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Duck for President download ebook

by Betsy Lewin,Doreen Cronin

Duck for President download ebook
Betsy Lewin,Doreen Cronin
Atheneum (January 1, 2008)
40 pages
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Having worked his way up from the pond, one determined Duck is out to get the vote of the people during his high-energy campaign to become president. Reissue.
  • Llbery
We love this book! It is hillarious and more fun than any presidential election that my students can imagine! We have read and read and read this book and looked at every detail of the pictures. That's what is so great about this book: that you get something new from it with each reading of it. It is a favorite that is requested over and over. Our lesson learned is that we have to work hard in all things but. We can also have fun doIng it!
  • Cordalas
As a teacher this is one of my favorite books for teaching about government and especially how someone can rise though the ranks and become a president. Although this is a silly example, it has lots of teachable points to help little ones understand the election process. A great buy for kiddos since this is an election year!
  • LivingCross
I recently ordered this book from Amazon for my son's 8yrs birthday party and he was so happy! My son is in 2nd grade and he read this book in school, but he wanted to have it so he could read it as many times as he wanted because he loved the story. As he opened his gift my son right away pointed out the funny pictures. He actually read it that same night before going to bed. The shipping was fast. I received this book in two days. I was also very pleased with the price being that this book in most stores is at an average of $20 dollars and I got it through Amazon.com for less than $14!! Thanks Amazon!
  • TheJonnyTest
Duck for President toys slightly with the formula that made the other children's books like Giggle, Giggle, Quack and Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type that are so charming.

This book has many references for adults like a Nixon pose, etc. My seven-year-old daughter loves it, but I wonder about its staying power. Will she still want to read it with me in a month like we do the other books in the series, which I rated higher?
  • Iarim
Really cute book! If you like "Click clack moo cows that type" you'll love this one!
  • Damdyagab
Comical way to portray the campaign trail. Glad he realizes at the end that the job he thought was so easy was harder than he thought. He goes back to the farm to do the job he was meant to do all along.
  • Kefym
I read this book to my daughter when it first came out in ~2004. It was a beloved bedtime story. Unfortunately I lost the book in a move. When our next child came along a couple years ago, I *had* to get a new copy! I'm keeping this copy close to hand no matter how many "coffee stains" may get on the book!

Highly recommended!!!
Great for providing basic information about the voting process! My class loved the book and enjoyed voting for their candidates.