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Time Out,Tom Milne
Time Out (August 7, 1990)
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Thirty-year-old Londoner Tom Harper received widespread acclaim for his short films ‘Cubs’ and ‘Cherries’ and has now completed his debut feature, ‘The Scouting Book for Boys’

Thirty-year-old Londoner Tom Harper received widespread acclaim for his short films ‘Cubs’ and ‘Cherries’ and has now completed his debut feature, ‘The Scouting Book for Boys’. He tells us how he found the leap from short- to long-form filming. Was it daunting to get going on your first feature? ‘I was just so over the moon.

Milne, Tom. Publication date. Motion pictures, Cinema Films (Motion pictures). London, England ; New York, . USA : Penguin Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Andy Wilcoxon on October 15, 2010.

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The book includes films released in 1992/93, filed alongside movies from 1978 onwards.

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In addition, Tom Milne oversaw the translation and subtitling of French films for television screenings References. Rosenbaum, Jonathan (February 2006). Tom Milne, 1926-2005". a b c "Memories of Tom Milne". Archived from the original on 10 August 2010. Losey, Joseph; Milne, Tom (1968).

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John Boorman has written and directed more than 25 television and feature films, including such classics as De.

The Time Out Film Guide. John Boorman has written and directed more than 25 television and feature films, including such classics as De. ISBN10 : 9780810883963, ISBN13 : 0810883961.

com's Tom Milne Page and shop for all Tom Milne books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Tom Milne. The cinema of Carl Dreyer (The International film guide series).

An alphabetical critical guide to films, based on reviews from "Time-Out" magazine over the last 15 years, edited by the editor of "Sight and Sound" magazine, Tom Milne.
  • Asyasya
What sets this guide apart from the pack? The reviews are the reason. If you're not the type that needs some sort of rating system, such as stars, you should consider this guide. I recently replaced an ageing Maltin guide with this one -- I examined quite a number of guides before settling on the Time Out. Although Halliwell's is not bad, they sacrifice review space to lists of blurbs. The Time Out Guide provides the essential info, such as major credits and running time, and then you get a review that summarizes the plot and then provides criticism. Review lengths are based on the film's importance, so some reviews may be twice or even three times as long as others. The 10,000+ films that other guides will include won't be here for the simple reason that they are most likely not worth placing in a general film guide. So if you must have that sort of completeness, I would augment this guide with another (take your pick). Some reviewers think that this guide is snobbish -- well, no. It is clearly written by people who know film, and a glowing endorsement only accompanies a film that is well directed, written, photographed, and acted. They strive to point out each film's strong or weak points along those criteria; they may not always be successful, but they have hundreds of contributors. Others have found this guide Anglocentric; I have not, although I do believe it is much more complete than most guides in its inclusion of British film. Whether you agree with their assessment of a film or not, they are generally not far off the mark, and I would contend that most opinions they venture are the stuff of a lively discussion of film. All in all, a job well done. I reserve the fifth star to the guide that could outdo this one, once it is available. I could grouse about their unkind review of "Arsenic and Old Lace", or their overkind review of "The English Patient", but this is the sort of thing that comes with the turf. By the way, the print is tiny, so be forewarned.
  • Bu
When it comes to film guides, Time Out can't be beat. It is by far the most comprehensive guide on the shelves and has been handsomely repackaged to include "cinefiles" on landmark movies down through the years. It covers not only anglo but many foreign language films as well. While other guides tend to focus on American, Canadian and British productions, Time Out will help you find a broad range of Russian, Indian, French, German, Italian, and Japanese films as well. You will even find such esoteric titles as Freedom (Laisve) by Sarunas Bartas. Imagine that! It breaks the films down in the appendices by categories, making it easier to track down movies whose titles have eluded you. In addition, it has extensive actors and directors indices to further narrow your search. It not only includes past Oscar winners, but those of the British Academy, Cannes, Berlin and Venice as well. The short reviews are well written with an extensive list of contributors. There is even a guide to help you build the ultimate DVD collection. Enjoy!
  • Gio
I have about five or six film and video guides I consistently use for reference, and the Time Out Film Guide is certainly one of the better ones and among the most interesting. I would not recommend it for someone just looking for one all-purpose guide because it's fairly quirky. It spotlights fairly obscure actors or films (and not always good ones either--they feel obligated to highlight interesting weak films as well as strong ones), and its biases can take some getting used to, especially if you're not from the UK. (The editors' marked prejudices and beliefs about Americans are often hilarious, and only sometimes intentionally.) But the reviews are written with intelligence and care, and are never bland, and the series of lists at the back of the book (filmographies for various important directors and actors, and lists of films grouped around key themes) are very handy.
  • Risteacor
Well-established and reliable publication on world movies with a London outlook -- nice!
  • Siatanni
Of the various phonebook-sized film-review databases this is the one I prefer. The plusses are:

1) the reviews are brief but usually actually say something useful & entertaining--for single-paragraph essays they pack a punch. There's a healthy leavening of wit (one reviewer refers to _The Good Earth_ as "The Lychees of Wrath"; another remarks that _Labyrinth_ is notably for "David Bowie's saddest ever haircut (no mean achievement)") but also some serious commentary, & the summaries are almost always accurate & don't reveal too much of the plot. Some of the pans are hilarious (I particularly appreciated the skilful demolition job on _Sammy and Rosie Get Laid_--I've seen it & everything they say is true)

2) there are thoughtful one-page feature essays about various films, some of them reappraisals of famous films but others appreciations of undeservedly little-known ones.

3) the credits are relatively full, listing (among other things) all major cast members & even the composer of the score.

4) while its coverage is inevitably incomplete (especially of films before the 1970s) for the most part it's pretty thorough, with a fair bit of space devoted to foreign films & (inevitably) a lot of reviews of British films (though the coverage of these is by no means boosterish--there's no-one harder on British films than British film critics!).

There are a few flaws, admittedly. The worst is that while the index of directors is pretty complete, the index of actors is woefully inadequate, as it only covers a very limited range of (star) actors. If you want to track down, say, films with Thelma Ritter or Esther Williams or William Bendix, you'll need a biographically-organized referencebook like Katz or Thomson. There are inevitable inconsistencies resulting from the book's being compiled by countless critics over many years: films may be referred to positively in one spot while panned in another, & sometimes it's pretty obvious the entry hasn't been updated since the film was reviewed upon its first release. Still, the inconsistencies are actually surprisingly rare--it's generally fairly reliable. Some of the omissions are a bit arbitrary--on a recent flipthrough I noted the absence of _My Neighbor Totoro_, _Pride of the Yankees_, a raft of Shirley Temple films, any version of _Treasure Island_ prior to the 1970s, &c.--but, well, that's always going to happen with omnibus film guides.