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The Duchess (G K Hall Large Print Book Series) download ebook

by Jude Deveraux

The Duchess (G K Hall Large Print Book Series) download ebook
Jude Deveraux
G K Hall & Co (August 1, 1992)
494 pages
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Online library for easy reading any ebook for free anywhere right on the internet. Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, the bold English conqueror was called Lyon for his-lion like fierceness. He had no match among enemies, or women. until jealousy and vicious lies drove her across the Irish Sea and into grave danger.

Jude Deveraux is the author of 25 New York Times bestsellers, including High Tide, The Blessing, An Angel for Emily, Legend, and The Duchess. Hall large print book series. She began writing in 1976, and to date there are more than 30 million copies of her books in print. Ms. Deveraux is currently at work on her next novel. She lives in Connecticut. Библиографические данные.

Jude Deveraux is the author of 25 New York Times bestsellers, including High Tide, The Blessing, An Angel for . The Duchess G. K. Hall large print book series Montgomery/Taggert series (Книги 2), Jude Deveraux THORNDIKE PRESS LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK SERIES.

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Jude Deveraux portrays the power of a woman set on a bold course for true love .

Jude Deveraux portrays the power of a woman set on a bold course for true love - and the glory of ful?lling a magni?cent promise. River LadyHandsome plantation owner Wesley Stanford would barely recall the poverty-stricken young girl named Leah Simmons who adored him from afar years ago?. Now, in an unexpected twist of fate - a chance encounter on the Virginia riverfront - he will become Leah's reluctant husband.

Published August 1st 1992 by Pocket Books. Published August 1st 1992 by G. Hall & Company. Large Print, Paperback. Author(s): Jude Deveraux. ISBN: 0743459210 (ISBN13: 9780743459211). ISBN: 0816154147 (ISBN13: 9780816154142).

Books by Jude Deveraux The Velvet Promise Highland Velvet Velvet Song Velvet Angel Sweetbriar . A house so large its owner hadn’t seen all of it. It was a difficult concept for her to imagine.

Books by Jude Deveraux The Velvet Promise Highland Velvet Velvet Song Velvet Angel Sweetbriar Counterfeit Lady Lost Lady River Lady Twin of Fire Twin of Ic.

For the Roses (G K Hall Large Print Book Series). Title : For the Roses (G K Hall Large Print Book Series). Publisher : G K Hall & Co. Sides of pages are dirty. Hardcover The item is fairly worn but still readable.

The Book of the Duchess, also known as The Deth of Blaunche, is the earliest of Chaucer's major poems, preceded only by his short poem, "An ABC", and possibly by his translation of The Romaunt of the Rose. Based on the themes and title of the poem, most sources put the date of composition after 12 September, 1368 (when Blanche of Lancaster died) and before 1372, with many recent studies privileging a date as early as the end of 1368.

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When American heiress Claire Willoughby travels to Bramley Castle to visit her fiance, a Scottish duke, she discovers shocking secrets about the family she is about to join
  • Ungall
I really loved this book. And let me just say, I was picturing Luke Evans of the Hobbit movies as Trevelyan! Anyway, I was sucked into this from the start. I was afraid it would be slow starting, the kind of thing where its taking the heroine forever to travel to the Scottish castle..but not so. We have a few pages of set up and then we're off, she meets Trevelyan and I fell in love.

He certainly wasn't perfect, but neither was she and I loved seeing how they grew as people together. I rather liked Claire and thought she was a breath of fresh air in a genre where the heroines can sometimes be whiny, spineless, and weepy but instead, she was smart and full of life. My one quibble was that for as smart as she was, she kept insisting that she loved Harry and couldn't ever see that maybe he was only after her money. Even if she didn't want to admit to loving Trev, she should have at least admitted that she clearly knew him better than her finance. Then at the end she kept crying she doesn't know Trev... but she knew Harry??? The one good thing was that other characters point all this out to her so I realized she had to come to these realizations on her own.

