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Heart of a Tiger download ebook

by Marsha Diane Arnold

Heart of a Tiger download ebook
Marsha Diane Arnold
Dial (October 1, 1995)
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Heart of a Tiger book.

Heart of a Tiger book.

HEART OF A TIGER is probably my longest and most sophisticated picture book. Called a born storyteller by the media, Marsha Diane Arnold is the picture book author of 21 books, with over one million books sold

HEART OF A TIGER is probably my longest and most sophisticated picture book. Yet, I've read it to classes from kindergarteners to high school and they all seem mesmerized by Little Four and his journey. I am so grateful to see that the students love my book. Called a born storyteller by the media, Marsha Diane Arnold is the picture book author of 21 books, with over one million books sold. Her books have garnered honors from Best First Book by a New Author to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to Smithsonian Notable. Recent books include the bilingual Galápagos Girl and Lost.

Marsha Diane Arnold's New Site. Called a born storyteller by the media, Marsha Diane Arnold’s picture books have sold over one million copies and been called, whimsical, inspiring, and uplifting. Her books have garnered such honors as Best First Book by a New Author (Heart of a Tiger), Smithsonian Notable (The Pumpkin Runner), Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (Roar of a Snore), and state Children’s Choice awards. Recent books include May I Come In? and Lost.

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Marsha Diane Arnold is an award-winning children’s book author and columnist. She was the author of a syndicated newspaper column, Homegrown Treasures, for 10 years before becoming a children’s book author. Her books include The Bravest of Us All, Th. ore about Marsha Diane Arnold. Category: Children’s Picture Books.

by Marsha Diane Arnold. As the Name Day approaches, a young kitten tries to be worthy of a noble name, by following the path of a Bengal tiger. Books related to Heart of a Tiger.

by Jamichael Henterly and Marsha Diane Arnold. Select Format: Hardcover.

Marsha Diane Arnold, Sebastopol, Kaliforniya. 462 beğenme · 1 kişi bunun hakkında konuşuyor  .

Arnold makes an appealing debut in a book set in India. Ultimately he saves the tiger's life and becomes Bangali Sher Ka Dil-Heart of a Tiger. A small gray kitten must choose his name in the week before the Name Day celebration. He follows a Bengal tiger, certain that he must learn its ways and adopt its name or one that is just as powerful. Green and gold dominate the sumptuous paintings of the forest. Henterly uses dramatic or unusual perspectives: a close-up of the snarling face of the tiger; the reflection of the cat and some parakeets in a rain puddle.

"Number Four," a gray kitten determined to earn the right to have a powerful name before "Naming Day" comes, follows the path of a great Bengal tiger into the jungle, where he learns important lessons about size, wisdom, and courage.
  • Manazar
We checked this out from the library and knew we had to have a copy for ourselves. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is well-written. A cat who knows he's more than what other people see and is willing to go the distance to show it. It's a kind of encouragement every child... nay, every person should know.
  • Unh
This is a great mix of illustrations and story. I would frame these pictures, and I love the lesson of courage that the story presents.
  • JoJogar
This book is set in India but could also occur in many other places like China, Africa, South America, Australia, Japan and the Native Americans when parents choose not name their child at birth but sometimes months or year later when their child develops her or his personality or names the child in the order in which they where born like in Ghana, Japan and also in China.

Four little kittens are told that they must no longer go by their names of how they where born 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th but must choose their new name. Their name must fit them and all the animals in the forest must agree it is honest and fair name fitting of the kitty. Kittens 1 - 3 have no problem finding their names, but kitten number 4 the runt of his family has no idea of what kind of name he should have. He definitely knows he doesn't want to be be known as " little anything"!

One day kitten #4 sees a Bengal tiger and things this is the animal to name himself after, he wants to be magnificent one or silent walker or golden splendor and asks the tiger if he can learn from him. The tiger says no, but kitten does not take no for an answer and does follow tiger. In the end he saves the tigers life and finds his perfect name.

The book's painting where done in watercolor and are stunning! A definite must have story for your families library and a great lesson to be learned .
  • adventure time
We just love this book about a cat claiming an identity for himself in the jungle of India. The language is very rich and the illustrations are gorgeous.
  • Ranenast
I sent this book and "Quick Quack Quick" by the same author, to my niece and nephew. They really enjoyed it, and my sister enjoyed reading it to them. Many thanks for such a great story.
  • LadyShlak
This book is such a special story with beautiful illustrations. I wanted it for my library after the little girl I raised graduated from college!