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What Happened at Midnight? (Hardy Boys, Book 10) download ebook

by Franklin W. Dixon

What Happened at Midnight? (Hardy Boys, Book 10) download ebook
Franklin W. Dixon
Grosset & Dunlap (April 1, 1975)
175 pages
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The first and most well-known "Franklin W. Dixon" was Leslie McFarlane, a Canadian author who contributed 19 of the first 25 books in the series

The first and most well-known "Franklin W. Dixon" was Leslie McFarlane, a Canadian author who contributed 19 of the first 25 books in the series. Other writers who have adopted the pseudonym include Christopher Lampton, John Button, Amy McFarlane, and Harriet Stratemeyer Adams.

The Hardy Boys Volume 10-What Happened at Midnight I Franklin W. Dixon is a good book writer with the many books and series that he has written like The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. They are incredibly realistic for a fiction book.

The Hardy Boys Volume 10-What Happened at Midnight. This story was originally published in 1931 by Grosset & Dunlap, and written by Leslie McFarlane. I Franklin W. But in this particular book she writes about these boys who are finding a gang who is trying to steal a inventors invention of a radio that can go to space without static which is very helpful.

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Books related to Hardy Boys 10: What Happened at Midnight. what happend at midnight. I thought it was very interesting and i found it hard to stop reading. Nancy Drew 38: The Mystery of the Fire Dragon. Nancy Drew 23: Mystery of the Tolling Bell. by Jeff on April 17, 2018. Hardy Boys 10: What Happened at Midnight. by Franklin W.

The Hardy boys were sons of Fenton Hardy, a private detective who worked out of Bayport since. Dixon, Franklin W - Hardy Boys 007 - The Secret of the Caves. 61 MB·115,417 Downloads. 203 Pages·2016·430 KB·107 Downloads·New!. The Secret Warning (The Hardy Boys, Original Series, Book 17). 104 Pages·1938·463 KB·183 Downloads·New!. The Mystery of the Flying Express (The Hardy Boys, Original Series, Book 20). 100 Pages·1941·452 KB·171 Downloads·New!. HARDY BOYS – THE SHATTERED HELMET FRANKLIN W. DIXON CHAPTER IA Weird.

What Happened at Midnight is Volume 10 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Leslie McFarlane in 1931. Between 1959 and 1973 the first 38 volumes of this series were systematically revised as part of a project directed by Harriet Adams, Edward Stratemeyer's daughter. The original version of this book was rewritten in 1967 by Tom Mulvey resulting in two different stories with the same title.

190 books by Franklin W. Dixon - 010 What Happened at Midnight. Dixon - 114 The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals. Dixon - 001 The Tower Treasure. МБ. Dixon - 002 The House on the Cliff. Dixon - 003 The Secret of the Old Mill. Dixon - 004 The Missing Chums. Dixon - 005 Hunting for Hidden Gold. Dixon - 011 While the Clock Ticked. 134 КБ. Dixon - 115 Sabotage at Sports City. 121 КБ. Dixon - 116 Rock 'n' Roll Renegades.

What Happened at Midnight Hardy Boys, Book 10. bunis ssaid.

Frank and Joe Hardy's efforts to retrieve a top-secret invention from a scientist's house in Bayport leads them to a mystery involving a dangerous gang of jewel thieves and smugglers
  • Thorgaginn
My older brother had a collection of the Hardy Boys, which I read because I read everything I could get my hands on. I particularly remember this story because Joe Hardy gets kidnapped and is missing for much of the first part of the book while Frank and the gang hunt high and low for him and try to figure out why he was grabbed in the first place. Their acerbic aunt arrives on the scene and is very amusing. I remembered this part of the book very well, including the beginning where the boys are introduced to the joys of an automat, "The invention of the age!" as chubby Chet Morton proclaims.

So when I had a young boy staying with me I got this book to share with him to help him with his reading skills. Imagine my surprise when I was reading it that almost none of the foregoing occurs. I thought I was losing my memory--or was it the first stage of Alzheimers? At any rate, I did some reasearch and discovered that The Hardy Boys were part of a syndicate (one of the all-time most popular in juvenile literature) and were ghost written by a series of writers who all wrote under the pen name that's on all the books: Franklin W. Dixon.

The first fifteen were written by Leslie McFarlane and are considered far more engaging and entertaining, not to mention charming, than any by the other writers. I would have to agree. He writes with humor and a keen understanding of how boys think. His stories almost always end with the boys tucking into a giant repast described in delicious detail. There was more attention to detail and relationships as well, and enjoyable banter.

However, because he was writing in the twenties, he also included cultural mores that today are politically incorrect. So, volumes 1-38 were re-written between 1959 and 1973, bringing them "up to date." In the process, this revising work took out almost all the character and humor and most definitely the charm. Some books, like What Happened At Midnight, were revised until they hardly resembled the original--which was why I didn't recognize it when I read it in its revised form.

Mystery solved! So, when buying these books, please be aware that the story lines may differ according to whether they are the original (in brown clothbound with a black silhouette of the boys on the cover) or the revised version. In my opinion the revised versions are bland and simplistic and dumbed down quite a bit, not to mention five chapters shorter. If you want to meet the Hardy Boys in all their unPC glory, give the original versions a try.
  • Dianantrius
A very good read I enjoyed it a lot and thought it to be well written. I must say it sure is nice to know there are book you can be sure are clean to read.
  • Opilar
I read the Hary Boys series for relaxation. What Happened At Midnight has always been one of my favorites. I especially enjoyed the segment of the story which was set in New York City, While it is definitely not "adult" fiction, it is well plotted with a straight-forward "good guys - bad guys" scenario.
  • Whitesmasher
This is a good story but, it's got some things that annoy me.
For one thing, Leslie McFarlane seems to be pandering to his audience here. The "innocent horseplay" that is so glibly dismissed as youthful hijinks in the first two chapters is only slightly short of criminal behavior and certainly is not what we expect of our heroes or their chums.
And how about that party at Chet's for 15 to 17 year olds that goes on until 2 AM, complete with orchestra and in the middle of the greatest economic depression in the country's history?
For another thing, Aunt Gertrude is at her obnoxious, overbearing worst in this story. For whatever other faults the villian Chris may have had, one can only admire his audacity for standing up to the old hag. Just once I'd like to see perennial jellyfish Laura Hardy get enough gumption to stand up to Gertie and say something along the lines of "Gertrude, you old battle axe, this is my house and these are my boys, so kindly shut up and mind your own business if you wish to continue sponging off us!" but, alas, Laura has never said a word.
Another odd thing is the complete absence of Fenton, who is out west on a case. Not a word from him or to him, even when Joe is kidnapped! I kept expecting him to show up and somehow tie his current case into the plot but he never did. Instead, those two dopey government agents show up for the climax. It would have been just as easy to tie Fenton into the plot, so why use those two dopes at all?....
We also discover another Hardy relative, a "Cousin Hattie" of Gresham. Just who she is related to is open for speculation but it is Gertie who refers to her as cousin. We also learn the Gertie is 65 years of age, which has to make her Fenton's elder, if not eldest, sister.
The one part of the story I particularly enjoyed was the Boys' trip to the city. Their adventures there are plausible and well written. The recounting of their trek back to Bayport (sleeping in Central Park, taking trollies etc.) lends an air of authenticity to the story.

Rating: B-

Originally reviewed by me in my Bayport Times Issue #21
  • Saithi
Another fine addition to my collection
  • Doath
Our grandson loved it.
  • Cala
Bought these for grandson, he seems to enjoy them.
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