Nonetheless, its a great romance and it kept me thoroughly entertained so I couldn't ask for more. I loved that it wasn't a "duke marries for money and then really falls for her" story because those are a dime a dozen. This was unique and a true keeper! It is my second Jude Deveraux book and won't be my last!
  • Tygrarad
I liked the story. I do believe that it wasn't as good as black Lyon. This is due to because it was too slow in the beginning. Claire seemed too gullible and easily was falling in love with Harry. I was also getting frustrated on the fact that Claire was still willing to marry Harry when she's 100 percent in love with Trevelyan. I was also little bit confuse when Villie and Claire met up the first time. She thought he was old. So, all throughout what 2 or 3 chapters I thought Trevally was an old man. Then, all of a sudden he started looking like a very good looking guy. I was also hoping that Harry wouldn't be the duke. But then what would happen to Claire's little sister. I guess that made sense. I was a little frustrated with Harry. I was hoping that he was going to fight for Claire a little bit more in the ending.
  • Mildorah
Personally, while the Kirkus review does offer an accurate plot summary, anyone who is expecting to find a 'deeper meaning' in a historical romance would probably consider the entire genre fictional sludge. That being said, as a huge fan of the historica "Regency" romance, The Duchess remains not only one of my favorite Deveraux books, but a favorite from the entire literary genre.

The star of the show is Trevelyan, the cynical hero-who-doesn't-want-to-be-a-hero. He's moody, rude, and definitely not a gentlemen. Any girl who isn't intrigued by such a man is lying when she says she's not intrigued. Harry, Clair's future husband and Trevelyan's only male competition for star of show, is introduced as a dolt, and stays that way throughout the novel. The real villian is Clair's future mother-in-law, which in turn, makes the reader despise Harry that much more for being such an obvious mama's boy.

Nevertheless, back to Trevelyan. Clair by herself is kind of a humdrum heroine, but you can't help but root for her to get together with Trevelyan because Deveraux does such an excellent job of making him a most intriguing man. Deveraux ingeniously makes sure the reader likes Clair when she's with Trevelyan, but insidusouly twists Clairs personality into a self-conscious, naive girl once she gets back around her parents, Harry and his mother. Brat is quite delightful as the devil on Claire's shoulders.

Deveraux also adds a suspensful element to the love story by introducing another woman - a more beautiful woman, no less - just as things are getting interesting between Claire and Trevelyan. Like I said earlier, this is one of my favorite romance novels - if this book is ficitional sludge for high-minded intellectuals, I'll gladly stick it out with fellow slackers at the back of the class any day.
  • Ger
This book went directions I never dreamed it would (in a good way!). An unlikely hero emerges in the character of Trevayan, yet you can't help but want him to be with the heroine (Claire). The character of Claire is very well-developed to the extent that you do care about the outcome and want a happy ending for her. It feels like there is a little unresolved issue (the reader never really understands what happens between Trevayan and his partner - the recovery of the "proof" does not have any reaction from the person it was recovered from), but that is a minor point. Would definitely recommend.
  • Munigrinn
I read this book so so many years ago and read it again now as this love story never left me in all these years and when I think of Jude D. I always think of this story first.... I love Vellie and Claire and Vellie is my ultimate hero. He is the epitomy of things romance and male combined like no other. I Love each and every person starting with dear ol' Brat, Harry, Oman and the oh so very lovable Nyssa! Jude delivers in every way in this novel from beginning to end she covers it all and for once an ending that goes into detail on what happens with everyone..... I wish all her novels ended this way as I must admit sometimes I am left hanging and wanting more and seeing everything ends up, but this gem gives me everything I ever wanted as if I had written it myself to satisfy myself. LOVE this book!
  • Shakanos
The story is romantic, enchanting and a little strange. It reminds you of WUTHERING HEIGHTS OR JANE EYRE and it may become one of these classics in time. The underlying theme is the story of two dysfunctional families trying to get their hands on the money of an heiress. Embedded in this struggle is the possibility that the heroine might marry the wrong man for the wrong reasons.
This was one of the books recommended as a part of my Goodreads on Kindle app for my new Kindle Fire and I found it quite enjoyable. Good book and interesting app.