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He's Fine... But is He Saved? download ebook

by Kimberley Brooks

He's Fine... But is He Saved? download ebook
Kimberley Brooks
Driven Enterprises (November 24, 2012)
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Book 1 of 2 in the He's Fine. Once you read this one you will want to keep reading by getting Pt 2/Sequel He's Saved But Is He For Real.

Book 1 of 2 in the He's Fine. One person found this helpful.

The three girls in, "He's FINE. But Is He SAVED?" seemed like they were friends of mine. When I wasn't reading the book, I wondered what were the girls up to? I wanted to stop what I was doing and read the whole book, because it's that interesting, real and entertaining. This book was great reading, it even had me crying on one part. The book's characters are believable and the girls will keep you reading until you finish the whole book. Aug 12, 2008 Lasonya M. rated it really liked it.

Kicking it with Kim Brooks. Marriage is an option that is welcome for someone who recognizes my worth and value and respects my decision to wait as he, is waiting to receive his good thing and added favor from the Lord.

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The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints. Kim Brooks, Kimberley Brooks. But Is He For Real? Kim Brooks.

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He's Fine...But is He Saved? is an entertaining and inspiring novel about three friends and their relationships with men. Sandy attracts men who are only interested in sex. Now that she is saved, will she ever meet the right one? Michelle dated Pierre Dupree, her church's finest and most eligible bachelor. Could he be The One? Liz hasn't dated in over two years. She is too busy taming her single mother who is forty-five going on twenty-five. Will Liz ever have time for a man, or does she even want one? Three Single Girlfriends Three Separate Issues with Men One Lord and Savior of ALL
  • Aloo
This novel is based on three single friends who are trying to live their lives completely dedicated to Christ. Two of them Michelle and Sandy are dealing with relationship issues. Michelle is more progressed in her Christian walk, but has had a tough time finding the man intended for her. Her most recent relationship with a man from her church hits a few bumps in the road during the book. We see her applying the word of God to her life as she tries to walk completed in the Spirit and not in her own flesh.

Sandy is a relatively new convert dealing with the struggles of leaving behind her worldly ways and her old approach to relationships. She's desperately seeking a Christian mate...to the point that she makes some missteps along the way. As we follow Sandy, we wonder if she'll be able to stop looking behind and look completely forward towards her Savior.

The third of the friends, Liz, is called to the ministry as an evangelist. She is sold out to God and has little patience for the likes of Sandy, who appear to have one foot in the church and one in the world. Liz's bigger problem is dealing with her Mom, who at 45 is living a wild and free single life.

As we see the friendship of these women sustain them in their Christian walk, and see them each deal with the issues in their lives - we see them living according to the Word of God, in prayer and in scripture (both of which are used freely in the text).

The book is composed of chapters that bounce back and forth between the lives of these women. The ending is one that wraps everything up nicely with a big pretty bow. It is a nice story for anyone looking for Christian fiction that strictly adheres to the word of God.

Although a bit predictable at times, I give the book 4 stars for a valiant first effort and for being a book based strictly on Christian principles.
  • Ieslyaenn
I thought the book was very entertaining. Anyone that is trying to walk in the light should be able to relate to what the women were going through. It is everyday life events, very realistic. The only downfall I felt to reading the book was really trying to get to know or remember the characters. I like the way it jumped from one to the other, switching between the stories. However, you can get lost because the stories switched too quickly so I felt myself trying to remember who did what. Sandy stands out more to me only because she had more going on.
  • Best West
These 3 women were put to a test of their faith. Sandy is like a whole lot of females right today. Michelle is also like some of us women right now. Then there is that one friend who doesn't feel good about themselves so everyone is so careful of what they say to each other. Living the life of a Christian is not going to be easy but these 3 women went through it but in the end they remained friends. This is a good book to read and it will either make you want to change some of the things you are doing and help that friend that you have who really need to have a reality check on the things that they are doing.
  • Trash Obsession
OMG....this book is a must read and Kimberly Brooks took me back down memory land in Detroit,MI with how she set the screens up in her book. Once you read this one you will want to keep reading by getting Pt 2/Sequel He's Saved But Is He For Real.......
  • Snake Rocking
I liked the characters I saw myself in each of them from when I first got saved to my rebellious stages and now truly seeking Jesus and the Father!. I loved the way the author describes what the characters looked like what they wore it gave me a visual as to the time frame this story takes place. It left me laughing out loud ( literally) and screaming " girl can't you see he's running game on you" lol. I don't want to give the story but you won't be disappointed!. I must share with your girlfriends, sisters I'm even buying a copy for my teenaged daughter.
  • Conjuril
Started out boring. Took two tries to actually finish the books. It's great being Christian and trying to live the Christian life, but shouldn't these women tell men from the very first date for they expect? If no sex, state that upfront. Sandy was too naïve. She actually thought he was buying her all those expensive gifts and flowers and didn't expect something in return?
  • Tolrajas
What a refreshing read!!!! I loved the characters & the storyline!!! This book was so realistic....as a single woman I could relate to the ladies & the choices they had to make. I was so encouraged & also inspired!!!! I believe the Holy Spirit led me to download this book. As a recently divorced woman, I struggle at times in my singleness. Thanks for intertwining the Word, as it related to what they were goin thru!!! This book truly blessed me!!!! Now! To book 2!!! May God continue to bless u to be a Blessing!!!!
Alright book. There wasn't really a climax in my opinion or a coming to Jesus moment. It followed 3 women and their stories. Not bad but definitely not the best I've read.