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by Aaron Patterson

Sweet Dreams download ebook
Aaron Patterson
StoneHouse Ink; 2nd Revised edition (November 25, 2008)
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ACCLAIM FOR AARON PATTERSON SWEET DREAMS Sweet Dreams was a book I read in two days. I truly enjoyed the read. It kept me wanting to know more.

ACCLAIM FOR AARON PATTERSON SWEET DREAMS Sweet Dreams was a book I read in two days. Acclaim for aaron patterson. Sweet Dreams was a book I read in two days.

Aaron Patterson is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author.

Warning The WJA series is a cross genre series and may bend or break. In the description of this book at GoodReads, it says the following ~. "Warning: The WJA series is a cross genre series and may bend or break many rules. If you are set in the traditional ways of storytelling this may not be the series for you. Please use caution and only read if you are of an I don't know what I just read, but holy hell!

Fans of James Patterson, Lee Child and Tom Clancy will love this exciting mystery thriller from New York Times bestselling author. Get notified when Sweet Dreams (WJA Series Book 1) is updated.

Fans of James Patterson, Lee Child and Tom Clancy will love this exciting mystery thriller from New York Times bestselling author.

Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson and Dean Koontz will love this exciting mystery thriller from New York Times bestselling author Aaron Patterson as intrigue and conspiracy drips off each page.

Title: Sweet Dreams By: Aaron Patterson Format: Paperback Vendor: Wesscott Marketing. How were you personally impacted by working on this project? This book is about the question of revenge. Weight: 2 pounds ISBN: 0982607814 ISBN-13: 9780982607817 Stock No: WW607817. ▲. Author: Aaron Patterson Located in: Nampa ID Submitted: July 14, 2010. I had to take a look at my own heart and see if I held revenge in or what it would take me to cross that line. Anything else you'd like readers, listeners to know: Keep Dreaming!

Used availability for Aaron Patterson's Sweet Dreams.

Used availability for Aaron Patterson's Sweet Dreams. November 2008 : USA Perfect Paperback.

Mark Appleton is living the American Dream. Beautiful wife, loving daughter, and a high paying job in New York City. But when his family are killed in a accident he must reinvent himself. But when his family are killed in a accident he must reinvent himself No accident. Mark will stop at nothing to hunt down the men responsible for the death of his family and what he finds will change his life forever. The Steele Collection Books 1-3: Sarah Steele Legal Thrillers.

What would you do? Your family is threatened and your only hope of saving them is to kill! Mark Appleton faces his worst nightmare as he hunts a killer, but little does he know that he is the one being hunted. Kirk Weston is a detective with the Detroit police department. His life, although not going as planned finds himself investigating a mysterious group known only as the WJA. Just when he is about to make a breakthrough on the case something terrible goes wrong he finds exactly who he is looking for!
  • Nagor
Book was alright until about halfway and then became unbelievable and did not make sense. Very confusing plot and storyline. Characters actions were ridiculous. Man kidnapped for a year and then let go and he picks up right where he left off. His home and his desk at work was just like he left it?! He trusted the first man he met?!? And told him his ridiculous story. He hadn't shaved or had a haircut in a year yet goes around for days visiting his boss and seeing people . Who by the way just picked up his job like he hadn't been gone for a year. I struggled to finish book as it became even more unbelievable and just didn't make sense. Waste of time
  • Helldor
The storyline was ok.( not really) The writing was very amateurish. Herky jerky dialogue. Confusing and/or unbelievable story twist. Don’t waste your time.
  • Jode
Book Review: "Sweet Dreams", by Aaron Patterson, $3.99 Kindle Price
Date of read: Sept, 2012
As an author of several novels I've always said, "It's more fun to write a book than to read one." But that's not always true. Last week I purchased "Sweet Dreams" on my Kindle-fire and would have drilled though to complete it in one sitting last Saturday night except the battery on my Kindle died at about 2:00 a.m. For a novel that has no politics, no religion, and no romance (except for a husband and father's love) this book forced me to keep both hands on the Kindle, one to hold the e-reader and the other to turn pages. Even though there were a few obvious typos and a couple of sentences in need of re-editing, this book took me on a roller coaster ride that was amazing. It's a simple good vs. bad guy story that was a thrill to read. It took my mind off of work, off present day global politics, and it was far more entertaining than the cheap, progressive liberal, BS that's being produced for current day prime time television. If you like books that joyfully mess with your mind (Aaron Patterson gets you to the point where you truly don't know if you're coming or going as the reader, especially towards the book's end), you'll love it. For me, personally, it became an excellent study on technique to achieve true reader thrust. I gave it a 4 star rating.
Jim E. Reames, author
  • RUL
The only drawback was that I kept getting Mark and Kirk mixed up--but this really had so many twists and turns that when you thought you were on the right track, the plot took a totally different direction. Then, the epilogue lead into the next book.
  • Yar
I was not familiar with Aaron Patterson's books until a friend mentioned him to me. The Mark Appleton WJA series starts with SWEET DREAMS followed by DREAM ON and IN YOUR DREAMS.

If you are looking for something a bit off the usual mystery series type of books then Aaron is your man.

I don't like to discuss plot lines and such in my reviews because I believe ithey give away too much. Suffice to say that if you enjoy interesting characters that you can get close to as well as a smooth story line and lots of twists then start reading Sweet Dreams and put aside a few hours of really enjoyable and different reading pleasure
  • Umrdana
Sweet Dreams By Aaron Patterson

Do Not Purchase this Book. I have never read such an amateurish and feeble attempt to write a crime thriller. This booked sucked. I mistakenly bought the book because I thought I was buying a James Patterson book. This book was listed with other Patterson books. First of all I don’t’ know where this author got his technical advice but it wasn’t from any legitimate sources. I have been involved with law enforcement for over 40 years and also do training with federal agencies. This book was so loaded with Crap regarding police procedures, crime scenes and law enforcement inter-agency responsibilities that I was getting a headache reading the authors’ dialogue and description.
Since I mistakenly purchased this piece of crap I read it all the way through hoping that it might get better. Instead the plots got more bizarre and silly as the author, who I doubt was ever in the City of New York took the reader all over the globe. The author kept naming non-existent landmarks and addresses. As far as his references to the FBI and their procedures he needs some practical insight and a loud wake-up call for the stupidity that he wrote about them in this book.
  • Pemand
Full of twists and turns, this imaginative thriller will have me looking for more Aaron Patterson books. The only reason there are not 5 stars for this review is because of the 4 or 5 proof reading errors that start popping up in the last third of the book. All in all, Patterson demonstrates a unique ability to twist a tale & invent possibilities that the reader could not have foreseen. A blend of stark realism, riveting action/adventure and sci-fi.
First book to read by Aaron Patterson. I really enjoyed the book. Very easy to read and the characters were easy to relate to. This book was hard to put down with all the action that was going on. I really enjoyed the story and that it was clean of cussing and sex scenes. I admire authors who can tell a story, captivate the reader into a life like environment, and keep all the offensive language & sex out. Thank you. Keep up the good work!