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by Victor S. Navasky

Naming Names download ebook
Victor S. Navasky
Viking Adult; 1st edition (October 29, 1980)
482 pages
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. With a New Afterword by the Author An astonishing work concerning personal honor and dishonor.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Winner of the National Book Award: The definitive history of Joe McCarthy, the Hollywood blacklist, and HUAC explores the events behind the hit film Trumbo. Drawing on interviews with over one hundred and fifty people who were called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee-including Elia Kazan, Ring Lardner J. and Arthur author Victor S. Navasky reveals how and why the blacklists were so effective and delves into the tragic and far-reaching consequences of Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunts.

Naming Names - Victor S. Navasky. New deals hatch every day! Naming Names. For Annie, Bruno, Miri, and Jenny. Fresh ebook deals, delivered daily. Be the first to know about. Free and discounted ebooks. A Note on Vocabulary. Introduction: the informer as patriot. 1. The Espionage Informer. 2. The Conspiracy Informer.

New York: Viking, 1980. Stage director of "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "On The Waterfront" among others, tells of his background from a Greek immigrant family in New York to the heights of success and his controversial relationships with legendary figures like Marlon Brando, Tennessee Williams and James Dean.

Navasky's book Naming Names (1980) is considered a definitive take on the Hollywood blacklist  .

Navasky's book Naming Names (1980) is considered a definitive take on the Hollywood blacklist He was awarded the . Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence by Harvard's Nieman Foundation in 2017. In that forum, for many years, he was immortalized in Calvin Trillin's Uncivil Liberties column as "the wily and parsimonious Victor S. Navasky," or "The W. & . for short.

With a New Afterword by the Author An astonishing work concerning personal honor and dishonor, shame and shamelessness. A book of stunning insights and suspense. These actors in the drama are very human and caught in a dilemma so terrible that I pray I never will face a similar choice.

ISBN 10: 0140152350 ISBN 13: 9780140152357. Publisher: Penguin Books, 1991.

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Victor S. Navasky is the author of Naming Names, which won the National Book Award, and Kennedy Justice, a National Book Award finalist.

Unabashedly explores the McCarthy-era Hollywood blacklisting from the perspective of the informers and cooperators, relying on oral history, interviews, and research to answer the question why they succumbed to pressure
  • Mohn
This is not a full review yet as I just got the Kindle version for $9.49 and almost immediately I started noticing annoying typos. Events that likely took place in 1952, such as a letter written by director Elia Kazan, are dated 1932. Someone should be proofreading/correcting Kindle books after they've been OCR'd before charging $$ for them! I've noticed this in other Kindle editions as well, and while this example of subsitituting 1932 for 1952 was easy to spot, it makes me wonder what typos I'm missing.
  • Nern
A forthright narrative of one of the most shameful episodes in our country's history - and there have been a few of them. Mr Navasky doesn't spare anyone; the guilty and innocent are described with equal aplomb. The US HUAC used informers and manipulated innocent bystanders much better than the USSR's government ever did. The shoddy investigation techniques, innuendoes and smear tactics used then gave way to the same sort being used today in our "hallowed halls (hah!) of governemtn." This book should be required reading for all Americans, especially those who can't or don't see or understand how politics and the venal people who wield its power for selfish interests can truly destroy lives.
  • Bloodhammer
An excellent documentation of a horrible time in our country's history. I gained insight on the actions and motivations of the persecutors, the informers and the victims. Sadly there are many parallels to some of the political witch hunts going on right now.
  • Ceroelyu
This was a very well-researched book about a scary time. It was a bit too dry for continued reading, so it took me a long time to get through. However, if you're a student of this time or of government, I recommend it.
This book provides probably more information than most people would ever need about the effects of the McCarthy hearings on Hollywood, especially on the people caught up in the whole mess: actors, scriptwriters, directors, producers, even spouses of these individuals. Navasky does a great job of integrating these people's stories into the exploration of the purposes and intents of the hearings, but more importantly he relates these stories into the effects on the personal lives: lost friendships, lost careers, lost trust, betrayal, regrets, self justifications. He thoroughly explores both sides of the issues: those who chose to name names, those who resisted, and the reasons behind the personal decisions individuals took in responding to the issue. The only problem I had was that you come away thinking only Hollywood personnel were asked to name names, and perhaps the bulk of the hearings were directed at the Hollywood community, but a little more information on others (scientists, union officials, academic figures) would have been nice to help put the Hollywood experience more in perspective in relation to the effects of McCarthyism. This edition also contains several interesting "Afterwords" going up into the Reagan years.
  • AGAD
This book was well researched but moves like a dinosaur in tar.The people were not three dimensional. It was difficult to continue reading. The story would have been better served by having a linear discussion rather then trying to cover every person in a "shotgun" manner. The topic was interesting but the author does not take advantage of the interest. I cannot recommend this book.
  • Burilar
A very lengthy look at the McCarthy years and their effect on the entertainment industry. Who talked and named names and who didn't. The book slows down in parts, but overall is a good look at the beginning of today's nasty politics.
Re-reading this in a leisurely fashion. It is still the definitive IMHO work on the blacklist and the witch hunt of the 40s and 50s.