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Hug: Book and Toy Gift Set download ebook

by Jez Alborough

Hug: Book and Toy Gift Set download ebook
Jez Alborough
Candlewick (February 1, 2003)
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Jez Alborough's HUG — irresistible in board book format — comes with a cuddly chimp just waiting for lots of love,Need a hug? Bobo the chimp is in search of one in this best-selling picture-book charmer of very few words — and very big heart. Now HUG is more irresistible than ever, with a cuddly companion Bobo that will have readers of all ages opening their arms!
  • Moralsa
We bought this for our 2 year old at the insistence of my mother-in-law. I think it's such a cute little story, but I find it hard to read to my daughter. The story is in the pictures, and I don't think she quite comprehends what's going on (and all that is said aloud is "Hug"). This might be for older kids, or maybe I'm just approaching the story wrong. I still love the story, which is why i rated it 4 stars, but for those parents that are looking for something to "read" to your kids instead of just look through, you might want to look elsewhere.
  • Rit
Our three year old daughter really likes this book. She already owns "Goodnight Gorilla", which is another preschool book I would highly recommend, so she was not thrown off by a book with very few words. It is a nice change in reading in that you have to study the faces of the animals and look at their body language to get the full story.
  • RuTGamer
Easy reading. Great for newborn to beginning readers. LOVE this book. I've purchased it 3 times (twice for a gift and once for my home). In our top 3 favorites. Even my hubby doesn't mind this book because it's short and easy.
  • Tisicai
My 22 month old loves this little book. Although there are minimal words, she loves to flip through the pages and seems to understand who the baby is and who momma is. She points often and says momma and hug.
  • Vutaur
Great little book about a monkey in search of a hug from his mommy. The story only uses three words (hug, Bobo, and Mommy) and relies on some fantastic illustrations to depict the rest. Very well done - a popular bedtime book in my house.
  • Zan
The only words in this book is "hug, mommy, and Bobo" we add a little story line in because saying "hug? , hug! , HUG" gets a little old. For some reason my son loves his book. He is 18 mo old.
  • Whitebeard
So the only word is 'hug' and when reading to a toddler you really have to dig deep and find different voices and how to read this book with excitement and question so that the toddler gets excited about it... If not the. You are just repeating the word hug repetitively with no emotion and the child will get bored. But the pictures are gorgeous and help provide other talking points with your child to engage them
One of my very favorite kids books! Yes it's super simple, but that makes it open for discussion and interpretation. Every time Bobo says 'hug' he means so much more. I love talking about how much he loves and misses his mommy, how the nice animals are concerned and want to help, and how we should love each other even if we're different. And the last page is a great reminder to hold mom's hand so you don't get lost. And the added bonus? My kid LOVES it!