year-old Yonah Toledano sets out across Spain, "determined to honor the memory of his family by remaining a Je. -Jacket.

The Last Jew. A Novel of The Spanish Inquisition. Noah Gordon has had outstanding international success, selling in Germany alone more than eight million copies of his recent trilogy (The Physician, Shaman, and Matters of Choice). The Society of American Historians awarded him the James Fenimore Cooper Prize for Shaman as the best historical novel of 1991/1992. He was also voted "Novelist of the Year" by the readers of the Bertelsmann Book Club, and twice, in 1992 and 1995, he won the Silver Basque Prize for Spain's bestselling book.

In 1492 Spain is held in firm grip by the inquisition. Per decree an announcement is made that all Jews have to leave the country. A large exodus starts. 15-year-old Yonah is left on his own after his brother and father are killed. Instead of converting to Christianity or fleeing he decides to stand firm by his faith and to fight for himself. Three years later Yonah is keen to settle somewhere. In Granada he finally meets people of his own faith again - the family of the silk merchant Saadi, who still practice Judaism in secrecy. Yonah's love for Ines, the young daughter of the family, however remains unfulfilled. Yonah moves on to Gibraltar where he starts an apprenticeship with Fierro, an armourer. Fierro has to flee from the inquisition himself and asks his young apprentice to accompany him on his journey to the North and when he finally arrives in Saragossa meeting Nuno seals his fate. Yonah immediately senses that medicine is his true calling...
  • Thabel
The story followed a man who keeps his beliefs as he promised to his father, throughout his life. How he remained a good, kind, upstanding human being when all around him people were being enslaved & persecuted just because of their beliefs.
History teaches us that the past comes back to haunt us & humans should learn form our past, but many don't learn the lesson history tries so very hard to help us correct.
His deeds & family values during the trying times help him get through his life's struggles until he can pass on his knowledge to his family to continue the on going battles of life itself, of injustices.

I enjoyed his family & his journey through the years & yes, it is an interestingly portrayed story that could have easily been a true story than a novel. The details were very interwoven with the characters & times in history.

I would recommend this novel for it's historical information & true to life history. Thank you.
  • Onath
Once I'd read "The Physician" and "Shaman" I was struck with a massive desire to read all of Noah Gordon's books. This plan started going down hill immediately with "Choices" the last in the Cole trilogy. I had high hopes for "The Last Jew" though.

Unfortunately they turned out to be a little premature. It's really a shame because the premis was so good. It's 1892 and all Jews have been ordered out of Spain. But Yonah and his father Helkias are delayed, hoping to collect an outstanding debt for Helkias' fine silverwork owed by an unscrupulous nobleman. This delay proves to be fatal when a man from the families past-who was somehow involved in the earlier murder of Yonah's brother becomes involved and soon Yonah find himself totally alone-as the last Jew in Spain.

The main problem with this book is that it is really, really fragmented. Yonah wanders constantly to avoid the inquisition and so none of the other characters or settings last that long. The back of the book makes it sound like the novel contains some epic love story but its completely false advertising. The truth is no character is around for more than a couple of chapters.

The other main problem is that Yonah is essentially the same character as Rob in "The Physician", Rob in "Shaman" and Shaman in "Shaman." Not only are these four characters all the same physically, but their mental and emotional states are remarkably similar. Within a series that's about several generations of family similarities like that might be ok, but if all the books an author writes have such non-diverse characters it just shows a lack of imagination.

All in all I might have liked this book better had I not read other Noah Gordon books first. His writing style and pure use of language is wonderful as always, but with the fragmentation and oh-so familiar characters it just couldn't hold up to his better books.

Three stars.
  • Levion
Fans of Noah Gordon will find much comfort in this book. He returns to familiar themes and rhythms in The Last Jew. Stylistically he borrows much from both master works The Physician and Shaman. While the themes and rhythms of the book are familiar Gordon brings forth a compelling new story that entertains from beginning to end. Perhaps Gordon is somewhat of a nomad, for it is the wanderings of his characters that they take form.
The Last Jew paints a vivid picture of one of Christianity's darker moments, yet in the end shows how the goodness of a person can triumph over even the greatest obstacles. Yonah Toledano discovers the cruelty of Christianity as an institution bent to serve other purposes. He discovers the true Christianity in the hearts of those who take him into their lives. The irony of the book lies in the affirmation of all faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through the instrument of the Spanish Inquisition.
The book is about the triumph of the soul, about keeping faith and promises and about never forgetting whom you are. Shorter by a great deal than The Physician and Shaman, it would be an excellent primer for the new Gordon reader before tackling the more complex but equaling compelling trilogy.
Thank you Mr. Gordon.
  • Molotok
Loved it. Written beautifully and a very engrossing story. I learned a great deal from the author and I am going to read his other books. It was in depth and I was with Yonah as he went from place to place.
  • Lbe
I had the advantage of traveling in Spain and Portugal while reading this book so it really struck a chord with me as I was visiting all of the places the story took place in. Not having had occasion to think much about this time in Jewish history, I found the history of it all very interesting as well as sad to learn of so much suffering, again, all done in the name of religion. A very good read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction and I highly recommend this book.
  • Alister
Eh. I was SO Excited to get started, but kinda let down. It reads like the "Physician," as in the storyline is pretty much identical. I forced myself to get to the end. Probably the last Noah Gordon book I will read.
  • Zainn
if you're a noah gordon fan(shaman...the physician--also an excellent film with ben kingsley...), then this will not disappoint...
epic storytelling a la hidalgo...period piece mixing in elements of the plague, the Inquisition and Middle Age medicine...that and soooo
much more....what you'd expect from a noah gordon work...EASY to recommend to you, the faithful...