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Discover The Destroyer (Everworld #5) download ebook

by K.A. Applegate

Discover The Destroyer (Everworld #5) download ebook
K.A. Applegate
Scholastic Paperbacks; 1st Printing edition (January 1, 2000)
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Science Fiction & Fantasy

But here, in Everworld, in this universe where the rules were all different, where nothing was what it had always been and yet was so often what it should be, here I knew the name for her power.

But here, in Everworld, in this universe where the rules were all different, where nothing was what it had always been and yet was so often what it should be, here I knew the name for her power. Senna the witch had power, and yet I was a free man. I was still David Levin. Senna could not change that. And now, now with death looking down at us, death so clear and unmistakable and irresistible, now my friends gave me back the sword.

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Discover the Destroyer is the fifth book in the Everworld series, written by . The one and only reason David, Christopher, April, and Jalil are in Everworld. Senna is also the reason they can't get back to their own world. It seems she only shows up when she wants to be found. And she always disappears. At the moment, Senna is the least of their problems.

Discover The Destroyer (Everworld . This book is okay, but not really good. Story is a bit weaker in this novel than in the others. All the books have an unpleasantly cramped feel, but this one feels more than anything like a minor sidequest, a brief fall into hell (literally, almost) along the way to a greater objective. The ending was okay, nothing spectacular, nothing special, just "meh. Thankfully, Senna showed up towards the end and adds some much needed complexity by revealing a few of her characteristically intriguing motives and goals.

Everworld- Discover The Destroyer: by K A Applegate. Applegate Enter the Enchanted EverWorld Book 3 Paperback 1999. Everworld VIII - Brave The Betrayal - K A Applegate.

Applegate's Everworld. Genre: Young Adult Fantasy. Used availability for Katherine A Applegate's Discover the Destroyer.

Fandoms: Everworld Series - K. Applegate. Teen And Up Audiences. A crossover between Everworld and The Hobbit because my deranged mind went there. A story about a girl from the Old World trying to get home and a Dwarf trying to win back his homeland. No Archive Warnings Apply. Gandalf meets them and offers them a proposition neither can refuse.

Discover the destroyer. by. Katherine A. Everworld (Imaginary place) - Juvenile fiction. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Welcome to the land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real-and often deadly.
  • Opimath
It's depressing how good this series could have been. So much wasted potential.

In terms of story, this one is strong for an Everworld book, another one that could have (and should have) been expanded to a novel of actual size (I'm beginning to notice a pattern here; the odd-numbered books in the series, SfS, EtE, and DtD have much more story to them than LoL and RotR, the even-numbered ones). The story segment here was perhaps the most interesting since the first book.

"Destroyer" shifts narrative focus back to David Levin, the self-proclaimed hero and leader of the group, who narrated "Search for Senna." This was met by approval by me, because DL is one of the more sympathetic characters, and it was interesting to see how he perceived his relationship with Senna. Unfortunately, David isn't becoming so much an admirable character so much as a pitiful one, the kind you feel sorry for. The constant angst over Senna could have been interesting if it had been handled better, but David's hopeless, "I'm screwed and pathetic and broken" attitude about it makes it less than it could be.

Senna plays a larger role than normal (again, this seems to be a pattern for the odd-numbered books), this time actively traveling with the rest of the group and using her magic to help them along the way. Mostly she keeps to herself and doesn't respond to Christopher's jabs, but two scenes in particular stick in mind; about halfway through, Senna gives the rest of the group an emotional speech pertaining to Why You Are All Losers And Jerks (mostly targeted at April) that was particularly spot-on; secondly, she brilliantly uses her manipulative genius to get herself and the rest of the group out of a tight scenario, saving all of their lives, and simultaneously screwing over April, who Senna despises. The rest of the ungrateful cast predictably acts as if she had committed some horrific sin. I, for one, was clapping.

Senna has a total of two conversations with David, not counting a few minor words exchanged on the road. Unfortunately, they aren't utilized to develop the two as much as they could, and are mostly wasted opportunities. Despite that David professes (in his private thoughts) that he has a million questions he wants answered by Senna, he doesn't really take the time to actually put them to her when she actually gives him the time of day.

DtD had probably the best climax so far in any Everworld book, though it was still only a quarter as long as it should have been. It wasn't a cliffhanger or anticlimax at all, and the role that David's discovery played in it really gave the feel of serious accomplishment.

"Discover the Destroyer" is my favorite Everworld book so far, though the series is still not nearly as good as it could have been if it had been given more than the most minimal of length.

3.5 stars.
  • Yadon
Read the series in school and wanted to own it myself. Has a great parallel universe story greatly related to our mythical gods of the past. Historical fiction so amazing I feel like I'm there with them experiencing all the ups and downs. It is a great way to avoid boredom on a rainy day. Easy and fun to read I recommend for everyone
  • Realistic
I started reading this series when I was 13, but I never owned them all, and I started reading book 5. So I was excited to get the rest of the series and start fresh. They are really good books, with a great story.
  • Cordaron
when i was younger i loved this series. I read it again and I pretty much still love it. lots of action and adventure. Its a story that you can really lose yourself in.
  • Erennge
This is a great book great for all ages and great price since you can no longer find this series in stores.
  • Tisicai
This was a great book i really loved it. I will read it over and over again it was just plain great.
  • Goldfury
wonderful book, recommend this to anyone looking for a great novel to sit and get lost in... check it out!
Book was rated very good but I would have rated like new. No creases in the binder, no bent pages I really see no damage. Other than the pages slightly yellow from age I would have thought it was brand new. Very happy with this purchase!