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Daily Life of the Etruscans (Phoenix Press) download ebook

by Jacques Heurgon

Daily Life of the Etruscans (Phoenix Press) download ebook
Jacques Heurgon
Phoenix (May 1, 2002)
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Ancient Civilizations

Book description: Publisher: Phoenix Press. Date: May 28, 2002 Download more by: Jacques Heurgon. Find and Load Ebook Daily Life of the Etruscans (Phoenix Press).

Book description: Publisher: Phoenix Press. Identifiers: ISBN 10: 1842125923 ISBN 13: 9781842125922. Download more by: Jacques Heurgon.

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Start by marking Daily Life of the Etruscans as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. But when the Romans gained supremacy, the distinctive Etruscan culture gradually disappeared. For any particular question one might have about Etruscan culture, the answer seems to be, "We don't really know, or can't say for certain.

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This is a very comprehensive well written book with a bend toward Etruscan Women and their role in that society. Lots of good Illustrations and Pictures. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about Etruscan civilization, the part women played and Etruscan impact on the Roman world. 13 people found this helpful.

At the zenith of their power, the Etruscans controlled about a third of the peninsula and their kings held sway in Rome over a period of more than a 150 years

At the zenith of their power, the Etruscans controlled about a third of the peninsula and their kings held sway in Rome over a period of more than a 150 years. But after the expulsion of the Tarquins at the close of the sixth century BC they began to lose ground to the Romans; and their distinctive culture was gradually absorbed in the pan-Italic civilization which Rome established, until almost all clear record of it faded into obscurity.

Etruscan Architecture Press the VR icon. Insert your mobile in a Cardboard headset. Daily Life of the Etruscans. published by Phoenix (01 May 2002).

Etruscan Architecture. The most ambitious architectural projects of the Etruscans were temples built in a sacred precinct where they could make offerings to their gods.

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The Etruscans were the most important--and remarkable--of the peoples who inhabited early Italy. But when the Romans gained supremacy, the distinctive Etruscan culture gradually disappeared. This masterly re-creation of the lives of a now-forgotten people lifts the veil from every aspect of their civilization--origins, language, religion, and art.
  • Maridor
Good little introduction to the Etruscans, the ancestors of today's people of Tuscany. They came in from someone in the east, and made what we now know as Italy their own. One of the first kings of Rome was an Etruscan, little known outside of academic/cultural circles. Much of their language did not survive, but we learn that certain modern Italian last name suffixes owe their roots to the Etruscans. We learn that while, not exatly challenging the Roman patriarchy, Etruscan women had more social standing than Roman women. Heurgon's book will hopefully lead the reader to more scholarly books, and to the museums that hold exquisite Etruscan art. Besides the general reader, nice intro volume for art history; classics; linguistics students in their first exposure to the Etruscans.
  • Zainian
I have not read yet but it was in excellent condition and I look forward to reading it.
  • Munigrinn
This book, by an experienced French archaeologist, is essential for anyone seeking an understanding about the culture, both social and material, of the Etruscans as well as other inhabitants of Iron Age Italy. Here can be found the roots of Republican Roman culture.

The author looks into just about every facet of the Etruscans' physical existence-from their physical attributes, lifespans, and diets to the place of women, religion, entertainment, feasts, literature, morality, and rural culture. He also includes a lengthy and useful chronology of the Etruscan People and of Etruria's involvement in Roman history.

There are a number of good books on the Etruscans out there, but read this one to gain the best glance into their daily life and experiences availible to readers of the English language.
  • Siatanni
This book was published many years ago, but it is still a good publication concerning the Etruscan nation.

Many people think that ''daily life'' series are very boring books, because there is no action, what makes reading them very tiring. In case of Heurgon's book about the Etruscan daily life the situation is completely different, because this publication, which is directed to the wide group of readers is well written.

With this book we can easily follow the daily life of the diverse Etruscan population.

But we should remember that recently the modern genetics (which confirmed eastern origin of Etruscan ancestors) has also its important impact on our knowledge about the Etruscans.

Highly recommended book!
  • Mallador
I bought this book because I wanted to know something about the Etruscans and also because it was the only affordable book on the subject offered by Amazon. There is a lot of information here but it's hard for an ordinary reader to get through. To really appreciate this book I'd need to be multilingual and possessed of a deep academic background. That this is a translation from the French with little attempt to use ordinary prose creates even more roadblocks. I will continue to push on, however, and garner what information I can about this mysterious and fascinating culture.

This translation needs a translation. I will go to my grave wondering why books on such exciting subjects are written so that only academics can understand them (big words where everyday words will suffice, twisted syntax that seems almost deliberately obfuscating) rendering the most stimulating of subjects down into colorless pedantic gunk.
  • Vudojar
Not a particularly good translation.