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by Dick King-Smith

The Roundhill download ebook
Dick King-Smith
Crown Books for Young Readers; 1st American ed edition (November 14, 2000)
96 pages
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Ronald Gordon King-Smith OBE, Ho. Ed (27 March 1922 – 4 January 2011), was a prolific English writer of children's books, primarily using the pen name Dick King-Smith.

Ronald Gordon King-Smith OBE, Ho.

Crowstarving was the ideal job for Spider - he was on his own - yet never alone, for all around him were animals of one sort or another. Discovered as a foundling in a lambing pen, Spider Sparrow grows up surrounded by animals. From sheep and horses to wild otters and foxes, Spider loves them all, even the crows must scare away the newly sown wheat. Amazingly, every animal who meets Spider implicitly trusts the young boy.

Подписчиков: 63 ты. себе: Dick King-Smith is the author of over 1. .

Dick King-Smith was a soldier, a farmer, a family man, a primary school teacher and most memorably . Many of Dick King-Smith's books have been adapted into films and TV, and he even starred in several children's TV shows.

Dick King-Smith was a soldier, a farmer, a family man, a primary school teacher and most memorably to his millions of fans, a best-selling children's author. Dick and his family went to Tenby in West Wales for their summer holidays – the same town in which fellow children’s author, Roald Dahl, spent his childhood Easters. Watch a movie trailer. See whether you're a Dick King-Smith expert

One of Dick King-Smith’s last books, The Roundhill is a quaint yet .

One of Dick King-Smith’s last books, The Roundhill is a quaint yet mysterious story about a fourteen year old boy, Evan, who makes an unusual friendship. My daughters grew up on King-Smith’s stories, especially the Sophie series (Sophie Hits Six, Sophie Is Seven) which came out just ahead of their ages and described a little tomboy who loves animals and wanted to be a lady farmer. King-Smith could have done so much with that, and it just fell flat! Also, I was interested to see where he went with the whole atheism thing, and I started out thinking that it was fascinating how the Roundhill I was expecting so much out of this little book, and I ended up being so disappointed.

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ALSO BY DICK KING-SMITH Babe: The Gallant Pig Harry's Mad Martin's Mice Ace: The Very Important Pig The Robber Boy Paddy's Pot of Gold The Invisible Dog Three Terrible. Chapter One. In an armchair in the great high-ceilinged drawing room sat a woman, surrounded by dogs.

Dick King-Smith, beloved author of Babe: The Gallant Pig, was a farmer for 20 years before turning to teaching and then to writing the children's books that have earned him many fans on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1992, he was named Children's Author of the Year at the British Book Awards. Published January 1, 2000 by CROWN PUBLISHERS.

From the author of Babe: The Gallant Pig comes a charming ghost story about a lonely boy who meets the real Alice in Wonderland--two years after she died!She was an intruder to him at first. After all, the Roundhill is Evan's secret place--the spot he escapes to on school holidays. He doesn't want to share it with a strange girl in such old-fashioned clothes. But Alice has an intriguing way of knowing things--about him, about his house--that he has never told her. Odder still is that the more she talks about herself, the more mysterious she becomes. And how did she get through that locked door? At last Alice leads Evan to a special book and an incredible discovery--and the Roundhill was at the heart of the mystery all along.