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Thor, Vol. 3 download ebook

by Marko Djurdjevic,J. Michael Straczynski

Thor, Vol. 3 download ebook
Marko Djurdjevic,J. Michael Straczynski
Marvel (February 3, 2010)
112 pages
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This has everything that fans of the series had been enjoying previously and the art by Marko Djurdjevic, though not as good as Olivier Coipel, is still incredible and fitting.

Thor (2007-2011) (Collections) (6 Book Series) to Thor By J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 3 (Thor (2007-2011)). This has everything that fans of the series had been enjoying previously and the art by Marko Djurdjevic, though not as good as Olivier Coipel, is still incredible and fitting.

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Thor (with Olivier Coipel and Marko Djurdjević, 2007–2009) collected as: Volume 1 (collects vol. 3 hc, 160 pages, 2008, ISBN 0-7851-3011-X; tpb, 2009 .

See if your friends have read any of Djurdjevic Marko's books. Djurdjevic Marko’s Followers. None yet. Djurdjevic Marko. Djurdjevic Marko’s books. Thor Vol. 3: Momenti decisivi by. Michael Straczynski, Djurdjevic Marko.

Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5 creator, Changeling screenwriter) hits a grand slam with his reappraisal of the Thor mythos, a creative success on so many levels the glowing praise from fans and critics alike is becoming routine. Free Marvel Comics Download.

J. Michael Straczynski. 7 Images from Thor Vol 3 7. Footnotes.

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Michael Straczynski Kieron Gillen Matt Fraction (The Mighty Thor vol. 1) Matt Fraction (Thor: God of Thunder) Jason Aaron (The Mighty Thor vol. 2) Jason Aaron. 1 Publication history.

Город: Los Angeles, CAПодписчиков: 46 ты. себе: Writer: Changeling, Thor, .Autobiography from HarperCollins. No story ideas for legal reasons

With Thor exiled from Asgard, the other Norse gods, including their new king Balder, must decide whether or not to form an alliance with the malevolent Doctor Doom.
  • Akisame
Thor is one of Marvel's best characters. And there is no where where this is more apparent than in J. Michael Straczynski's brilliant yet brief run on the series. This volume is the finale he wrote, a brilliant yet bittersweet end to the characters he redefined. In this volume we are treated to more of Loki's scheming, more of Balder's indecision as new found king of Asgard, and more of Thor's bravery in spite of his banishment from Asgard. This book wraps up a lot of the plot points set up earlier in the series but leaves the main story sadly open ended. Even though the series is picked up by the very capable hands of Kieron Gillen (who's run I recommend to any Thor fan), I can understand why some people would be disappointed by this collection. But still, if you judge this as the end of Straczynski's series but also as a gateway to the future of Asgard in the Marvel Universe, it shines. This has everything that fans of the series had been enjoying previously and the art by Marko Djurdjevic, though not as good as Olivier Coipel, is still incredible and fitting. I find it saddening to see so many lackluster reviews for what was the last Thor story written by the man who literally resurrected Asgard from Ragnarok itself. I recommend this volume as a beautiful finale of everything that came before.
  • Bladebringer
I have written many of these reviews and find it difficult to put into words what I read. Straczynski work on the Might Thor was well worth the read. Is understanding of the characters and their relationships were well characterized. I enjoyed his imagination on his run, by bringing Asguard to the earth to the how Loki plotted his return before Thor even came back from the void. I would have liked to have seen more of Bor instead death from Thor and seeing what could have come from that relationship.
  • Undeyn
I can easily see why others were disappointed by this final volume - I was also, initially. However, I still found it to be an engaging story. Moreso if you view it as another installment, leading into Gillen's run of Thor, rather than as an actual conclusion. In that light, this was a solid read which kept me interested, advanced the world-building and set the stage for more to come.

The volume opens with Thor exiled, Mjolnir damaged, Sif still missing, Balder moving his people to Latveria at the urging of Loki and Dr. Doom, and the human Bill going along out of his love for Kelda. Thor appears less frequently than in the first two volumes. A lot of material is resolved quickly, and in the case of Mjolnir, with the appearance of my favorite sorcerer, and Loki is "outed" to Balder. The volume concludes rather abruptly with Blake being injured in an attack by Doombots (Loki being aware that Blake and Thor share a body) and finding his left leg crippled as it was before. The situation in Latveria is left hanging, but Thor is reunited with Sif and the Warriors 3. I would be more upset with this "cliffhanger" if there were not more to come. However, Gillen's run of Thor is nearly as well reviewed as Straczynski's, so I find myself eager to continue instead.

Overall, this is definitely the weakest of the three volumes, but still a worthwhile read that makes me want to continue reading Thor's adventures. The art was quite good throughout, and the book's final pages have a "history" for Loki and Sif that help bring new readers up to speed before entering Siege. Recommended.
  • SlingFire
Let this song be sung across the lands, let the might of Thor be known by all beings mortal and not. If thou desire so to know of valor and love verily funded, this should be thy first choice
  • Isha
Don't listen to negative reviews, this is as the rest of the run: magical, marvelous, amusing, heroic...even a little sexy. If you are a Thor fan and listen to the naysayers on this I pity you, you are really going to be missing out.
  • Urtte
A great hero ,an original Avenger ,& one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe has fallen on hard times of late.He's been exiled from his homeland of Asgard ,Mjolnir Is broken ,but Thor the god of thunder never gives up. With Dr.Doom & Loki conspiring Thor must help defend Asgard despite his exile.J.Michael Straczynski has been a Marvel heavy hitter for Marvel with his writing.He's assisted other hero's in the Marvel universe for years always producing great story lines.With Marko Djurdjevic unique & beautiful artwork this is a team of creators that's worth the cover price alone.
Make mine Marvel
  • felt boot
I was very sad to see Straczynski's run come to a close. He was my favorite Thor writer, and his series is my favorite comic series to this date. Really it's this series and then Walking Dead at close second. I hear complaints that this is too short, for which I agree with. However, I do not believe length should make or break a comic. Straczynski's small third volume is fantastic through and through. Nearly every plot point is concluded subtlely, yet with power and emotion. I nearly broke down at the end of the hardcover due to its reign on my emotions. This is a really strong conclusion with twists that do justice to the previous volumes. All characters get great panel time and I'm left longing for so much more. Does the length upset me? If I'm dying for more I don't think I can bring myself to give it anything less than 5 stars. The Latveria storyline will continue in the next trade with the absense of JMS. Its very heartbreaking to see him go, but there's enough here to see him go on a happy note.

Another significant change in this trade is the art. Yes, he is not as good as Coipel. Where did Coipel go? They were such a perfect match, because the tone matched the art. The new artist Marko Djurdjevic is ok, but I see some real flaws in some of his panels. There's one in particular where a certain female looks like an action figure hopping out of a diner. After you read this you'll see it and agree with me. The artist needs to look back at who originally drew this masterpiece and live up to it.

Beside it being short, and short of Coipel, Volume three is amazing. If you wanted to see all the incomplete elements of the first volumes come together in one amazing beautiful circle, here it is. Bring tissues.