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Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung download ebook

by Victor Appleton

Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung download ebook
Victor Appleton
Cherry Hill Publishing; Unabridged edition edition (December 15, 2010)
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Tom swiftand the electronichydrolung. At Tom's words, the watchers and crewmen who were crowded into the Recoverer 's control room stirred restlessly.

Tom swiftand the electronichydrolung. By victor appleton II. Illustrated by charles brey. New yorkgrosset & dunlappublishers. Its bulkheads were bankedwith radar and telemetering devices. Tension had been mountingthroughout the morning aboard the ships and observation planes of thetask force as everyone awaited the return of the le-scientists' deepest penetration into space so far.

Tom Swift is the main character of five series of American juvenile science .

First published in 1910, the series total more than 100 volumes. The character was created by Edward Stratemeyer, the founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book packaging firm. The 33 volumes of the second series use the pseudonym Victor Appleton II for the author. For this series, and some of the later series, the main character is "Tom Swift, J. New titles have been published as recently as 2007.

The main character of this adventure book is Tom Swift who serves for the Navy and one day is sent for the mission to find the probe from Jupiter which crashed in the ocean. However, things do not mo. .MoreLess Show More Show Less.

The US Government is very smartly letting Tom Swift Jr. handle the recovery of its probe to Jupiter. But a mystery missile suddenly intercepts the probe and splashes it in the South Atlantic.


TOM SWIFT AND THE ELECTRONIC HYDROLUNG BY VICTOR APPLETON II No. series. 21 Tom Swift and the Asteroid Pirates (1963) 22 Tom Swift and his Repelatron Skyway (1963) 23 Tom Swift and his Aquatomic Tracker (1964) 24 Tom Swift and his 3D Telejector (1964) 25 Tom Swift and his Polar-Ray Dynasphere (1965) 26 Tom Swift and his Sonic Boom Trap (1965) 27 Tom Swift and his Subocean Geotron (1966) 28 Tom Swift and.

LibriVox recording of Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung, by Victor Appleton. Read by Mark F. Smith. The US Government is very smartly letting Tom Swift Jr. Under such circumstances, what can Tom do? What he does every.

Download Victor Appleton 's Tom Swift And The Electronic Hydrolung for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. Among these was Tom Swift Jr. "How close to earth is our Jupiter probe missile?" Bud Barclay asked Tom excitedly. The lanky blond youth beside him, in T shirt and slacks, shot a glance at.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung, by. Victor Appleton. The data-consisting of millions of information bits from the shipboard instrument tapes-would be fed to an electronic brain. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung. Tense, excited men gazed spaceward from the ships and planes of the South Atlantic task force. Other watchers waited breathlessly in the control room of the ship Recoverer. The lanky blond youth beside him, in T shirt and slacks, shot a glance at the dials of the tracking equipment. Eight thousand miles from this spot, Bud.

standard or slim CD case insert. M4B audio book (105mb). Download cover art Download CD case insert. Victor APPLETON ( - ). He invents some utterly cool device to get the job done! And his Electronic Hydrolung is just the beginning! Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction, General Fiction, Science Fiction. Group: Tom Swift Adventure Series.

Tom Swift works with the Navy to recover a Jupiter probe missile designed and built by Swift Enterprises when the Brungarians attempt to steal the probe and its scientific data. In a race against time, Tom invents several underwater devices to assist with the recovery and counter the threat of a stealth submarine developed by the Brungarians. Read by Mark Smith, music by Kevin MacLeod.
  • Elastic Skunk
The Tom Swift, Jr. books were an early favorite. When I entered first grade, I took to reading, as the old saw goes, like a duck to water, even winning a prize for reading the most books in my class. A few years later I discovered The Hardy Boys and Tom Swift, devouring them as fast as I found them.

Reading this one carried me back to those pre-teen years(much longer ago than I might care to admit).

Tom is engaged in the hunt for a Jupiter probe returning with information on our giant neighbor that was intercepted by a mystery plane abd crashes into the ocean.

The hunt is on as Tom invents and improves on devices for the ocean search, all the while dodging, and fighting agnys from an old enemy.

A lot of fun. May dip into more of these old books, not to mention the original series.
  • Rocky Basilisk
Tom Swift Junior novels. I remember them fondly and decided to check for electronic versions. They have them now and so I decided to read this one again. It was enjoyable even though dated but it still brings back memories as to why I wanted to become an inventor.
  • Kegal
If your a Tom Swift fan this is OK, if not you won't like it, it's the same story line as all the rest, but since this is a later version it has different people here and there including Tom's Mother.
  • Jeyn
Before a certain frenchman made the underwater world available to all, there was Tom Swift and his adventures underwater. Although, intended for young teens, as a 65 yr old I found the story kept my interest even though I' m a openwater diving instructor.
  • Androlhala
I read almost all of the Tom Swift, Jr books as a a child. These are all great!
  • Braendo
5 stars.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Another great book by Victor Appleton.
Every Tom swift is a new adventure.
  • Macage
I had a lot of the books in this series when I was a kid. Not this one, however. It's as I remember them. A little silly but entertaining.
I enjoyed these books as a kid and my 7 year old loves them. Wish I still had all the old hard copies, next best thing is this download.